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We love these Huggies!

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I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation

Raise your hand if diaper changing your squirmy toddler can be a challenge at your house!  I’ve always wanted to try slip-on diapers from Huggies because of how impossible it is to change my squirrel of a second child.  He doesn’t sit still for a moment, and when he’s really on one, I have to practically sit on him to hold him down for a change.

The moment these Huggies Slip-On Diapers arrived, I think “Little Brother” could tell these were something special!  Packages at the door are rarely for him, so when special diapers with Mickey on them showed up, it was like Christmas!


We’ve never tried these before, so from the get-go, with the first diaper on his little body, “Little Brother” was ALL over these!  He calls these slip-on diapers his ‘underwear’, and I can tell he felt like he had graduated a step, even though they are really just diapers.


We’ve been using these exclusively for almost a week now and have experienced absolutely no leaks, even for my stomach-sleeper!  These diapers utilize a ®LeakLock®System with a long-lasting core.

The fit is perfect.  There is a good seal on all sides–around the waist as well as the leg openings.  My boy is somewhat on the thin and scrawny side, so I’m glad to see that these provide a good seal for all body types.


If there is a poopy mess to clean, you can always release the diaper from the flaps on the side so that a quick and easy change is possible without having to pull all the mess down your child’s legs first.  Plus, these tabs make it easy to wrap up the diaper when you’re done.


“Little Brother” has not ran from a single diaper change since we started using these.  He loves that he can help pull them up, and seeing Mickey every time never gets old.  I definitely would recommend these to moms with standing/newly-walking babies!  They are premium diapers.  They seem to hold more fluid than typical store-brand diapers, without being more bulky, and the slip-on feature is fantastic.

Take my advice and try these out!  You can go HERE to get a $1 off coupon.  If you share this link to three friends, you can save $1.50!  Note that you’ll have to register with Huggies.com prior to obtaining the coupon.

Let’s make diaper changing a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

Holiday Gift Guide (5th Edition)

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The clock is ticking, folks!!  Its crunch time, and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, but haven’t found it, let me share with you my next five recommendations for some of my favorite products that would make EXCELLENT holiday gifts!



#1 R2C Couture

untitledThese. necklaces. are. gorgeous.  You start with a floating charm locket that is beautiful even by itself, then customize it by filling it with your favorite signature charms!  There are dozens of darling charms to choose from, like anchors, birthday cake, butterflies, princess crowns, birthstone jewels, handbags, etc.  I can think of a dozen of my friends who I’d love to give one of these to!

Customize your own necklace HERE.




#2 Real Mens Wallets

320wThese wallets from Real Mens Wallets are SO COOL, and pretty sexy if you ask me.  All of their skins are 100% genuine.  They hand pick skins directly from tanneries and oversee every step of the process in producing their wallets.  Nothing is “factory mass produced”, and each skin has undergone as little processing as possible.  Each is so unique and retains the natural character of the leather, “warts and all”.  Are these not incredible, and manly manly manly?!

Read my full review HERE.

IMG_5505 copy



#3 Shirts that Go

Shirts That Go Logo

Shirts That Go is a store of t-shirts for kids and toddlers with the most detailed and exciting prints of anything with wheels, wings, or sails!  They currently carry over 30 designs!  The owner and founder, Nick, created the company with his own little boys in mind as far as what they might like, but wasn’t available in stores.   More than a year later, my boy’s train shirt is his FAVORITE shirt!!
Also check out Nick’s site about intermittent fasting and calorie tracking: Calorie Pilot.
Read my full review HERE.



#4 Bazzle Baby


Bazzle Baby is a shop of cute baby necessities like their famous Banda Bibs, Big Bibs, Bitsy Bibs, burpers, socks, hats, leggings, etc.!  I’ve loved our Banda Bibs so much that gave some away as baby shower gifts for my best friend.  Everything is this shop is darling, useful, unique, and extremely affordable.  Every Bazzle Baby item we own has withheld the test of time and made me one of their biggest fans!

Read my full review HERE.

IMG_4186 copy



#5 Astrida Naturals

untitled copyAstrida Naturals is a store of indie skin care, body care, and fragrances, all made naturally using vegetable based oils, butters, essences, active botanical extracts, and other naturally derived ingredients.  Nothing is mass-produced.  Everything is made in small batches and crafted by hand.  My favorite products are their custom “made to order” options.  I’d love to try their Orange Mint lip balm and Carrot Seed & Geranium Toning Raspberry Leaf Moisturizer!

Read my full review HERE.


Keep up the good work, shoppers!  Just a couple more gift guides to go, and then you’re on your own!  Take our advice!!

TidyTots Potty Chair Liners {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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Potty training my child is officially my absolute least favorite part of parenting!  I keep thinking there has got to be a service where I pay someone to potty train my child for me.  Some sort of camp I send him to for a week.  Any amount of money is sounding reasonable at this point.  While I can get “Rocket” to sit on the potty, we’re still struggling with grasping the entire concept.  I still think it will be a few weeks, but we’re definitely all potty-minded around here.

logoI think there are still some parts about potty training that my little guy is worried about.  I am most worried about poop containment!  I’ve been gearing myself up for the idea of even more contact with the nasty stuff as I’m dumping, cleaning, and sanitizing this little potty chair.  Yuck!  There is a product available that is designed to squelch these fears of mothers abroad, completely taking out the ‘yuck’ factor.

fp_image_3TidyTots has created potty chair liners that surround any style or brand of potty chair with a bag that is removable and disposable.  I’ll never have to touch that potty!  No scrubbing, rinsing, or sanitizing necessary.


Perhaps all this time, I have been the squeamish one about this whole potty training experience, and now that TidyTots has calmed my fears, this whole process might go a little smoother!


Ok, for the most part, I really like this product.  The online picture says “fits all potty chairs”, but the actual packaging says “fits most potty chairs”, and ours must be one of these exceptions.  It must be the extra splash guard in front in addition to the wide bowl that makes our chair too wide for these bags.  If I really stretch and fight with the bag, I can get the whole pot covered, but by that point, there is hardly any bag left to catch anything, as the bag has been stretched tight.  There is no way I want to be fighting with this bag to get it off the seat when there is poop that could easily splash up into my face.  I think I’d be more likely to snip the bag off at that point, which makes the drawstring ties useless to me, unfortunately.


But don’t let me talk you out of these.  I think with a regular potty chair (without the bulky splash guard in front), these bags would be a great fit, no struggle involved, and easy to remove.  I think ours will be most helpful when we’re traveling or need to contain small messes.  These could be great at holding stinky diapers!


The potty is out and ready, lined and clean, and we’re really ready to tackle this!  You can find these on Amazon, diapers.com, and drugstore.com.

12707537852c5f000cc1f4fa35a26d63782bcb00TidyTots is offering one reader a full size package of these potty chair liners!

16 super absorbent pads and 16 potty chair liners

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

CleverRelish WipesWraps {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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Did you know the average newborn goes through 8 diapers/day?  EIGHT!  Even though the cost of a year of diapers is horrendous, I just can’t stomach the idea of cloth diapers and especially the idea of cloth reusable wipes.  As hard as I try to keep everything tucked away and hidden, the diapers and wipes are forever strewn across the living room, for easy access and because the baby thinks its just so fun to pull everything out of the containers.  Speaking of containers, that big ugly white or green tub, no matter where it is, screams “children live here”.  CleverRelish has designed the most fabulous wipes container covers so that you can make a fashionable statement, even with your wipes container!
CleverRelish was founded by Jill Carreiro, an engineer, salesperson, and most importantly a mother.  After six years of diaper changing and staring at an ugly plastic baby wipes tub she had an “aha!” moment.  “Why don’t we just make it part of the décor!”  She made prototypes on the sewing machine she received as a 10 year old and WipesWraps was born.
I had never seen these before, so when I saw them for the first time, I thought they looked awesome and I knew I would think about wanting one every time I used the wipes.  Chances are, you have more than one container of wipes in your house.  Probably on every floor and in several rooms, right?  You never know when you’ll need them now.
Let’s let the cute designs speak for themselves and lure you in:
1360263895507-936186508 136029927173732029348 13603010173171928238218 1360299334166842862692
I had such a hard time choosing, especially because so many of them are perfect for either gender and go great with lots of nursery styles.  I myself picked out the Gray Lace, and it is gorgeous gorgeous!  I think I will be intentionally leaving it out so that guests can notice it 🙂
Doesn’t it look chic and so vintagely sweet?  Now notice one important thing: I have a Huggies box here, which still works great with the wrap, but these are ideally designed for Pampers boxes because these are sold 7x more than other brands.  (WipesWraps is very forward with this point because they don’t want anyone to be disappointed.  It’s on all of the packaging and definitely on their website too.)  A big difference is the shape of the lid.  Mine is oval, whereas these are designed for square lids.  Watch my video below to see it hands-on:
With the extra fabric around the lid, I was having trouble keeping it shut, but by simply taking the lid cover off (I could dangle it behind or easily remove it with a seam ripper), the problem is solved.  OR I could just get a Pampers wipes box, no big deal!
IMG_7883I still think its gorgeous and I love looking at it every diaper change!
A good friend of mine and fellow blogger, Crissa from Real Moms Real Views, also got to try out these awesome WipesWraps.  Real Moms Real Views also has some fun reviews and sweet giveaways going on.  Check em out and win more goodies!  Crissa chose the Grey Zebra print:
grey zebraAnd here’s what she has to say about it:
I love this grey zebra WipesWrap. It goes great in Beckham’s safari themed nursery. The grey color is soft and not a bright black and white pattern so it works without screaming “sassy girl”.  Who knew that wipes would become a nursery accessory!?  I use a wipe box for my makeup remover wipes so I am asking the hubs to get me a wrap for that box for Christmas. It will help make our bathroom a little cuter and hopefully I won’t get flack from my husband for leaving all my stuff out :).
And what is even MORE awesome about CleverRelish, in all their awesomeness, is that they donated a cover with wipes to our Mother’s Lounges at church!  Both Crissa and I were able to share this awesome product with dozens of women who frequent these rooms during our church services.
“Such a cute decoration in a room that has none.”
“It is such much cuter than a refill bag that someone left half opened on the counter.”
“Explain why I don’t have this in my house already?”
There you have it.  A LOT of us really love these things.  Thanks WipesWraps!  For $14.95, go stock up and take care of Christmas gifts for all your girlfriends with babies.  These would also make great baby shower presents!

CleverRelish, Dandy Giveaway, and Crissa at Real Moms Real Views are bringing you today’s giveaway:

One WipesWraps of your choice!

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Stoplight Golight Timer {Review}

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My sister-in-law and I have boys about the same age with the same temperament.  We both have struggled with getting them to willingly go to bed, take a nap, sit in time out, etc.  You know, the usual toddler stuff.  When my SIL told about how they brought out a timer for their boy, and how it has worked extremely well for him, I got straight to work finding a fun timer for “Rocket”!
Look at this Stoplight Golight!  So cute!  This guy can be plugged into the wall, or made portable by inserting four AAA batteries.
When you start the timer by adding in the amount of time you desire, the red light comes on.  When the time is up, the green light glows and an optional bell will ding.  This timer has been great for my boy!  I think he does so well with it because it is a visual and audible indication of when it is time to end one thing and start another.  Its hard for 2-year-olds to grasp any length of time like “five more minutes”, but with a familiar light indicator, we haven’t had any tantrums when its time to go to bed!
I do think it would be cool if the yellow light worked, but I totally understand the company’s explanation that a functional yellow light was sucking up the battery life too quickly, and that having a reliable, portable timer was most important.  I also wish that I could change the settings to start with the green light on, and then a change to the red, as in “stop what you’re doing, time is up”, but remembering “green means go” and “Go to bed” is cool too.
I really like the size of this light.  It measures 3.5″ by 5.5″ by 2″.  I was picturing something huge when I saw the photos from their website, but this can sit cutely on our entertainment center and not look obnoxious.  Right now, we are only using it as a ‘time-to-go-to-bed’ timer and a ‘pick-up-for-3-minutes’ timer, but I can certainly see more uses as “Rocket” gets older, such as remembering to brush your 2 minutes, spend 30 minutes reading, or even stay in bed until 7am!  (You can set the timer for 0-15 hrs. and 0-59 minutes!)  This is going to be one well-loved timer in our household!
The buttons are easy to figure out and use, and the child proof buttons on the side allow for only the parent to change settings, without the child adding or subtracting time himself.  The top left bell button indicates whether a chime will go off when time is up.
We sure love this timer!  You can purchase your own online below for $29.95.
Here is a coupon code for our readers!  When you order from stoplightgolight.com, enter Dandy into the coupon code and receive 30% off your timer order.  The coupon is good till 9/21.

Online Store

*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation. 

Utensil Wipes {Review}

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Last January, my husband was selected to attend the Marine Security Guard training that will take place this December, and the completion of that course means that he’ll be stationed at an Embassy somewhere in the world in March 2014.  The best part of this billet?  We all get to go with him!

I’ve been beside myself with excitement since we found out about it, and this year-long wait has been so excruciatingly long.  The best way that I’ve found to pass the time on those nights when my mind keeps racing and I can’t sleep because of the excitement of going to another country?  By perusing the U.S. Department of State website showing all of the embassy locations, of course!

I’m not too concerned that we’ll be sent to a location that will be unsafe for our family or that won’t provide for our basic needs, but I have to admit that I’ve worried about the amenities and conveniences that we’ll be leaving behind, especially if we go to a third-world country.  I was excited to find these Utensil Wipes available now and the upcoming Pacifier Wipes that will be out next year!


  • What are Utensil Wipes / Pacifier Wipes?  All natural wipes that should be used to clean surfaces that comes in contact with your mouth.
  • How are they different than other Wipes?  Many wipes on the market use alcohol, which have an unpleasant taste or stringent chemicals, and are not intended to come in contact with your mouth.
  • Are they safe?  Yes.  Obviously you should not intentionally ingest the liquid, the wipes, or the bags. But Pacifier and Utensil wipes are non-toxic, and when used properly help keep food contact items clean. The liquid is safe for human consumption after it dries on the surface. If you should ingest the liquid, drink milk and contact the hospital immediately.  The active ingredient in Utensil Wipes is 4% food grade lemongrass oil.

I’m sure that these will come in handy next year when we’re in any foreign country with three little boys ages 5 and under (!), but I can also think of a number of ways that these Utensil Wipes would be handy right now — outside or while camping, eating at fast-food restaurants, cleaning a favorite bowl/spoon/plate that hasn’t gone through the dishwasher yet, etc.

Head on over to the Utensil Wipes website, where you can learn more about their products, ask questions, and order these to try yourself!

**This review was sponsored by Utensil Wipes, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Alphabet Flash Cards by Educational Toys Planet {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Kindergarten is still a few years away, and I’m already feeling the pressures of getting my son reading before he goes.  You should understand that most of my friends are the wives of MIT students here in Boston, so education is a huge priority and starting them young on letters and sounds is a big push.  I’ve started to look around for some tools and guides to help teach “Rocket” some fundamentals and get him on a good track for learning.  I had the opportunity to review the Alphabet Flash Cards for 3+ Year Old Kids, made by Educational Toys Planet, and I think these are just what I was looking for!


I was first impressed with the number of cards in the box.  For $2.97, I was not expecting 56 cards on hardstock, with vibrant colors and such detailed pictures.  This consists of 26 uppercase cards, 26 lowercase cards, 3 index cards, and one parent card.


I think these are great for the budding alphabetist!  My son is 2 and 3/4, and considering that he is still on the tale end of the curve on language, I didn’t expect him to be busting out the letters when I showed him these pictures, but I was pleased with what he could do with these.  Right now, he is naming the object with pride when I show him the picture, and then I say the letter out loud and he will repeat it.  I am pleased with where we are at right now, and the great thing about these flashcards is that we can continue to use them as he starts to identify more letters.


I like that both an uppercase and lowercase card is included in this set, so that there are two cards for each letter.  The pictures aren’t confusing as to what object we are trying to label (ie there is rarely more than one object on the card), and the letters on the back are big and bold.


You could play so many games with these!  Besides going through them in traditional flash-card style, you could flip half of them over and try to match the pictures with their letter.  I can see these being a fun tool and game for children up through gradeschool.


The pictures are friendly, large, and colorful, and the 52 objects that have been chosen are fairly standard words that a 3-year old could learn.  Besides maybe “elf” and “fox”, which I don’t think I’ve taught my son yet, he could identify each picture with pride.
For $2.97, these are well worth the cost.  They make a fun educational tool, and I’m happy to have this available when we start to hit reading hard!  Educational Toys Planet carries a HUGE assortment of educational toys, specifically geared towards preschoolers.  Check out their “Learning the Alphabet” section and be sure to follow them through their social media sites below.

Online Store / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Yummi Pouch {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I couldn’t agree more that no two children are alike.  I’m finding that is more and more the case with my two boys as they grow up.  One of the most obvious divergent characteristics I’ve been picking up on lately is how ‘dependent’ my oldest seems to be, and how ‘independent’ my youngest is.  Child #1 will find a problem, try to tell me what it is, and wait for me to fix it, while Child #2 will dive right in and solve the issue himself.  Feeding is no different.  #1 preferred to be fed for quite a while, but #2 has been grabbing the spoon out of my hand and attempting to feed himself for several months now.  Since he’s not quite a year old yet, there is a LOT of spilled food, splatters, and nasty floors around here!  I have a few friends who really like this plastic and portable food container called Yummi Pouch for its on-the-go usefulness, and since I was able to review several of these pouches, I found them to be the perfect solution for the super-independent baby who wants to feed himself!


These little pouches are fabulous!  They are reusable and refillable, so a set of six for $14.99 will keep you in business for as long as you’d like.  They are dishwasher safe and can even be put in the freezer.

41ConRZqfeL._SY300_ 5158jEoEFLL._SL1000_ pouch-bottom

They are made of a very sturdy plastic with an intense seal, so you don’t have to worry about any leaking or any explosion out the top.  The pouches expand on the bottom and can hold up to 6oz. To easily expand it, you can blow into the mouth piece with the top sealed or just use your fingers to expand apart.  The pouch can hold probably 3 heaping tablespoons of yogurt, which is just right for the baby.  He LOVES being able to feed himself, and I love that I’m not cleaning up yogurt splatters from him waving a spoon around!  No spoon required!


The toddler is a big fan as well 🙂 He keeps pulling these out of the cupboards and begging me to fill them with food–yogurt, applesauce, anything squishy…

We took a few of these on our big roadtrip earlier this month, and they were great in the car.


While I think these pouches are fantastic, what I’m really loving more than anything is this Grass Countertop Drying Rack from Yummi Pouch!

81qQuhRzheL._SL1500_The whole time that “Rocket” was using bottles, I never found a good system for where to place the bottles and tops while they were drying.  They really took over our counter, and since I always needed them accessible, they rarely got put away for long, before I had to pull them out again.  The counters were always soppy, cluttery, and all the plastic really distracted from the clean kitchen I was trying to maintain.

IMG_3041 copy

This grass is the perfect thing for all my assortment of bottles, and SO IDEAL for drying these Yummi Pouches!  When you expand the bottom of the pouches, they can stand up by themselves and generally stay open pretty well by themselves, but I still worry about them drying completely after being washed, so the grass blades on this drying rack keep the pouches open, upside down to drain, and kept in a contained space off my counters!  I’m just so happy to have found a system that works, and I think its kind of fun next to my plants in the kitchen!  It measures a little larger than 9 x 9 inches, and comes in two pieces so you could rinse it off if desired.

IMG_3042 copy

Yummi Pouch has some other way fun and useful “accessories” for your pouches–like useful funnels, markers, and even mustache stickers!  And there is even a Yummi Pouch Kids Boutique with some adorable tutus and leg warmers!

From one mother to another, I will definitely be recommending these to a other mommy friends!  Thanks Yummi Pouch!

TWO winners will each receive a set of 6 Yummi Pouches!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of April 26th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Yummi Pouch, but all opinions are strictly my own

Funbites {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

We’re kind of stuck in a rut here with a picky eater in the house.  One of these ruts is a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch, which “Rocket” will promptly take apart, then lick clean but leave most of the bread and crust.  Drives me crazy.

I tried an experiment today: if I used my new cute little Funbites cutter on his sandwich, would he eat the whole thing?  Behold, he ate it up without a mess!  Crust included!

The idea is genius, and yet so simple!  My kid won’t sit and chomp at a whole apple, but if I slice it up, he’ll gobble it down.  A large carrot vs. a bag of baby carrots?  Same thing.  Bite-size is always more fun, right?  These Funbites cutters are perfect for picky eaters with little mouths!

The high-performance curved blade cutter is pretty heavy duty—pretty substantial.  A Funbites cutter is more than just a cookie cutter because it has the nifty popper top that can pop the food out without you having to poke out the pieces or touch the food at all.


This guy can handle anything!  A tough thick slice of pizza or even a thin slimy piece of cheese!  You can use it on all sorts of foods to make them more appealing to your picky eater.  Try it on omelettes, cantaloupe, deli sandwiches, pizza, watermelon, grilled cheese, turkey burgers, pancakes, tofu, etc.

I might use it for me just as much as for “Rocket”!  I’m thinking of all the cute little bite snacks I can make for parties and lunch dates!

100% made in the USA, BPA free, and hands or dishwasher safe!

You can purchase your own cutter HERE for $12.99 or $22 for two!  Check out their cute heart shaped cutter!  So cute!  Also, use this coupon code FunHolidays for FREE SHIPPING!

Follow Funbites on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE!

*This posting was sponsored by Funbites, but all opinions are strictly my own


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