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Contigo Cortland Spill Proof Water Bottles {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I know, I’ve talked about this many times, but we live in Boston, we don’t have a car, and we walk or take the subway whenever we need to go anywhere.  Lots of walking means that carrying water with me is a good idea, but finding a good water bottle is surprisingly difficult.  We’ve been through so many iterations at our house and have way too many water bottles that leak, are a pain to clean or are flat unsanitary to drink out of after riding the subway because you have to use your fingers to pry up the drinking spout.  *Shutter*I often end up packing water for our ventures, taking a few sips when we start out and then not touching the water bottle again for sanitary reasons.  My husband walks to class and he’s always got his water bottle strapped to his backpack along with a nice soggy stain from where it leaks. So yeah, our current water bottles have a few problems…

Contigo reached out to me an asked if I would be willing to review their Cortland Spill Proof water bottles.  (I don’t think I’ve had a more timely email in all my life!)

I was sent two Cortland Spill Proof water bottles to review.  I pulled them out of the package and was happy to see that this was a water bottle I could take on the subway with me and still drink out of after I got off (hooray!)  The top has a small spout with a flip top cover (one that can be moved without touching where you’re going to be drinking from).  The auto seal is a little rubber piece that sits inside of the water bottle and presses against the spout when you’re not drinking so the drinking spout is not only protected from outside germs, but the water is trapped in your water bottle by both the autoseal and the gray topper.



The way you release the auto seal is by pressing on a button on the back of the water bottle.  I thought it was a little odd at first to have this new step added to drinking, but the button ends up being right under your fingers when you’re gripping the water bottle and pressing it with your index finger while your drinking is pretty natural. If you really don’t want water slipping out there is also a little switch on the back of the water bottle that locks the stopper/autoseal in place so if you have the bottle in your bag the auto seal release wont accidentally be pressed.


I was amazed at how well these things seal up,  I filled my bottle with water and flipped it upside down and spent a few minutes shaking it.  I didn’t loose a drop.  I didn’t even have the gray cover over the top or the seal lock in place.

A few other things that make this a great water bottle (things that most of my other water bottles lack).

  • This is so easy to clean!  First it’s dishwasher safe, second you unscrew the top and press a little lever and the whole top folds back letting you clean all the little pieces inside it without having the autoseal, autoseal in a bunch of germs.
  • The water bottle is marked, so you can easily see how much you’ve been drinking
  • There is a bag clip attached to the top of the water bottle so you can bring it along all kinds of ways.
  • It has a life time guarantee

The only thing I really think could be improved would be if the bottle was insulated.  The plastic on it is thick and my drink stayed fairly cold but when I’m out and about in hot weather having an ice cold beverage can be a life saver. If that’s also important to you Cortland has the Sheffield®, which looks like it has all lot of the greatness of the Contigo, (the spout looks a little different) but it’s also insulated.

I had a great experience with the Cortland.  My husbands backpack stays dry on his walk to school, I’ve got a great water bottle for being out and about and even when the baby is playing with it it doesn’t leak. All wins in my book.

If you spend a lot time on the go or even if you’re just looking for a great reliable water bottle that’s both sanitary and spill proof the Cortland Contigo is definitely worth checking out!  Use coupon code Cortland20 for 20% off any product order at GoContigo.com.  The coupon code will be good through Nov. 15th.

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Two lucky readers will each receive two Cortland Spill Proof Water Bottles! #ContigoBestinOne

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Liberty Bottleworks {Giveaway}–CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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What’s the one thing you can’t ever leave the house without? Mine is my water bottle. I started carrying around a water bottle 24/7 in college because one of my roommates swore by it to help lose weight (it works, by the way). Through the years I’ve been through many iterations of bottles. I’ve used and refilled bottled water bottles, I’ve bought really expensive ones from sporting goods stores and I’ve bought really cheap ones from the Dollar Store. But while the bottle has changed, what hasn’t is the fact that I am attached at the hip to my water bottle! So naturally, I was anxious to try out  the only American made metal water bottle by Liberty Bottleworks.


Liberty Bottleworks considers itself a “vintage American company.” Not only do they support jobs in the USA, they pledge 1% of their sales and 1% of their working hours to helping large, local and grass roots efforts, such as the National Park Service, the Conservation Alliance and Keep America Beautiful.  They are also extremely committed to protecting the environment. Their production factory in Yakima, Washington, is filled with state of the art equipment which uses less energy, cleans waste water, and conserves resources. They even melted down their own scrap and made it into more bottles! They are truly Green all the way.


All Liberty Bottleworks’ bottles are made  from 100% recycled aluminum, are BPA Free, non-toxic and non-leaching. In addition to supporting the environment, Liberty Bottleworks also supports local artists. The Artisan collection features designs by artists who stand behind a cause, and a portion of the sale supports their cause. There are seven pages worth of designs on the Artisan page alone, and all are unique and interesting–there is definitely a bottle for everyone! There are several other cool collections to choose from including the Mass Transit collection, the Topography collection, the Freedom collection, or you can design your own Custom bottle!  They also have a Kids collection with bottles in 12 and 16 ounces and designs kids would like.


I chose to review the Blossom bottle from the Artisan collection. It arrived safely in a small, (most likely) made-from-recycled-materials box. The color of the bottle is beautiful though slightly darker than the picture shown on the website. The design on the bottle is raised, which is due to the cylindrical printers used at Liberty Bottleworks. I like it because it gives me a little something to grip as I constantly drink my water. The metal is smooth and strong; I have dropped it accidentally a few times since receiving it and have yet to see a scratch or a dent. The metal keeps my cold water colder for longer, which I love.


My water bottle goes wherever I go. This is where it lives at night, right next to my bed.

I chose the Sport top as opposed to the Standard cap with an O-ring because I am a straw drinker all the way. I love the easy flip top and the wide loop for holding it when the straw is down. The mouthpiece is smooth and doesn’t leave a weird taste in my mouth like some plastic straws or mouthpieces do. My only complaint would be that while it’s really easy to open the top to fill it, it’s almost too easy and I worry that my kids will pop it open and spill all over themselves or that it will pop off in my purse and soak everything inside. It hasn’t happened yet, but we’ve come close.


After a day at the pool, what I need is some cold water!

If you’re not a fan of the straw-type bottles, never fear! Liberty offers both the Sport top (in black only) and a Standard cap with O-ring in seven different colors to match whichever bottle you choose. Bottles can be purchased  in select, local retailers or online. Prices are really reasonable and start at $15 for the 12 oz. Kids bottle, $18 for 16 oz., $19 for 24 oz. and $20 for the 32 oz. bottle. Connect up with Liberty Bottleworks on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, or apply to be a Sustainability Officer and spread the word in your home town!

THREE lucky winners will get to pick a Liberty Bottleworks water bottle of their choice!

(Winners are limited to bottles in stock)

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** This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only.

** The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the morning of July 29th, 2013 and will be emailed within 24 hours.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Liberty Bottleworks, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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