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Try the World {Review}

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Back in the day, between graduating high school and graduating college I had the chance to see some incredible places – Spain, France, England, Jamaica & Namibia to name a few.  Each place I got to visit was amazing and even the European countries, that seem so close together, each had a unique culture.  Getting to step outside my everyday and experience some of these places was absolutely fantastic, and getting to relive some of those moments when I look at pictures or read my trip journals still amazes me. In fact here is a picture of me petting a Cheetah in Keetmanshoop, Namibia which is totally one of my life achievements. Another life achievement is me stepping up and eating a fried caterpillar – which our Namibian friends ate like popcorn. (Don’t worry, I’m fairly confident Try The World is not going to be sending fried caterpillars, but I’m getting ahead of myself…)

Anyway, I grew up, got married, graduated college, had a career, moved across the country, and had a baby. My options to experience some of these amazing cultures first hand have been put on the back burner for the time being, something about having a young child at home and a husband drowning in course work…

Then I saw Try The World, which is an amazing service that brings the world to you!

Try the World is a subscription service where you can get a curated box sent to your door every other month with all sorts of food from a specific country.  Great idea right?  I mean doesn’t the thought of having some of those delicious and exotic foods sent to you sounds interesting? I thought so.

When I started looking into Try the World, I was curious but also a little bit dubious…  the price tag seemed a bit high for someone in grad school ($45/box), but the concept was so interesting that I had to know more.

I was sent a Try The World sampler box to review, which is a little different than what you would get if you signed up for the service but it gives you a great idea about what it is without giving away all the fun.  What I realized is, each box is so much more than just food! I mean this box is great because they’ve got food (of course) but they’ve also got an incredible ideas for an exotic date night or girls/guys night built into the box.

Each box comes with a booklet about the country you are touring, and this book contains all sorts of goodies.  It starts with a short explanation of what a day might be like touring that specific country, for the Turkey Culture Guide it started off “Wake up to the sound of prayer accompanied by a small but intense cup of Turkish coffee, so dark and rich it leaves sediments used to tell fortunes.”  Then it walks you through what a day touring the city might be, giving you great tidbits about the culture and tourist spots that really bring it to life.

The booklet also has playlist of Turkish music (that you can find on the Trytheworld.com website) a list of Turkish movies you can look into, poems, cultural info, and recipes you can make at home of some Turkish dishes!  Honestly I think the little booklets is nearly as amazing the food, and it gives you so many options to explore the culture from your home (or to build the perfect date/girls/guys night).

Now for the food part (again I was sent a sampler box, which had a little bit of a lot of cultures).  It was such a fun surprise to be able to sample the different food.  I don’t speak french and we didn’t know what many of the items we were sent actually were, or how they were suppose to be used, but it was a blast opening each container and taking a sniff of it, or tasting a little bit of them and figuring out what the food would be best paired with.

I’m a sucker for chocolate, especially rich dark chocolate, so the cookies and the French hot coco were especially divine!

In short, I’m sold.  And if you are looking for a great way to spice up date night, experience something new, or travel without leaving your home you’ve got to check out Try The World.  For 30% off your subscription use code: DANDY30 durning check out.

Learn More and Check Them Out:

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Prior To Parenthood {For The Love Of Blog}

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FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2008

More of us prior to parenthood!

 The Audi and I liked to travel before we had children.  Sure we still travel, but to different places now.  Kid friendly places.  Places like Disney World.  It’s where the kids like to go.  And honestly?  As you will see below we like the land of the mouse too.  It’s a place for adults and kids to vacation.  #Truth.  You know it’s true.  We all know it’s true.  So here are just a few of our scrapbooking memories in pictures
Most of these pictures show our love for travel…hopefully baby will feel the same way!!
Dinner in Ambergris Caye
Chatsworth House (Derbyshire, England)
Manchester, England
The City of Light
 I did buy some really cute Paris fashion items on that trip.  I might still own the clothing too.  #holdontoclothingforever
Lake of the Ozarks
Missouri Botanical Garden
Zion National Park
Antelope Canyon
It’s Dr. Audi! (Philadelphia)
New York City

St. Louis for my brother’s wedding

Disney World

Lake Powell
And now…


As in September 6, 2014.

Keep in mind that we were living in San Antonio when that blog post was written.  Hence the reason for our visiting St. Louis for my brother’s wedding and then traveling to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  At that point in time we weren’t yet St. Louisans!  Weren’t we such babies in those pictures???  I don’t quite know where the time has gone.  I guess 12 years tends to age a person. *wink*

Have you been to any of the places we traveled?

LEGOLAND Kansas City {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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My Banjo is now 6-years-old.  It’s weird to think that my first born is that old.  He’s like a little man who is almost finished with kindergarten.  So very strange for me!  In past years we have always had a birthday party for him.  I was trying to be that mom who threw those big, fabulous parties with lots of friends invited.  Yes, that mom.  I even invited the siblings of the friends, because I didn’t want anyone to feel left out.  Is that a little crazy?  Maybe a little excessive?  (Now there’s nothing really wrong with being that mom.  There are plenty of moms who can pull it off and more power to them.  I’m just not good at being that mom.  For sanity sake I had to take a step back, evaluate what’s truly important, and just say no.)

This year?  No more.  We have three littles now.  All will have a birthday.  All will eventually want to have a party.  All cannot have a party in the same year.  That would be maddening.  I can’t plan for such things.  I can’t decorate for such things.  I can’t organize for such things.  I can’t do such things.  It’s just not going to happen times three every year.  Nope.  Not going to do it.  So I’m thinking that each child has a “friend party” every other year.  Maybe every 3rd year.  Just. Not. Every. Year.

That’s why this year we decided to take Banjo (and the other two littles) out of town for a surprise birthday weekend extravaganza.  Banjo expected to have a party.  We told him we had a special adventure planned instead of a party.  It was a weekend all about him, things he likes, and together as a family.  The best part of celebrating in this way?  Family time!

We went to LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Kansas City!  LEGOLAND agreed on us coming for a visit, my doing a review on the blog, and giveaway away FOUR tickets.  You will find that giveaway below.  First, here are just a few of our favorite highlights from the place Banjo now thinks is the bestest birthday celebration ever.  At the LEGOLAND in Kansas City you can…

Find out how many LEGO bricks you weigh and your height in LEGO bricks:




Travel to a distant land:






Meet your favorite LEGO characters:



Build and race LEGO cars:

PicMonkey Collage.png

And just have a fantastically dandy time!

Of course you can’t visit LEGOLAND without getting some LEGOS.  Audi came out of the shop with this on my keys:


He said it’s because I’m Wonder Woman.

As I already mentioned, the winner of this giveaway will receive FOUR tickets to LEGOLAND in Kansas City!

*This giveaway is open to US entries only.
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of May 2nd and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
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Folio Travel Box by Sabi {Review}

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Ever since I entered my child-bearing stage of life, I’ve been adamant about taking my pre-natals.  And fish oil.  And iron during that certain week every month.  I have a grandma-style pill box organizer that sits on our microwave and I think it makes me look about 30 years older than I am.  It’s clear and boxy and tells everyone who enters my kitchen that someone in the house is taking supplements.

IMG_9897I’ve been looking for something more sleek and new, and I found a great option sold by Sabi.  This is the FOLIO pill box, sold for $24.99 at Sabi.com

default_logoIMG_9900So let’s take a look at this fancy little guy.  As you can see, it is very slick, easy to use, clean, and classic.  One thing that bothers me about the design, however, is that it cannot stay open while laying flat.  This is only a problem if you want it to lie flat and open while you’re loading it with pills every week.  With the top wanting to fall shut constantly, you have to hold it open with one hand and manage the bottles with the other hand.  Not a big deal, but definitely annoying.

IMG_9901The rounded crevices ARE easier to scoop with one finger than the clear box up top that I’ve been using.  The reason that there are two crevices for every day is so that you can divide your a.m. and p.m. pills.   As you can see, instead of using the a.m./p.m. idea, I’ve filled it with the same things so that this has become a 2-week container.


Overall, I like it.  I haven’t gone back to the clear, plastic box, so you know this must be better than what I was using.  This is great for traveling, but it is just a little bulky.  It takes up more space than my previous clear box, but it looks a lot nicer on my counter.  You could toss this in your gym bag, pull it out at work, and travel with it in style.

Sabi carries all sorts of fancy and sleep pill organizers.  Check out their wonders at Sabi.com and follow them on facebook for news and updates.


Online Store / Facebook / Twitter / Blog

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

ChicoBag {Review}

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Who else feels like they have a mountain of plastic bags hanging around their house right now? After all of my holiday shopping, I feel like a landfill has exploded and a giant Bag Monster has landed in my closet. I wish I had been better at using my reusable bags when I did my shopping, but at least I know I can recycle those bags when Christmas is over. And then I promise I will be more diligent about using my reusable bags!


ChicoBag makes reusable bags for every occasion. Shopping, travel, fashion, etc. I reviewed a shoulder-style Vita bag in June, and I still use it all the time and love it! I keep it in my purse and use it for shopping trips when I’ve forgotten my reusable bag in the car, and I’ve also used it to carry loads of food and utensils to parties, sweatshirts and scarves when going out in cold weather, and used it as a quasi-diaper bag for when I drop my kids off at someone’s house for a few hours. It has countless uses!


And another product by ChicoBag that has countless uses is the Echo Travel Zip 3-pack. These are 3 small zip-top bags of varying sizes that help keep your important things safe and secure. If you are a frequent flyer, these would be perfect for holding your liquids (the quart size bag is see-through and perfect for air travel) and eliminating the need for disposable zip-top bags. But for those of us who do more traveling around town than in the air, these have thousands of uses–hold snacks for emergency hunger attacks; hold small toys for boredom busters; hold crayons and paper for on-the-go creativiry, or function as a mini-purse when you’re out and don’t need your giant purse. Each pouch has a wristlet for easy transport, and they can be washed if they get dirty!



These bags are made of the same durable, woven polyester as the other ChicoBag I have and love so much, so I know they won’t rip, tear or bend out of shape. The zippers are good quality and sewn in carefully to avoid damage. The print is fun and all three bags coordinate, so if you’re nesting them, they all go together. Currently, ChicoBag sells one other print in the Travel Zip, the Solstice, and I think that pattern is even cuter! So you can’t go wrong with either pack.


A pack of 3 Travel Zip bags is only $9.99, which is an incredible deal when you consider how much use you’ll get out of these bags!

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Our World Boutique {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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We always talk about how fun it would be to travel, but in actuality, it scares me to death!  I keep picturing getting mugged, lost, and stranded within miles of anyone who can speak my language. Surely I will build up the courage to let go of my fears and do something fun and risky, but until then, I’m happy to watch movies of exotic places and pretend I visit a new country every weekend movie night.  I am still in love with the IDEA of worldwide travel and adventures, and I am definitely in love with Our World Boutique, a shop full of travel-inspired fashion from all around the world!


If you take a moment to browse around, you’ll see all sorts of gorgeous tops, dresses, accessories and jewelry with inspirations from all over.  Every style and fashion had to come from somewhere, and this shop does a great job of bringing in old, new, and timeless fashions and styles.

img_2490_largelacedressblue_80aedf30-4f13-43d0-b648-72a0582fb678_large stripedmaxiskirtrustredmodel-3_bd2f7f34-e189-4e66-abea-c1d8d95f521c_large chevronshirtltblue_9d355d6f-bac2-42ee-9199-3cdf9e419d55_large

Everything is priced SO reasonably.  There are dresses being sold for $14.99, tops for $12.99, and jewelry that starts at $1.99!  In preparation for the nippy weather on our heels, I chose to dive into the scarf dept. and these are what we picked out:


Its just the season for it, huh!  Is not everyone raving about how fun it is to break out their Fall fashion wardrobe?!

2My sister in law and I wore our scarves downtown one weekend.  You can see how the colorful scarves are great as summer scarves and for layering, and this white Pashima scarf is fantastic with winter coats and trenches.


Now everything in this shop is quick to come and go.  If you see something you love, snatch it!  Case in point: by the time I received these cute scarves, took pictures, and posted this giveaway, their entire stock of THOUSANDS of scarves was sold and gone!  So instead of offering a winner a scarf of their choice,

Our World Boutique is offering FIVE winners an accessory or piece of jewelry!  Check these out!

shapesnecklaceorange_8030fc4e-a3e7-46fb-9db2-355eec331a2d_medium vintage_20peach_20and_20crystals_20necklace_large doublebraidwatchblue_5fe44817-3d0d-4922-acea-f7afda8f0493_medium rhinestoneanchorearrings_large genevacrystalwatchorange_cba183bf-d26e-4f42-a5bb-bfab18bb6eeb_large blissnecklacemint_88f80648-0980-4ba6-8630-977be0d12b17_large

FIVE lucky winners will be drawn, and each get to pick out an accessory or piece of jewelry!!

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*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of Oct 25th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
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Little Passports {Giveaway}–CLOSED

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Do your kids ever surprise you with things they know that you didn’t realize they knew? I recently started a co-op preschool with some friends, and when it came time to say the Pledge of Allegiance on my day to teach, my 3-year-old son was able to recite the whole thing! I’m sure a few words were wrong and he has absolutely NO idea what it means, but I was just shocked that he could say it all! He also answered correctly that we live in the United States when I asked where we lived (though I was trying to get the kids to say California), but that one didn’t surprise me. I know that knowledge was due to our subscription to Little Passports.


You may remember a bit about Little Passports when Heather Ann reviewed them back in January. But in case you are a newcomer to Dandy Giveaway, here’s a recap: Little Passports is a monthly subscription box geared towards ages 5-12 that follows the adventures of characters Sam and Sofia as they travel across the United States and throughout the world.  To join, you begin by selecting either the World Edition (ages 5-10) or the USA edition (ages 7-12). I was sent the USA edition, which is actually geared towards ages 7-12, and I couldn’t agree more. My 3-year-old son was thrilled to receive a package and learn more about the United States, but he definitely didn’t get as much out of it as he would have if he were even a few years older.


When his welcome package came, we hung the map of the United States in his room and filled out a few pages in his Field Guide. He loved taking pictures with the “old camera” (it includes a disposable!) and the Scratch Book. A few weeks later we received an envelope with the first two states. It came with a book filled with fun facts, history and culture about Pennsylvania and Arkansas. There was also a postcard, stickers and a pop-out model from both states. My son loved putting the stickers in the field guide, but everything else was way above his learning level.


For a 7-14-year-old, however, it is perfect! The book about the states is filled with mazes, games, word searches, pictures, and activities to teach loads of interesting facts about each state. An envelope filled with these goodies will come to your doorstep once a month–for up to 26 months if you do the whole United States!–and you can imagine your child’s excitement to open his package and learn! This would be perfect as a supplemental learning kit for public school or homeschooled kids, especially 5th- or 8th-graders learning about U.S. History.


Subscription plans range from monthly plans ($11.95 a month) to 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans with discounted prices. Sign up for their newsletter online, and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to be in the know about the latest deals. Head on over to Little Passports to take a look at their options, then come back and enter below to win:

Win a 3-month subscription to either the World edition or USA edition!


** This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only.
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MyLittleSeat {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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Growing up, my dad worked a completely consistent schedule and was home by 4:30 p.m. every night, which allowed our family the opportunity to eat dinner together almost every single night.  Even during my high school years when we’d all be running in opposite directions, I think we did a pretty good job of having as many of us at the dinner table as possible, and I can’t remember even one time that any of us ate dinner in our own rooms.  (I do, however, have incredibly fond memories of our Chili’s takeout dinners on Friday nights in front of the TV watching Survivor and The Apprentice!)

My husband’s schedule, while consistent, doesn’t mean that we have the option of eating dinner together every night, but we do try to eat at least one (and usually two!) meals together as a family everyday.  As parents of young boys, though, these meals can be highly exhausting!  Both of my boys are good eaters, but they can get active and it’s rare to have both of them actually sit at the table through the entire meal without a number of reminders.  In fact, just the other day, I mentioned to both of them that I was planning to put seatbelts on their chairs so that they would stay in one place and finish eating!


Well, these products from MyLittleSeat are even better than my idea of having seatbelts installed on our chairs — this sling style travel high chair allows for any chair to become a high chair safe enough for young children!  These seats can be used in your own homes, at friends’ houses (whether they have children or not), in restaurants, and on vacation.  They have the cutest designs for their sturdy fabric, and the best part is that fold down into a matching compact travel bag that is just larger than the size of a diaper and wipes container!

posies hudson stripe coco snowfish

“Determined not to “go back to work” as a result of the love affair that comes with having a baby [founder Stephanie Collins] set about finding something creative to do from home-preferably only during nap time.  Being new parents who travel quite often, and overwhelmed with all the additional baggage necessary while traveling with an infant, Stephanie and her husband would often secure their baby to a seat for meals with whatever was on hand (initially using a sarong while in a coffee shop at the airport). With inspiration from her grandmother who used to secure her children to adult chairs using towels, she made multiple trial versions of a compact, fabric, baby sling style harness that secures an infant to an adult chair – and after lots of trials and experimentation, mylittleseat was born!”

We have loved to try our MyLittleSeat travel high chair on my two year old (who, admittedly, is on the smaller side but fits comfortably), but I’m very excited to use this next year when we’re in a new country with an infant!  We have lots of travel plans, and this product will work perfectly to safely keep our youngest addition upright and restrained without much inconvenience or prior thinking.

One Dandy reader will win a MyLittleSeat travel high chair, in any design!  Enter below to win!

** This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only.

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** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by MyLittleSeat, but all opinions are strictly my own.


Green Now Skin Care Mist {Giveaway}–CLOSED

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Happy 4th of July! I hope you are enjoying your Independence Day with friends, family or loved ones, and that you are celebrating the freedoms we enjoy in this beautiful country of ours. Like Christmas, it’s easy to get caught up in the food, fireworks and fun on 4th of July and forget the real meaning of the holiday. I am grateful for our Founding Fathers who gave us freedom, and for the service men and women who  serve our country and provide the freedoms we enjoy today.  But while you’re all thinking about Red, White and Blue, I’m going to talk about another color: green.


Green Nowâ„¢ Total Skin Care Mist is made by Nixallâ„¢, maker of other all-natural, eco-friendly products. Their products range from household cleansers and disinfectants, to products for animal wound care and grooming, to a “greener” solution for flowers and plants.  All of their products, including the Total Skin Care Mist, are made with Anolyte Water, which is electrolyzed salt water. Anolyte Water is powerful, killing 99.99% of germs and viruses, but is safe enough to use just like water on adults and children. That’s what makes the Green Now Total Skin Care Mist so effective as a refreshing mist.


Total Skin Care Mist is kind of like a deodorant, body spray, lotion, aloe and a shower all rolled into one spray. It has a number of uses, such as a refresher after workouts, a skin soother for sun-burn and wind-burn relief, a spray to “set” your make-up to keep fresh all day, or in place of lotion to hydrate, soften and refresh your skin.  Total Skin Care Mist is eco-friendly and all-natural. There are no toxins or harsh chemicals in it and no alcohol, so it leaves no build up on your skin and it is safe for all members of your family, including children. It is the ultimate “green” product!


I was sent the Travel size Total Skin Care Mist, and I used it during the musical I was just in, Anything Goes. Wearing lots of heavy costumes, tons of makeup and lots of hair product while dancing and singing under TONS of hot lights can make a person really sweaty (surprise!), so let’s just say that at the end of each show I was pretty ripe. If I had friends and family come to see the show, I’d need to freshen up before going out to see them so I didn’t make anyone pass out from my stench. I didn’t have time for a shower, however, so I’d spray a few mists on and off I’d go to meet my adoring fans 🙂  The spray is light and cool and leaves my skin feeling soft after a few spritzes. It has a light, clean scent and it dries very quickly, so I don’t feel wet for too long after a spray. I definitely felt refreshed and ready to leave the theater after applying Total Skin Care Mist, and I will make it a requisite in my theater makeup bag in the future!


For now, I plan to store it in my purse for a quick refresher on hot summer days. You can purchase a 2 oz. Travel size for $7.95, and an 8 oz. size for Home or Office for $26.99 online or in select stores. Connect with Green Now on Facebook and Twitter and enter below to try out a Total Skin Care Mist for yourself!

Enter to win a Travel Size (2 oz.) bottle of Total Skin Care Mist!

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Gentle Jewelry Case {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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I saw this on Facebook on a particularly pertinent day when we were getting ready to leave town, and it describes us perfectly:
So true.  I also had been making lists for days and days, pulled out the suitcases two weeks beforehand, and arranged outfits on the floor numerous times before deciding what to pack for a wedding.  One of the worst parts about packing is picking out all the right jewelry to bring.  I can’t take my whole box of bracelets and all my earrings, but what if the ones I bring just aren’t right with the outfits I brought?  I start picking out favorites, but soon I have way too many and even more than one watch seems superfluous.  And then how do I PACK it all right!!  I hate finding the right box or pouch and I really hate when things get tangled inside.  I have a fear of my pearl earrings getting scratching, so I wrap them in fabric scraps and then my jewelry bag gets stuffed and lumpy.  I need to change my system.
site-logoEnter Gentle Jewelry Case.  Problems solved.  This lovely little case is exactly what it sounds like.  A zippered pouch with two layers of soft padding that keep your jewels secure, stationary, and completely enfolded in foam.  Nothing moves or shifts when the case is rotated or dropped.
The idea is so simple, and it works like a charm!  My delicate jewelry is slightly compressed and stays right where I leave it.  No shifting, scratching, de-tangling, or losing small pieces anymore!  Angry thoughts about one of my favorite necklace chains getting kinked during travel used to come to mind when I thought about traveling with jewelry, but now those thoughts are behind me :)  Gentle jewelry case so generously sent me three of their designer cases!  Zebra ($34.95), Pink ($34.95), and classic Black Nylon ($24.95).
The foam is plush and thick, and I have full confidence in it protecting any jewels or trinkets.  I’m thinking of using one exclusively for travel, and another for storing all my brooches.  I don’t currently have a good storing system, and my vintage pins have been in an open shoebox.  I feel much better about this arrangement.
This zebra print is so fun!  It has a great grainy texture to the outside, and it doesn’t even look like a jewelry case.  These cases are made from nylon and measure 10″ by 7″, which allows for quite a bit of storage.  I’m thinking of taking this all sorts of places when I’m afraid of losing lots of little things–the beach, the gym, etc.   IMG_4904
These are constructed with the finest workmanship.  Lots of attention to detail has been put into making these stylish and secure, while all the of functioning parts are top-quality, aka strong zippers, cute clasps, tight stitching, foam right up to the edge without gaps, etc.
And don’t forget the MEN!  They may not be thorough or meticulous packers, but they still have tiny things to keep preserved.  Remember our Flash Giveaway from a couple weeks ago?  Tool Trappers.  Genius.
These cases were also featured in Jetset magazine, and you can read the review HERE.

Connect with Gentle Jewelry Case:

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THREE lucky winners are each going to receive a Gentle Jewelry Case!


Because I was sent the prize items along with my review items, the winners will be responsible for paying shipping from me to you, via paypal invoice.  This also means that this giveaway is open to WORLDWIDE entries!  And I doubt the shipping costs will be substantial.  These are light as a feather.
*The winners will be responsible for paying shipping from me to you, via paypal invoice.  *This giveaway is open to WORLDWIDE entries.

*The winners of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of July 11th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Gentle Jewelry Case, but all opinions are strictly my own


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