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Joovy theBabaSling {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Remember how I told you there would be an upcoming review from Joovy?  Well, well, well.  Now is the time.  First I have to take you back to the beginning of May…  If you follow us at all on Facebook then you will remember that we were vacationing in WDW at that time.  (Yes, we busted Banjo out of school to hit Disney before the crowds got crazy.)  Joovy sent us theBabaSling before we left on our trip.


I’ve always liked to do the whole baby wearing thing, so was ecstatic to take it with us on our pre summer vacation.  Plus, theBabaSling is uber chic looking, so I’d be styling.  But then I got to thinking that I wouldn’t use it all that much, because we were after all taking our Joovy Caboose stroller.  Cache would just sleep in the main seat of the stroller, Ruby would sit/stand on the platform, and Banjo would walk.  That was the plan.  And all went according to plan…


For about half of our first day in the magical world of mouse.

At first all was right in the world.  Baby Cache just road along sleeping, Ruby was more entertained by jumping off of her seat on the “train” and running around before getting back “all aboard”, and Banjo was quite content to walk along with his cousins.  Then EVERYTHING deviated from the plan!

Ruby became a hot mess and didn’t want to ride on the platform any longer.


She wanted to SLEEP.

Need I remind you that this was our very first day in the most magical kingdom on earth?  And Banjo?  Well, he grew tired of walking.  He grew tired very fast.

What happened?  Where did we go wrong?  Well, for starters we should have purchased a Joovy Big Caboose Triple stroller before heading Orlando.  That would have been the solution.  However already being in Florida when we made this discovery… We didn’t have that option.  We will definitely know for next time.  But since I had the handy, dandy BabaSling all was right again in the world!


The hammock style of the sling was perfect for carrying tiny Cache and the  comfort padding… perfect for my bum shoulder.  The shoulder I’ve had surgery on twice and I’m now a candidate for a total shoulder replacement.  What?  I’ve never told you about that before?  Yeah.  Remind me to tell you sometime all about my shoulder problem.  😉

This sling carried Cache all over the parks.

He was able to meet all the characters just like the big kids.


Can you believe that Stitch actually sports a Dandy Giveaway logo???  😉

TheBabaSling comes in sooooo many beautiful and vibrant colors.


As you can see from our vacation photos we have it in Scarlet Red.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on it while at WDW.  Too many to count.  One stranger just came up to me to say, “That’s a nice looking sling!”  Why, yes.  Yes it is.  🙂

Since Disney I’ve been using the BabaSling all over the place.  Particularly on the 4th of July at the lake.


It was a long day.  The BabaSling put Cache right to sleep.


It’s my hero.

*This posting and review are sponsored by Joovy, but all opinions are strictly my own.

New family members!

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The end of July we went on our annual vacation to Lake Powell.  It’s in Utah/Arizona and always a family reunion of sorts.  ALL of us stay on a houseboat for an entire week and there are A LOT of us.


This time around there were 28 of us.  Again… all on one house for a week.  Fortunately for us it’s a big houseboat.  🙂


It’s always a fun trip, but this year it was also very eventful!  The second night we were all surprised when my niece’s boyfriend (who joined us at the lake this year…brave boy) proposed!  It was great news and we were all very happy.  After that how could the trip get even more eventful you ask???

Well, the very next day my brother-in-law and his wife received a phone call (on the boat) from the adoption agency they have worked with in the past.  They have been on the waiting list for quite a few years to adopt again and to no avail.  Out of nowhere a birth mother selected them to adopt her 10 month old twins!  It has been over 5 years since their last adoption and we were all ecstatic by the fabulous news.  So now in addition to their two girls they have another girl and a boy!

My friends over at Joovy wanted to be involved in the blessed union of adoption and welcoming the newest additions to our family.  They are the experts on baby gear and knew that twins require double the gear.


Joovy was nice enough to send my brother-in-law and his wife a fantastic welcome home gift for their twins.  The Caboose Too Ultralight!

1 (11)


1 14   1 15


Aren’t they adorable?  My sister-in-law said that it’s the perfect stroller for doubles.  It’s really light weight and the back seat can easily be converted to a tandem for when the babies are older.  Most importantly due to the positioning of the seats the babies aren’t able to pull each others hair!  We were able to officially meet the little cuties last weekend at the wedding of our niece.  They of course had their Caboose stroller in tow.   🙂

Oh and here’s a picture of the bride and groom with the happy parents of the bride looking on admiringly at all of their children.


Love them all!

Thanks again Joovy for sending the stroller to my family and helping to congratulate them on their newest additions!

Twitter party with Joovy UPDATE!

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Joovy.  You’ve heard that name lots on this blog.  It’s by far my most favorite company for baby gear.  Most importantly I love being a Joovy Blogger!  All of their products are high quality and the perfect necessity for a family on the go.  A few months back I was in charge of being a liaison between sponsor and a Twitter party with Revolt Fitness and Larry King!  It was a fun party, but a lot of work!  Fortunately Joovy wanted to be involved with the getting healthy evening, because they donated a Zoom 360 to be given away during the party.  What a fantastic prize, right?  It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum.  Making it super light and truly the perfect jogging stroller to own:






How cool are the features on this jogger:







Plus, it comes in a multitude of colors:  Blue, Red, and Black.

And who won that dream of a jogging stroller at the Twitter party???  Well, that would be Shannon Schleif!  She bloggers over at byrdy1999.  What does she have to say about her prize?  “I love it both me and my sister use it.  It works great for jogging and walking!”

Thanks again Joovy for being involved in the Twitter party and giving away such a great prize!

The Mommy Hook {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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I am a pretty small woman (just barely over five feet tall!), and I’m not a weight-lifting type of person at the gym.  Who am I kidding?  I’m not even a type of person who goes to the gym.  I had absolutely no upper arm strength until I started holding my first son, who I swear had no intention of ever helping me hold him — never once would he throw his arms around my neck or clench his legs around me.  Even still, once I was holding my massive toddler (who also had no intention of walking until he was 15 months old), I couldn’t possibly think of trying to lug in groceries without making lots of little trips after setting him down in his high chair with a handful of Cheerios.


The Mommy Hook is a excellent solution for the grocery-lugging situation I often encounter, but also is the solution for lots of other Mommy (or Daddy or Aunt/Uncle or Grandma/Grandpa) situations.


I loved that I could use The Mommy Hook attach my diaper bag/purse to the back of the cart now that I have two boys who both need to fit in the cart when we go shopping, and I loved that I have an extra place on the back of the stroller for backpacks and lunches next time we go on vacation.


The Mommy Hook is available to buy at Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Buy Buy Baby — it’s also available to win right here on Dandy Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

** This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only.

** The winner of this giveaway will be posted no later than the evening of Saturday, February 16th, and emailed within 24 hours. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by The Mommy Hook, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Which stroller do I own?

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Remember this posting from clear back in December?  It was part of the Holiday Gift Idea series here on the Dandy.  A double stroller had just arrived on my doorstep and I’ve held you all in suspense as to which model of stroller that might be.  Sorry it a few months later than I expected to post about it.  We have been just a tad bit busy around here since the end of December.  Who knew “Ruby” would be born so early!  That really changed life around here that’s for sure.  🙂  Well, who’s ready to find out which I received?








And the stroller is…

Drum roll please…

Stroller #2!

 The Brownie Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller

This stroller is seriously my favorite.  For starters I love the color.  Brown is the perfect gender neutral color!  What about “Banjo”?  What does he love about it.  That would be the seat that slides open and shut to expose the place for him to stand.  When he’s tired of standing he just has a seat.  It really is the most perfect stroller for the mommy of 2!  But what do I love most about the stroller???  It’s able to grow with “Ruby”.  One day she will be able to sit in the reclining seat, but for now it holds her carrier securely and keeps her safe.

  Keeping my baby girl safe is of course the most important thing!

This posting was sponsored by Joovy, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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