Prior To Parenthood {For The Love Of Blog}

FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2008

More of us prior to parenthood!

 The Audi and I liked to travel before we had children.  Sure we still travel, but to different places now.  Kid friendly places.  Places like Disney World.  It’s where the kids like to go.  And honestly?  As you will see below we like the land of the mouse too.  It’s a place for adults and kids to vacation.  #Truth.  You know it’s true.  We all know it’s true.  So here are just a few of our scrapbooking memories in pictures
Most of these pictures show our love for travel…hopefully baby will feel the same way!!
Dinner in Ambergris Caye
Chatsworth House (Derbyshire, England)
Manchester, England
The City of Light
 I did buy some really cute Paris fashion items on that trip.  I might still own the clothing too.  #holdontoclothingforever
Lake of the Ozarks
Missouri Botanical Garden
Zion National Park
Antelope Canyon
It’s Dr. Audi! (Philadelphia)
New York City

St. Louis for my brother’s wedding

Disney World

Lake Powell
And now…


As in September 6, 2014.

Keep in mind that we were living in San Antonio when that blog post was written.  Hence the reason for our visiting St. Louis for my brother’s wedding and then traveling to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  At that point in time we weren’t yet St. Louisans!  Weren’t we such babies in those pictures???  I don’t quite know where the time has gone.  I guess 12 years tends to age a person. *wink*

Have you been to any of the places we traveled?

O Eclectic Tannenbaum in July

I call Christmas in July!  After all July 1st is tomorrow and it’s my blog, so I can do that.  Right?  Right?  *wink*  Plus, you all know that I LOVE Christmas.  It’s by far my most favorite holiday.  I do also really like Halloween, but I’m pretty sure you know that already, too.  There’s just something about the Christmas season.  All the Christmas decorations, Christmas smells, and sales this month.  What’s not to love?  Anyway, today you are in for a real treat.  Are you ready for it?  I’ve decided that I’m going to share with you a part of my life that I’ve never done before.  I’m going to share with you something from my family blog.  A hush falls over the crowd and then…  The crowd goes wild!  Some of you may not know this about me, but before this blog I was actually already a blogger.  I had a little family blog that I maintained while we were living in San Antonio, Texas.  Far away from family and friends.  I should specify that I mean prior friends.  We did make friends in San Antonio.  I’m not that anti social.  *wink*  We lived in SA for 6 years.  I started a blog to share our lives and growing family with loved ones who lived elsewhere.  My very first blog posting was on April 8, 2008.  This was exactly 6 days before Banjo was born.  So I have been blogging for quite the long while.  For my Christmas in July special I’ve decided to share with you an excerpt from my little blog.   And here it is…

Monday, December 1, 2008

O Eclectic Tannenbaum – I love Christmas ornaments!! I’ve always been fascinated by the way the glass ones glint and reflect the lights. My mom was always one of the room-mothers when I was in elementary and she would give out these great handmade ornaments at the class Christmas party. I have one creative mother! However, why is the grass always greener…or in this case someone else’s Christmas tree always greener? I will admit that while I was growing up there were some years I envied others’ Christmas trees. They were all fancy and put together right out of a decorator’s magazine. Our tree was always quite eclectic. We put our school made ornaments on the tree no matter how they looked! 


My brother and I even had our own box of ornaments to place on the tree. These were random ornaments we had collected over the years; first Christmas, special ornaments, gift ornaments, etc. We had so much fun picking just the right branches to hang our ornaments! Looking back I wonder why I ever had Christmas tree envy??? We had a great tree and a great family tradition! One that I will always remember and hold close to my heart. My parents made sure that it was about us feeling special and included around the holidays. And the tree itself displayed how we had grown over the years. I’m so thankful to my parents for instilling in me these valuable traditions and for giving me the type of tree that I want my own children to have!

A Smith Family Christmas Tree
Our tree has also become very eclectic. Anyone who comes over around the holidays will find that I just love Christmas ornaments in all their randomness! When Audi and I got married my mom sent us my ornament box. Every year we have even gotten more memory making ornaments as gifts from people; our first Christmas married, in our new home, etc. I can’t wait for Banjo to one day bring home his beautiful school made ornaments and store them away in his very own box! We also started our own tradition of collecting ornaments from the various places we have vacationed. It is fun to decorate the tree together every year and remember what we have done and where we have been throughout the years.
*The End*
These days our Christmas tree still looks exactly the same.  With the exception of the additions of new ornaments from new travels and ornaments that Banjo has made.  Yay!  My wish came true!  I’ll have to share those with you sometime.  We’ve also embarked on the adventures of decorating the outside of the house.  I guess that comes from living in a more established neighborhood with children around.  Plus, we have to compete with all the St. Louis neighborhood light displays.  Not really, but we can try.  Or rather… dream, right?!  We still need to perfect getting the light strands to the top of the columns:
That will come with time I’m sure.
Despite our failed column lights attempt…
We are so very grateful to finally live in a neighborhood that has a Christmas tradition of its own.
Luminaries line our street every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
*This post was brought to you by MBN. All of the thoughts were completely my own.

Crazy St. Louis weather.

The weather has been a little out of control around here.  Last week we hit the 70’s.  Then we had tornado warnings mid week.  We woke up to quite a bit of snow on Sunday.  Banjo and Audi built a snowman.  By Sunday evening Frosty was hunching over.  Monday he continued to hunch and finally decided to just fall over altogether.  Today the snow is completely gone.  See what I mean?  Crazy weather.  It just needs to make its mind up already.  Is it going to be warm?  Is it going to be cold?  Weather, just stick with one please!  🙂


“Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman,
Once there was a snowman, tall, tall, tall.
In the sun he melted, melted, melted.
In the sun he melted, small, small, small.”

That song is one of Banjo’s favorites!  The end.

It’s Game Day!

This picture is really in no need of any sort of introduction…

Big Wheel Princess


The Price Is Right Live traveling show came to The Fabulous Fox theatre here in the Lou. Love that place. So my sister-in-law and I (big fans of the Big Wheel as we are) got all gussied up in our Showcase Showdown finest and were soooo ready to come on down! We even had the homemade shirts and tiaras to show how serious we were about appearing on the show.


Only… the producer people were obviously not that serious about us, because there was no, “Tara come on down! You are the next contestant on The Price Is Right!”. Not even close. We didn’t even win a door prize shirt. Nada. Well, there’s always hope. Maybe we can take our act on the road to the show in L.A. Or maybe not and we will just say we did…

Snack Food Boredom

I’m trying to make sure to fit nicely in a little red number for this weekend. Cousin’s wedding reception. You know. Lots of family I haven’t seen in ages. At a very fancy location in the city. Anyway, this magazine in my kitchen is not helping with the prospect of that red dress. I’m sooo hungry and could really go for a cheeseburger and fries right about now. After all one can only eat so many baby carrots in one day before her nose starts to twitch. Must step away from the magazine… Help me! Pry it away from my starving little hands! Alright it’s not quite that bad. But I really could use some help on some healthy snack ideas. Ready? Go! You know just to get me through the rest of the week. *wink*

Glow Balloon Glow

For starters…  We celebrated Audi’s birthday today.  Happy birthday handsome!  🙂   He hit the big 3-6!!!  How does that happen exactly?  Getting older??  Exactly how?  I have less than a year before I’m considered mid 30’s.  Not a good sound to me…  😉    This time of the year is a favorite at our house for two reasons.  First:  There’s a birthday to celebrate.  Second:  The Forest Park Balloon Glow.  It always falls around Audi’s birthday, so it’s the perfect way to celebrate!  Every year St. Louis has a really cool balloon race.  The night before the launch there is always the glow.  Basically this huge field is filled with tons of hot air balloons.  Every so often a horn sounds and the balloons are lit simultaneously for several seconds.  It’s seriously one of our most favorite events to attend as a family.

Banjo was so excited to see the balloons this year.  I’m grateful for these opportunities to build memories for my children.  See you again next year, Balloon Glow!