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Sun Goddess {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
As soon as people start talking “Back to School”, the summer is basically over.  Instead of long days at the beach, its long days shopping for school supplies, registering for classes, and doing some life re-organizing.  As your summer draws to a close, are you mourning the loss of your beautiful tan?  That is usually one of the sad parts of Fall for me!  Oh how I LOVE a good healthy glow!  That UV always comes at a price, don’t cha know, and I’ve really made a conscious effort to stay sun-exposure-free this summer.  It was hard, but for the best.  So how did I get my fix for glowing skin without the damage?  Sunless tanning lotion from Sun Goddess!
You guys, this is highly effective stuff.  If you haven’t tried sunless tanner before, let me convince you how easy it can be to get a ‘fake’ tan that looks legit.  Sun Goddess lotion is a dark liquid in a pump that you rub in like lotion in the places you’d like an insta-tan.
I admit that applying it to look natural did take a little practice for this novice, so I’m glad I first tried it out on a weekend where I wasn’t planning on seeing anyone.  Here were some of my mistakes:
1) I applied the lotion to my peeling knees (which were burned from white-water rafting trip a week previous).  As you can see, with my peeling skin, the result was a very multi-colored spotted leg, but this went away as soon as the burned skin fell off and I tried another lotion application a few days later.  Just make sure you aren’t peeling when you take to the sunless stuff!
IMG_5345 copy
2)  Rub it in well!  Or else you’ll end up with streaky, drippy legs like mine!  My first application was very hurried, since I was trying to rush it in order to wash my hands in time before they turned orange.  Problem solved if I had just worn the included gloves in the first place and taken my time to really rub it all in.
IMG_5348 copy
Speaking of the gloves, wear them!!  They’re included in the cute little pink bag, and they help to keep your hands color-free.  The substance comes out dark brown/black, and you rub rub rub til it is all absorbed.  I’ve found that circular motions are best to avoid streaky lines.
IMG_5877 copy
Once I got the hang of it, (really, it took only one or two attempts to learn where not and how much to apply), I felt like a pro and I LOVE having some healthy color in my skin!  I’m still get comments from family members and even people in the doctor’s office about how nice and tan I look.
IMG_6112 copy
When you try this out yourself, just read the directions and you’ll be all set.  It recommends showering a few hours after applying, and if you can’t get a rinse in, just stick to dark clothes until you can.  The only time I noticed the color coming off onto my clothes (before rinsing) is when we went to a splash park and a wet child sat on my lap.  If I hadn’t gotten my lap wet, I’m sure the coloring would never have come off.  Now look at the difference between my arms and my non-tanning lotioned stomach:
Striking, right?  I can attest to this lotion lasting a full 10 days like it claims.  This stuff goes deep!  I’ve sure been loving my tan this summer!  I love looking so healthy and knowing that I didn’t have to spend any unprotected time in the sun to get it.

If you are interested in trying out this Sun Goddess lotion, free sample packs are available on their website at:

Follow them on instagram (@SunGoddessInc) and you can be featured on their page!

One lucky winner will receive an 8 oz bottle of Sun Goddess Tanning!  (a $38.95 value)

Also, you can use the code  dandygiveaway for 10% off your order!

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Sun Protection Zone {Review}

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Do you remember your first awful sunburn?  Were you fairly little and pretty miserable for a few days?  Thoughts of my own first sunburn that left me red and crunchy have made me completely paranoid about my little boys getting burned this summer.  I’m pretty good about keeping a bottle sunscreen in my bag, but whenever we hit the beach, I’m hesitant to let the boys roam shirtless.  While they don’t mind wearing one, I’ll have them in swimshirts as long as I can!  The familiar back-burn that makes it impossible to sleep is not worth the risk!


I found some great sun protection clothing at Sun Protection Zone, and I was so happy to be able to get “Rocket” a swim shirt for this summer (and probably another after that before it will go to the next boy).  We picked the a long sleeve shirt, and after using it and realizing how much we like it, I think the suits would be great too!

HoodieLSSuitBoysSilver LSRashGuardBoysBrownWhite

The fabric is very comfortable in a 4-way stretch and the design allows for a lot of movement for active kids.  As you can see, the collar wasn’t too tight or chocking, but it still protects a lot of his neck.  (This was a size 4, and he’s really only 2 1/2).  I like that this grey color can match a lot of boys’ swimsuits these days, and it might even be ok for a girls shirt.  Grey is fairly neutral, right?  Man, do I have some paaaaasty white boys!  Its fairly blinding.  But let’s keep it that way!


This is the Boy’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard, sold for $20.  It claims 100 SPF!!!  Nice and secure stretch seams keep it tightly woven and as you’d expect from a swim shirt, it has resistance to chlorine and salt water.  Because it is so lightweight, it is not too warm for a summer afternoon at the beach, but it could also be great for layering in other seasons and winter activities.  And here are my favorite words: machine washable!

IMG_4765 copy

Sun Protection Zone carries all sorts of swim shirts, suits, hats, and other protective gear for everyone in the family.

OnePieceSuitGirls ThermoSkinzBoys ThermoSkinzGirls

And dearest readers, you can receive 20% off your purchase at www.sunprotectionzone.com by using the coupon code: BLOG20OFF for a limited time!

Online Store / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

*This posting was sponsored by Sun Protection Zone, but all opinions are strictly my own

SnoozeShade {Review}

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I remember feeling helpless and limited and housebound without a double stroller when the 2nd came around.  The day we bought a double, I felt like it was a symbol of my freedom!  I was able to leave the house and tote my kids along with me while I ventured to run my errands around town.  In the city, our stroller is our vehicle, and it gets lengthy daily use.  The first day I loaded up the kids to head to the park was in May, and the unseasonably high temperatures and fears of my baby overheating were already on my mind.  The newborn was still sleeping quite a bit, so he spent even more time in the stroller when we reached our destinations.  I was cautious to park in the shade and cover his carrier with blankets, but again, I constantly worried about him heating up.  This SnoozeShade cover would have been a great solution, and even with my baby a year older and not really a stroller-sleeper anymore, we still found this to be a useful and effective cover for keeping the little man covered, shaded, and comfortable on all our outings.


The SnoozeShade is a blackout blind and sunshade that fits around your stroller, as seen below.  It keeps your baby in a cool, dark environment so they can sleep away while staying protected from the sun in a breathable, well-ventilated double layer of lightweight fabric.  As you can see, SnoozeShade has won multiple awards, each of them well deserved.

Plus hero-500x500

I was a little worried about this SnoozeShade Plus being a good fit for my double.  Pictures online made this product look like a super snug arrangement for single strollers, but I thought I’d see if there was an arrangement that could work with our Jeep Tandem.  It works just the same!

IMG_4528 copy

The elastic around the sides make it completely customizable to your stroller brand and model, and then the velcro straps that you can fasten around the structure really hold things in place, regardless of where the bars are on your specific stroller model.

IMG_4540 copy

It gets really dark in there!  This does an excellent job of blocking out the light, but still allowing your baby to see what’s going on.   Unzipping the peek-a-boo zipper at the top is a great way to check on your sleeper, or let the little guy get a better look!  I’m excited to see how this protects from bugs as well!IMG_4533 copy

My only critique is that the cover looks a little baggy on my stroller, but the seal is tight and secure, so this is just a cosmetic concern.  How very, very handy that it folds into a cute little bag with a drawstring, so that you don’t have to stuff it into the bottom compartment of your stroller.  Compact and transportable is the way to go!

IMG_4518 copy

Well, we love it!  Many happy stroller rides are in our near future!

Use the code DANDY20 to get 20% off and free US shipping!!

Connect with SnoozeShade:

Online Store / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Dorfman Pacific {Review}

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I know most, if not all, of us contributors on Dandy care about sun exposure and are really paying attention to protecting our skin.  Several of us have experienced firsthand or have family members who have had to get spots removed and have worried about them being cancerous or not.  All I have to say is yikes!  You can never be too careful!  I’ve vowed this summer to really take the effects of too much sun seriously and will be wearing hats while I’m out at the beach.  I’ve been worried about finding something cute enough because the wrong hat in the wrong setting is sometimes too easy to do.  No fear, Dorfman Pacific came to my rescue and asked if I would review one of their fun summer brimmed hats!


Dorfman Pacific is one of the largest full-line, in-stock headwear companies in the world!  They have men’s, women’s, teen’s, and children’s collections of hats, handbags, and even winter accessories.  They have high quality hats for all occasions and style preferences.  Their summer collections are so cute!  Look at these brimmed hats by Tropical Trends:


And these terrific visors made by Scala.  These actually roll up into cones, as seen below, to save space in your bag and give you the option of bringing it along just in case you need it, especially because it weights practically nothing.  Both the brimmed hats and the visors retail for $25.   LP54-ASST_BlogImage

I had the privilege of reviewing a brimmed hat with the black detail, and it is definitely a keeper.  The dipped black rim takes this from being a standard floppy hat to something distinguishable with a touch of class.


The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the box was how NOT scratchy it was.  I was actually expecting something rough and pokey, but this is rather glossy and very flexible.  Comfortable to wear all day, that’s for sure.  I am impressed with the weight–not too heavy so that it won’t weigh your hair down or make you hot and sweaty, but not as light as straw, so I don’t expect it to easily blow away off your head.  VERY durable.  I could leave this crunched in the bottom of my beach bag and it bounces back to shape “at the drop of a hat”, haha.  I crack myself up.


I took it to the beach (this very afternoon!) and felt so cute wearing it :)  I didn’t think I’d like the twine-like tie around it, but I actually think its pretty cute in person.  I didn’t realize it doubles as a self-sizing tie, so that you can adjust the circumference for a perfect fit.  Sweet!


Besides being adorable, these hats have a UPF Sun protection factor of 50 plus!  This darling is also available in three other colors: black, tea, turquoise, and fuchsia.


You can purchase the Ladies Scala Visor HERE

and the Tropical Trends hats HERE!

*This posting was sponsored by Dorfman Pacific, but all opinions are strictly my own


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