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Lamp Post BOO!

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Sometimes I struggle at holiday decorating.  Only because it’s so time consuming and I feel like I don’t have much time.  Anyone else feel that way?  Okay.  So I’ll level with you.  It might also have something to do with the fact that sometimes I think that I’m not incredibly crafty.  Okay.  I think that often.  Like I’m not all thumbs when it comes to crafts, but I’m pretty particular and need things to look just right.  One minor imperfection and I can’t let it go.  Whenever I see said completed craft that looks kind of strange or has a tiny blemish I cringe.  Of course I don’t cringe at other people’s crafts.  I don’t notice their mistakes.  Only my own.  I’m an insecure crafter.  It’s a complex.  I must overcome.  Anyone else have this problem?

So I struggle with time and being an insecure crafter.  I really do want to be more secure in my crafting abilities.  Really I do.  Maybe I need lessons?  Probably.  Crafters Anonymous?  Definitely.  I see all of these cute ideas everywhere.  Tons and tons of cute ideas.  I pin all of them right here on Pinterest, but then I never do them.  Or if I start the project I never finish it.  I’m airing all of my guilt today, right?!  My name is Tara and I’m a craftaholic.  I bet there is a group for that… Honestly I do need to be better at finishing the projects that I start.  It’s a wonder that I can actually sit down at the computer and type blog postings when I’m such a spaz when it comes to everything else.  You laugh?  I may have the focus for some things, but with crafty projects… Well, I turn into that dog Dug from the movie “UP”.  It’s true.  Maybe you are totally laughing, because you think that my blog postings are exactly like that???  Oh my.  I really am insecure.  But I’m working on my insecurities.  Both craft related and non.  I’ve decided that the first step (remember I’m a psychology educated gal) in the process would be simple crafts.  If I do something simple then I will finish it and it will be perfect because it will be really difficult to mess up something so simple.  It’s that simple.

Here is THE easiest DIY Halloween yard decoration that I’ve ever made.

Seriously the easiest.

It’s dedicated to all the Dugs in the world.

I give you…

The Lamp Post Ghost Tutorial!


In front of our house we have an ugly light post.  I’m sure it was beautiful in its time.  Now it’s just quite dingy looking.  It’s super old.  Original to the neighborhood when others have been replaced.  The lamp doesn’t even work so I’m not sure exactly why it still in front of our house.  Maybe I should be digging it up…  One day we will just replace it?  Maybe?  Probably.  In its prime it was a gas lamp.  Then it was converted to electric way before we moved in.  However, the “electrician” (previous home owner who was a medical doctor and had no idea about how to be an electrician) didn’t do a very good job.  It quit working so the “electrician” then cut the line and left this random wire in the basement that operates the lamp post only it plugs into nothing.  No outlet.  No switch.  No lit lamp post.  So you get the idea.  We are left with an antique lamp post that has absolutely no use just standing in our front yard.


 See?  It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world.

BUT recently when I looked at that old lamp post I saw something different.

I saw a ghost.

So I decided to create one.  A lamp post ghost.  So simple that even a 6 year old could do it.


 And it can be created in record time.  By the 6 year old.

To create the ghost I purchased 3 yards of white drapery fabric.  It was on clearance at less than $3 a yard.

You could just as easily use a white sheet.

Banjo used a black Sharpie to make the ghost’s eyes and mouth.  Then we just threw the whole thing over the lamp post and there you have it:

Our Lamp Post BOO!


You can transform your own lamp post for Halloween and it will look super dandy.


Triple Shine Jellies

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘jellies’? Is it a ton of wonderfully, delicious spreads for homemade bread? Maybe those totally cute sandals you had growing up? Did you know that in the glorious world of nail polish ‘jellies’ actually means something? I didn’t for the longest time until I heard of a cute nail polish trick called a ‘jelly sandwich’ where you essentially sandwich a design or glitter polish between two coats of a jelly polish. I’m so excited to tell you about these polishes!

Jellies is a term given to a specific kind of nail polish that is designed to let you see through it slightly. It’s as if you’re looking through a bowl full of gelatin with fruit in it. You can see what’s in it but the color of the fruit has changed because of the gelatin. The same thing happens when you use a jelly polish, the end result even looks like it would feel like gelatin. I’ve never bought any jelly nail polishes before so when Sally Hansen decided to send me their new line of Jellies I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to try them out!



As soon as they arrived I got to work seeing what I could do with these cutes! The new line is called the Triple Shine Tropical Jellies Collection. It’s made up of 6 colors (from left to right) Vitamin D-Light, Water Melon, Jell-ous?, Grape Jelly, Ice Tint, and Sea Through.


Sally Hansen Triple Shine Tropical Jellies Collection

To start I wanted to give this whole ‘jelly sandwich’ idea a go. I started off with Jell-Ous? It just felt like it would be the perfect pink to go with this rockin’ glitter polish I have. I put on the first coat and was surprised by how thin it was. I kept working on it. I did an accent nail to show how the glitter looks between jelly polish coats. I did two coats of jelly polish, then glitter polish, then two more coats of jelly polish. On all of the other nails I did 4 coats of jelly polish.



I really like the pink color alone. However, it didn’t give me quite the effect I was hoping for on the jelly sandwich level. Instead of trying out the same idea with all of the other colors I decided to see what else I could do with them. First, I thought that maybe I could use the jelly polish to give regular nail polish some dimension when glitter was added. I painted my nails blue then used Ice Tint to layer the glitter polish.


Ice Tint

It gave it some dimension but you have to get really close to notice. I’m a huge polka dot fan! This time I wanted to give Water Melon a try. I painted my nails pink and then put a couple white polka dots on. After they dried I painted one coat of Water Melon on top of it. I did this 2 more times, alternating between dots and coats. I was shocked to see that because the jelly polish is so thin it was actually giving me this really amazing ombre effect! Now I can get this effect any time with out having to switch colors 4 times!


Water Melon

I wanted to see how the ombre effect would work on solid white nails. I did one coat of Grape Jelly on each nail then for the next coat I skipped my thumb nail and painted all the others. I continued dropping a nail for each coat after. The color gets oh so slightly darker with each coat. I really liked how it turned out but I wasn’t sold just yet, I really wanted a more noticeable change.


Grape Jelly

I wanted to try out the last two colors but this time I started with an actual color as the base. For both of the colors I left my thumb nail just as the base color and applied the jelly polish to the other four fingers in same manner as I did with the Grape Jelly polish. I started with a light green color and then I used Sea Through to create the ombre. I love how it transforms into a green apple color! Vitamin D-Light has a delicious orange tint to it. I just knew I wanted to have the base for this one be a bright yellow. I’m loving the tangerine color it transforms into!


Sea Through and Vitamin D-Light

Final Thoughts:

Overall I would say this line isn’t the perfect polish to use if you’re specifically going to be doing a jelly sandwich, they’re too thin and even after applying 4+ coats I don’t believe you can achieve that specific effect. However, there are so many other ways to use them! You can use them to enhance your polishes, change their color completely, or gradually change them with an ombre effect. I wonder what would happen if you painted your nails red and painted Ice Tint on top? Maybe an amazing purple tint? I can just see some ombre tiger stripes on my nails in the future! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your nail art, I would say that these are a great place to start! You can see all of the colors in this collection as well as all of their other nail polish colors by visiting their website here.


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Knit Pumpkin

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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Remember my knit pumpkin tutorial from a few years back?  Wow.  Where does the time go?  I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I made that little pumpkin!  He only makes his presence known around here during the fall season, but he is still alive and well.  And looking ever so fine gracing our stairs with the other fall fixtures I might add.

Although our staircase is updated from that old picture, so I think that’s even more dandy!

Maybe it’s time I made another pumpkin…



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