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Empower Fitness {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Sooooo….how are everyone’s New Year’s resolutions working out?  Speaking of working out, how many of us put “go to the gym regularly” on our list?  As motivated as we are early January, who here knows the fizzled feeling of deflated enthusiasm regarding the gym come February?  It’s hard to get over there, I know!

I have always been a fan of home-gym equipment, probably because I have not always had the funds nor means of obtaining a gym membership, especially one with child care.  Since I was in junior high, I remember waking up early to use my living room for step aerobic videos before my brothers could wake up and tease me about it.  I love being able to work out at home!  I love not having to worry about wearing my cutest gym clothes, I can push “pause” and get a drink or answer the doorbell, and lately I love that my kids can “dance” along with me!  We all have such a good time!


I busted out this incredible Boxing Boot Camp from Empower last Saturday, and thought it was great!  I love a good workout–none of that sissy stretching yoga or chair pilates for me.  I want to break a sweat and feel exhausted when I’m done.  This workout was exactly what I had in mind, and exactly the kind of workout I was looking for.  Holy arm workout!  I’m pooped!


The exclusive DVD has 12 rounds of 30-minutes workouts, just like a real boxing match.  I like how each round is a little different, but doesn’t stray from the basics, so its easy to jump right in to the next round without taking time to learn something new.  Throughout the DVD, there are modifications for beginner, intermediate, and advanced “boxers”.  I think the timer in the bottom right corner throughout the DVD is an excellent feature, and I wish it were present on all workout videos.  I love being able to countdown with it, and it motivates me to push through till the end.  PS–I think 30 minutes is perfect.  It easy to chisel out a half our for a great arm workout like this.

You can build strength with the 6-lb medicine ball, burn calories with the comfort jump rope, and tone muscles with the 2-lb. weighted gloves.  I found all the equipment to be tip-top quality!

Empower-Boxing-Gloves The gloves are comfortable, and have a one-pound sack of sand on top of each wrist.  With four loops for fingers, a thumb hole, and secure velcro straps that can tightly adjust to any wrist size, you can get a snug custom fit.  I was initially worried that they would slide around during the rounds because of my small wrists, but they held their place just fine.

 Medicine-BallThe medicine ball is thick, a sure 6 pounds, and can withstand a lot of throwing and dropping, since my toddler continued to shoot it into his toddler basketball hoop when I wasn’t using it.

  Jump-Rope The jump rope is great.  Cushy handles, strong rope, and a good full range of motion, and I even read in the included instructions about a way to shorten it.  I only wish the jump rope was incorporated a little more into the workout.  It is primarily used in just one of the rounds.


Jaime Clampitt is a machine!  I think she is a great instructor, not obnoxious, not too peppy, and she has my utmost respect for what she can do!  Doom on whoever crosses her in a dark alley.

Empower products have been featured in several fitness magazines like Prevention and Shape, and seen showcased on lots of shows such as Good Day LA, and NBC’s Today Show.

With long-term use of this box set, I can definitely see how it would improve your endurance, posture, and arm strength!  I think its a great addition to your list of favorite workouts.

Best news ever: you too can become a product tester for Empower!  You can sign up on their website, and they are looking for all ages, fitness levels, and locations!  Head on over and get signed up like I did!

Today’s winner is going to receive their own Boxing Boot Camp from Empower!!

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*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Empower Fitness, but all opinions are strictly my own


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