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Dearfoams Slippers {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

We just got back (a few hours ago!) from a super fantastic vacation at my hubby’s family cabin in Idaho!  On the way up to the cabin, we stopped at my grandma’s house, and I commented on her sparkly clean kitchen floor, and how she must never have to sweep because she doesn’t have kids in the house and she has a cute dog to clean up the crumbs!  Its true, she said, she probably sweeps only once a month.  What?!  I HAVE to sweep up our crumby floors 3x/day!  I don’t know how my boys manage to get half their meal on the floor, but walking around barefoot is risky business around here.  So as not to step on the crumbs between sweepings (and OH how I HATE food on my feet!  Uuugghh!!), I wear a pair of Dearfoams ballet-style slippers all winter long, from sunrise to sunset, but as soon as it got warm around here, I realized these aren’t my favorite year-round slippers.  My feet were getting too warm in socks and slippers, and wearing them barefoot was still making my feet sweat.  I needed a good summer alternative–something with a TPR rubber outsole and open toe.  Of course, I turned again to Dearfoams because I knew I already loved their comfy slippers and that they fit my feet well.


I found my perfect match with these Photo Print Bow Scuff slippers.  They are so tropical and the epitome of summer!  Look at this huge cushion of comfort.  The heel wedge is nice and super thick, so I feel like I’m walking on pillows all day.


I love that I can wear these indoors and not worry about scratching our wood floor or slipping in the bathroom, and especially how I can run outside to get the mail, take out the trash, or hang out on the porch.  They are the perfect indoor/outdoor slippers that don’t look like your grandma wore them.


Because the amount of fabric across the foot looked fairly thin to me, I worried about these slipping off my feet, or having trouble staying in place, but the fabric was actually surprisingly very tight and my feet are quite secure.  The shoes stay on without flopping around or sliding off.


These are on sale at dearfoams.com for $20.40, and they have so many cute cute summer spa slippers!!  I want a pair of each!  I am completely a Dearfoams junky now, and I doubt I’ll try another brand as long as I live.  They are so affordable, and are sold in many of the stores I shop.


Check out their super cute slippers for all seasons, and give your feet a rest!

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