Top Reasons Why Weight Watchers is a Good Diet Choice

Choosing the right weight loss program can be difficult and depends on your lifestyle, fitness levels and the types of foods you love to eat. Shedding a few pounds requires commitment and determination. One of the most popular weight loss plans is Weight Watchers that offers a wide variety of foods for a balanced way of eating. The top five reasons to choose WW are:

Reason # 1 – Ease in Following the Plan, Eating Any Foods

Sweet or healthy food

The Weight watchers plan is a rather easy plan to follow because it is not just a diet but learning a new way of eating. The premise is not to limit any type food or count calories but to determine a point’s value for all you eat. You can still eat your favorite foods and desserts, but learn to control portions and allow for the points. To be more successful, you may want to opt for higher fiber foods, leaner proteins plus fruits and vegetables. When starting the program, you are provided a point’s calculator that you can take with you anywhere you go to determine with ease what and how much to eat.

Reason #2 – Choice of Online or Local Memberships

You may choose to attend weekly meetings in your area, if that fits into your schedule, or join the online program if you lead a busy lifestyle. Either way, you get all the tools necessary to begin losing weight immediately; a list of the best food choices, a discreet weekly weigh-in, recipe ideas, coupons for weight watcher food choices and the encouragement and support of other members and staff. Going to a meeting near you may allow you more incentive because of the personal interaction with other members and the one-on-one encouragement received for each achievement of weight loss; but the choice is yours according to your needs and schedule.

Reason #3 – Affordable: Weight Watchers Promotions Throughout the Year

Promotion codes are published every month, bringing the cost down to $5 a week for Weight Watchers Online and $30 a month for Weight Watchers Monthly Pass. For promotional discounts look at:

Promotion codes are published every month, bringing the cost down to $5 a week for Weight Watchers Online and $30 a month for Weight Watchers Monthly Pass. For promotional discounts look at:

You can find sites with coupons for Weight Watchers if you search on Google for “Weight Watchers promotional codes.”

Reason #4 – Specialty Foods and Products

You are provided all the special products necessary in following the program, such as food diaries, points calculator, how to follow the plan, plus tips, recipes and more. If you choose to follow the plan on your own with tips from online, there are many available weight watchers products at your local grocery store. They may be labeled as weight watcher or smart one’s foods to include frozen meals and entrée’s, breakfast, snacks, cakes, desserts, candy and more. However, you don’t have to eat specialty foods to be successful.

Reason #5 – List of Zero Points Endless Foods

You never have to starve while on the WW program because there is a full listing of foods provided you that consist of zero points. You can eat as much as you like to feel satisfied. Typically, the foods on the zero points list consist of most fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Enjoy and lose!

As mentioned previously, one of the best tools for success on weight watchers is the support and motivation gained from meeting leaders, WW staff and fellow members. This is the best way to guarantee you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Getting Healthy Week 3: ONE pound!

I never thought in all my life that I would be so excited over one pound.  It was a tough week and took a lot to get there.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  The week started off fabulously.  I stayed right on track, worked out, and ate super healthy  snacks.  This is by far my favorite:


I could eat apples and peanut butter all day long and be quite content.  Soooo yummy!

Most of the week I was feeling pretty amazing.  In fact by Friday I was down FIVE pounds.  That’s right, FIVE pounds!  It might have been a lot of water weight (okay it was water weight), but it was FIVE pounds!!!

Then Friday evening came with dinner *insert horror film music* at this place:



I had never before been to that restaurant (probably a good thing since I obviously can’t control myself when it comes to pasta) and it is dangerous…Let.  Me.  Tell.  You.

I entered thinking I would be totally good and just eat part of my eggplant parmesan.  Then they sabotaged me with bread and appetizers.  I was hooked.  That portion control of my meal?  Did.  Not.  Happen.  Plus, they are tricky tricksters.  When you order one of their classic dishes (i.e. my eggplant parmesan) they let you pick an extra classic pasta to take home with you!  How can anyone refuse free food?  Why is that tricky?  Well, here’s my logic:  You go home with that “free” meal.  You eat that “free” meal the next day, because it tastes so amazing and the guilt of it going bad is too much.  You gain weight from the 2 days of calorie rich pasta in a row.  You then feel bad from your mistake, but are now addicted to that particular restaurant.  You feed the addiction the next week by returning to said restaurant.  You get sent home with the “free” classic pasta.  And the vicious cycle goes on and on and on.

Well, this week I’m breaking free from the cycle.  I will not be returning to the above restaurant any time soon.  At least until I’m able to control myself.  😉   This week I’m going to work really hard at eating healthy (the entire week) and working out.  Plus, I’m looking forward to starting on this new fitness plan.  Stay tuned…

Getting Healthy!

It’s time to start to…



Are you ready for this???  It’s Monday and I think that’s the best day to start.  Why wait until the middle of the week?  So… Let’s get this started, shall we?  Throughout the coming weeks we can all share tips, recipes, etc.  Be sure to check in often since I’m planning to post biweekly.  In blog postings I’m going to share with you my goals for the upcoming week(s).  Feel free to share your own plans in comments as I think it will be beneficial for us to all work together!  Some of us might be looking to exercise more.  Some of us might be looking to lose some weight.  (I’m wanting to drop 20 lbs.)  Some of us might be looking to maintain our weight through diet and exercise.  Whatever we are looking for I think we can all stay motivated with a support system!  A dandy support system!  😉

Here are my goals for this week:

  • I’m going to start tracking again.  Tracking EVERYTHING.  I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and have their app on my phone, so it makes it very easy to track.
  • I’m going to eat healthier.  The fridge is stocked with some fresh fruit (blackberries, blueberries, apples, strawberries, oranges) and I’ll be reaching for the fruit in place of candy treats.
  • I’m going to workout on the elliptical at least 3 times this week.

I’ll touch base with you all in a mid week posting.  Just to let you know how it’s going.  And you can do the same in the comments on that posting.  🙂   Then next Monday I’ll be posting my weigh in.  Fingers crossed this week goes well!

 What are your goals for this week???

Leave a comment to let us all know!  🙂  Oh and good luck to all!