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thredUP {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I always loved back-to-school shopping when I was younger, and I love it now because it signals the beginning of cooler temperatures and the fall season — my favorite!  The cost related to this back-to-school shopping, though, can be staggering, especially for large families with multiple kids to dress for the new year.


thredUP is an online consignment shop that offers thousands of like-new clothing for boys, girls, juniors, and women.  Customers can save money by purchasing these clothes at a greatly discounted price, and they can save time by doing it all online without having to go to multiple stores in various locations.   I was especially excited about their new juniors and women sections (they were just introducing these new features when I featured them here in April) because I can take advantage of these same low prices without having to travel long distances!  I’ve always lived in small towns without malls or many popular clothing stores, and I love that I can buy clothes from some of my favorite stores at a fraction of the cost online in my pajamas while my boys sleep.  Score!


thredUP is also very specific about the brands they’ll sell, ranging from Bargain Brands (Carter’s, Old Navy, The Children’s Place) to Basic Brands (Gymboree, miniBoden, GAP) and Premium Brands (Burberry, Ralph Lauren) for kids.  Juniors can enjoy looks from Forever 21, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister, and Guess, while women have a range from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor LOFT, GAP to J. Crew and White House Black Market.  Amazing brands, and amazing prices!  I also loved that I could search by brand and size, which saved lots of time and effort on my part.  Rather than browsing through an entire store to find what I needed, I could sort quickly and easily and then shop from the items that were available and in my size.


 I really don’t know that I’ve ever bought clothes for any of my boys at full price.  I’ve been able to find clearance deals and shop great sales, and we’re lucky enough to have an amazing thrift store on the base with volunteers who have high standards when sorting through donated clothes and will even wash them before they are put out for purchase.  This has worked just fine for us while the boys have been younger — I don’t stress about tossing out the occasional onesie at the mall after changing a blowout diaper since I only paid a quarter for it, and I’m not so concerned when my boys go outside and get dirty when I consider that the clothes they wear sometimes cost less than a kids meal!  But, I’m not exactly sure how many more years this will last.  I’m sure that it’s going to get harder and harder as they start to request specific looks or brands as they get older, and this is one reason I’m so excited for the new juniors section through thredUP for both young women and young men.


People can also make money through thredUP by sending in their like-new or gently-used clothing (free of charge!) and receiving an amount that can either be used as credit or can be paid through PayPal.  I recently sent in a bag of clothes that I didn’t wear anymore, and the process was so easy!  I requested a bag through thredUP, it was sent right to my home, I filled it with as much as I could (both women’s and boys’ clothes, in my case), and then sent it right back.  The processing took about two weeks, and I had money in my PayPal account without any problems.  One thing to note, though, is that you DO NOT receive the clothes thredUP doesn’t purchase back in the mail unless you pay a set fee for Return Assurance.  Since my pile of clothes was a stack that I was planning to drop by the thrift store anyway, this didn’t concern me — I could imagine this being a shock, though, if you were hoping to make a certain amount on your clothes and didn’t end up with the price you were wanting.

You can also check out the Clothesline to see how much people have made on the bags they’ve sent in with specific brands and clothing items to get a good idea of what you might be able to make off the clothes you have.

Use the following referral link to save $10 off your first purchase!  http://www.thredup.com/r/K8KG07

One Dandy reader will receive a $20 thredUP Gift Certificate to find great back-to-school clothes (or fun new fall fashions)!

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** This posting and giveaway were sponsored  by thredUP, but all opinions  are strictly my own. 


thredUP {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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I’m a pretty frugal shopper and enjoy getting great deals, and I really love the thrift store that we have near our house.  They have a washer/dryer in the back so the clothes can be washed before put out on the floor, which means that it doesn’t have that “thrift store smell” to it.  They have high standards for the clothes they sell there, which makes a world of difference!  Once, I found two sleeper pajamas for my youngest, and the cashier gave them to me for free because they had some pilling on the feet — she was surprised they were even put out to sell.  !!  I know that there are a lot of places I’m going to miss when we leave North Carolina, but that thrift store is at the top of my list!  We have saved so much money and have lots of good quality items because of their high standards.

A good friend of mine told me about an online consignment shop that features great clothes for boys and girls, but I was a little hesitant to jump onboard.  While I’m frugal, I’m not cheap — I know that my two active boys will (hopefully!) be using the same piece of clothing at some point, so I like to find clothes that will withstand lots of play and washing.


After a few other friends mentioned thredUP, this same online consignment shop, I thought that I should check them out.  We’re heading overseas next year, but we won’t know where we’re going until just a couple of weeks before we move — I’m not sure that they’ll have great yard sale websites and thrift stores like we have here, and I’d really love to be able to find a way to save money and still get good quality clothes.

Well, I was not disappointed!!  I went through the boys’ clothes before going online, and, while I have almost an entire wardrobe for every season in sizes 2T to 5T (hallelujah!), I don’t have those nice white shirts for the boys to wear to church on Sunday.  White shirts are just asking little boys to play harder and eat messier, and not ONE has made it into the “hand-me-down” pile.  I decided to get some short-sleeved white polo shirts to add to my collection.


It was easy to search on thredUP by size, style, gender, color, sort by price, etc., and I was especially excited to see so many options with lots of brands and some even new with tags (NWT).  The shirts arrived on Tuesday, and I LOVE them!  I was amazed at the quality and that they were still white, and I really liked that they were good name brand clothes (two Gymboree, one Children’s Place, and one Arizona Jeans).  And the best part?  $20 for all four like-new white shirts delivered to my door.  It’s too easy!!

The reason for these good quality clothes comes from their high standards — each piece of clothing goes through a 12-point inspection: no tears or rips, no marks, no fraying, no odors, no holes, no pilling, no missing parts, no stains or spots, no fading, no peeling, no hair, no stretching.

In addition to the option to buy new or like-new clothes from thredUP, you also have the option to SELL your own new or like-new clothes to thredUP!  You start by ordering a free bag to be sent to your house, and you fill it with items that meet their standards.  Each bag can hold the equivalent of a standard laundry basket, which is perfect for spring cleaning and switching out clothes for the season change (right now!).  You send the filled bag to thredUP for free, and they pay you for every item they can resell.  That payment can come in the form of thredUP credit, PayPal, or donation to a charity.  Take a look at the video below:


I was incredibly impressed with thredUP, and I know that I’ll be using them again in the future.  In addition to clothes, they also have shoes, jackets, accessories, and Halloween costumes — again, in new or like-new condition at discounted prices.

And, my favorite part??  I just noticed that they are in the process of opening a new Women’s Shop to buy and sell clothes in women’s sizes!  You can join the waiting list for exclusive access to pre-launch activities and to be informed when the shop opens.

thredUP is offering one Dandy reader a $25 credit to use at their website!  Enter below to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

** This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only.

** The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the morning of April 11th and will be emailed within 24 hours.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by thredUP, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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