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Jackpot Candles GIVEAWAY!

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Who’s ready to hit the jackpot with a Jackpot Candles giveaway?

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.24.18 PM

These candles burn so evenly AND you also get a really dandy piece of jewelry out of it.  I’m sure you’ve seen other jewelry candles out there, but most of them only give you the option of a ordering one with a ring hidden inside.  With Jackpot Candles you actually get the option to pick from a candle with a ring, necklace, or earrings in it!  Now isn’t that really dandy?!  Which would you pick?  Ring?  Necklace? Earrings?  Maybe 3 candles with one of each?  The candles run just $24.95 and that’s with the jewelry item built right in.  So honestly?  It’s like you get a free candle!  There’s nothing not dandy about that.  Let me tell you… It’s a win-win.

After you harvest your prize from the candle then you still have a great scented candle to enjoy.  I’m thinking that I’m a Jackpot Candle kinda gal from now on.  Why spend $$$ on just a regular old scented candle when you can get a jackpot out of every one?  Get yourself a Jackpot Candle and you’ll not be disappointed by the surprise.

There are tons of yummy scents to choose from.  I got the Sweet Pea and Pina Colada.  Not a candle burning kind of gal?  There are even melting tarts available from Jackpot Candles!  What’s more?  All of the prize jewelry is valued between $15 and $5,000!!!


Read my entire jewelry candle review to find out all the details on these fabulously dandy candles.

What to win your own???  Now is your chance!  Just enter to win via the Rafflecopter below and you will be on your way to possibly receiving a Jackpot Candle of your choice!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Fall is dandy.

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It really is.  Dandy.  Fall is.  I love this time of year.  Absolutely love it.  I think that I’ve always been a fan of fall.  There’s just something about this time of year that draws me in.  It reminds me of things.  For starters it tells me that everything is going to be okay and eventually will become anew.  After a very long, hot summer the temperatures will start to drop, brilliant colors will form on my favorite trees, leaves will begin to fall, snow will eventually cleanse, and then spring will burst forth The newness happens all because of fall.  All because of it.  Without fall we would miss out on so much!  (If you’ve never experienced a Midwest fall then I highly recommend it.  Visit a place that has a real and true fall just once.  You will see exactly what I’m talking about.  The beauty of it all.  Truly breathtaking.)

Everything about this season for me is a memory.  My childhood is a big part of this memory.  I remember going with my grandparents to stomp through piles of leaves in the parks near Jefferson Barracks.  We would leave the pathways to find the biggest clusters of leaves.  The crispness in the air was often filled with silence that was then broken by our feet crunching through the giant, untouched leaves.  My grandparents would positively glow at the happiness that I expressed on our leaf walks.  I knew that they were happy and, as their only granddaughter, I reveled in the attention.  The walks were filled with love.  They taught me the joy that is leaf stomping and I can never look at falling leaves in the same way again because of it.

This year the change of season has taken on new meaning for me.  My feelings toward fall are now bitter sweet.  Seven years ago next month my grandfather (the inspiration for the dandy blog) passed away while raking leaves.  In a strange way it was almost meant to happen that way.  Despite the fact that I was thousands of miles away when it happened… It happened while he was doing something that was so closely connected to me.  Something that tied us together.  Maybe that sounds silly, but it has become a comfort to me.  We lost my grandmother earlier this year.  I’ll forever miss our walks together in the fall.

Despite the sadness that I feel this time of year I can still feel the joy of the season.  I’ll always have the wonderful memories and I’ve come to love sharing this season with my own family.  Spending time out in the fall weather with my husband and children, teaching them about the dandiness that is leaf walks, and taking part in all the fun of the season.  There truly is so much to enjoy this time of year.  Last weekend we found ourselves at a corn maze with friends.  Always a fall gem.  It has become a tradition for us to go to this specific maze.  Our dandy kids had a great time while building their own fall memories and I was able to reflect on all the many reasons why I love this time of year.

A dandy fall to all!


Little Tikes recently gave my family the gift of the Cozy Coupe Wagon.  It’s perfect for all of your fall outings.  Stay tuned for the Halloween review. 

Try the World {Review}

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Back in the day, between graduating high school and graduating college I had the chance to see some incredible places – Spain, France, England, Jamaica & Namibia to name a few.  Each place I got to visit was amazing and even the European countries, that seem so close together, each had a unique culture.  Getting to step outside my everyday and experience some of these places was absolutely fantastic, and getting to relive some of those moments when I look at pictures or read my trip journals still amazes me. In fact here is a picture of me petting a Cheetah in Keetmanshoop, Namibia which is totally one of my life achievements. Another life achievement is me stepping up and eating a fried caterpillar – which our Namibian friends ate like popcorn. (Don’t worry, I’m fairly confident Try The World is not going to be sending fried caterpillars, but I’m getting ahead of myself…)

Anyway, I grew up, got married, graduated college, had a career, moved across the country, and had a baby. My options to experience some of these amazing cultures first hand have been put on the back burner for the time being, something about having a young child at home and a husband drowning in course work…

Then I saw Try The World, which is an amazing service that brings the world to you!

Try the World is a subscription service where you can get a curated box sent to your door every other month with all sorts of food from a specific country.  Great idea right?  I mean doesn’t the thought of having some of those delicious and exotic foods sent to you sounds interesting? I thought so.

When I started looking into Try the World, I was curious but also a little bit dubious…  the price tag seemed a bit high for someone in grad school ($45/box), but the concept was so interesting that I had to know more.

I was sent a Try The World sampler box to review, which is a little different than what you would get if you signed up for the service but it gives you a great idea about what it is without giving away all the fun.  What I realized is, each box is so much more than just food! I mean this box is great because they’ve got food (of course) but they’ve also got an incredible ideas for an exotic date night or girls/guys night built into the box.

Each box comes with a booklet about the country you are touring, and this book contains all sorts of goodies.  It starts with a short explanation of what a day might be like touring that specific country, for the Turkey Culture Guide it started off “Wake up to the sound of prayer accompanied by a small but intense cup of Turkish coffee, so dark and rich it leaves sediments used to tell fortunes.”  Then it walks you through what a day touring the city might be, giving you great tidbits about the culture and tourist spots that really bring it to life.

The booklet also has playlist of Turkish music (that you can find on the Trytheworld.com website) a list of Turkish movies you can look into, poems, cultural info, and recipes you can make at home of some Turkish dishes!  Honestly I think the little booklets is nearly as amazing the food, and it gives you so many options to explore the culture from your home (or to build the perfect date/girls/guys night).

Now for the food part (again I was sent a sampler box, which had a little bit of a lot of cultures).  It was such a fun surprise to be able to sample the different food.  I don’t speak french and we didn’t know what many of the items we were sent actually were, or how they were suppose to be used, but it was a blast opening each container and taking a sniff of it, or tasting a little bit of them and figuring out what the food would be best paired with.

I’m a sucker for chocolate, especially rich dark chocolate, so the cookies and the French hot coco were especially divine!

In short, I’m sold.  And if you are looking for a great way to spice up date night, experience something new, or travel without leaving your home you’ve got to check out Try The World.  For 30% off your subscription use code: DANDY30 durning check out.

Learn More and Check Them Out:

Online / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest

Soybu {Review}

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We’ve chatted a little bit about exercising and being healthy. Now, let’s chat about what you wear when you put that Richard Simmons tape in and sweat it out to the Oldies. What are your go to items in your closet when you’re planning to do some yoga for that day? I’ll be straight with you, because let’s face it I like sharing totally embarrassing things with you in hopes of finding someone out there who does what I do, I grab my over sized t-shirt and those oh-so-saggy-lost-their-shape-during-my-last-pregnancy pants. Maybe you feel the same, but I don’t usually feel happy, cute, or pumped when I’m dressed like that. It’s not my style, and heaven forbid I have to go to the grocery store right after a run. No one wants to see me in those work out clothes buying cookies! I was really looking for some work out clothes that made me feel like 1) working out and 2) like I didn’t have to duck and cover if I had to stop anywhere on the way home. Enter Soybu and their amazing active fashion clothing. I’m so excited to tell you about them and share with you some of their products so you can jazz up your work out too!


I really love doing yoga! I can’t do those amazing tripod headstands by any means, but I like the stretching and time to reflect it gives me. I decided to put the pieces to the test during a mini yoga session I did. I completely love the leggings! These are the Allergro Legging in Raffia. They have reinforced stitching and the waist band is wide and supportive. I always struggle with active pants because it seems most  have that super skinny elastic in the waistband and it just cuts into my waist, that is not the case here. Also, I love how I could put these under a  jean skirt any day and not a single person would know they fall into the “active wear” category.

soybucollegeI’m just in love with this top! It is the Lanai Tunic Tank in Raffia. Aside from the comfort, color, and all over cuteness (look at those straps!) I love how long the tank is and how high up the side of the tank comes under my arms. I can do these amazing stretches with out my back showing or feeling the need to pull it down. The tank stays where I put it. I feel like because the sides come up so high I have great support and coverage!


I love the straps of this tank top! Just that added bit of detail does so much. The fabric on both the top and leggings is a bit thicker than I imagined. It’s not silky like most active clothing. It is extremely stretchy; I never felt restricted during my work out. The fabric also gives me a good hold. I think it will give me enough warmth for any fall activity especially a nice bike ride too!


This jacket is the cutest! It is the Maura Pullover in Zinnia. It’s has more of the silky athletic wear feel but not quite.  Once again the detail got me! There are flowers and other cute details sewn into the top. It’s warm so I could wear it on a chilly day with any outfit and it makes for a fantastic layering piece too! There are holes on the cuff for your thumbs, which once again helps me not struggle with my clothing while I’m trying to concentrate on my peaceful time.


The founders of Soybu set out to create clothing for the “Everywoman.” They wanted to create clothing that “would transition with her throughout her day… Soybu’s versatile active wear and lifestyle pieces help women exude beauty, strength, and balance in all they do- whether they’re enjoying a solitary moment of reflection, chasing a toddler, fitting in a hardcore workout, running to catch a flight, or meeting friends for happy hour… The company creates functional, stylish clothing so the Everywoman can get ready and stay ready all day.” I whole heartedly feel this company lived up to their mission!


As soon as I tried these pieces on I immediately felt covered, comfortable, and cute! I told My Man J that I felt like I should go on a run! I never want to work out if I feel frumpy. I think it is a super important thing to feel happy and beautiful even before you walk into that ‘spinning class’ or bust a move during Zumba. These pieces help me feel that way instantly. We should get to feel beautiful all the time, right? Why not while we work out too! Not to mention that all of the pieces are additions to your wardrobe. Soybu’s new line is filled with amazing pieces like this. I know I’d feel just as amazing in all of them as I do in these. What are your thoughts on feeling good about yourself even before you exercise? I’d love to know what you think!

You should pop over and see what other fantastic pieces they have in their store!

Soybu Website/ Facebook/ Twitter

*The products in the review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed in thie review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.*


Joovy theBabaSling {Review}

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Remember how I told you there would be an upcoming review from Joovy?  Well, well, well.  Now is the time.  First I have to take you back to the beginning of May…  If you follow us at all on Facebook then you will remember that we were vacationing in WDW at that time.  (Yes, we busted Banjo out of school to hit Disney before the crowds got crazy.)  Joovy sent us theBabaSling before we left on our trip.


I’ve always liked to do the whole baby wearing thing, so was ecstatic to take it with us on our pre summer vacation.  Plus, theBabaSling is uber chic looking, so I’d be styling.  But then I got to thinking that I wouldn’t use it all that much, because we were after all taking our Joovy Caboose stroller.  Cache would just sleep in the main seat of the stroller, Ruby would sit/stand on the platform, and Banjo would walk.  That was the plan.  And all went according to plan…


For about half of our first day in the magical world of mouse.

At first all was right in the world.  Baby Cache just road along sleeping, Ruby was more entertained by jumping off of her seat on the “train” and running around before getting back “all aboard”, and Banjo was quite content to walk along with his cousins.  Then EVERYTHING deviated from the plan!

Ruby became a hot mess and didn’t want to ride on the platform any longer.


She wanted to SLEEP.

Need I remind you that this was our very first day in the most magical kingdom on earth?  And Banjo?  Well, he grew tired of walking.  He grew tired very fast.

What happened?  Where did we go wrong?  Well, for starters we should have purchased a Joovy Big Caboose Triple stroller before heading Orlando.  That would have been the solution.  However already being in Florida when we made this discovery… We didn’t have that option.  We will definitely know for next time.  But since I had the handy, dandy BabaSling all was right again in the world!


The hammock style of the sling was perfect for carrying tiny Cache and the  comfort padding… perfect for my bum shoulder.  The shoulder I’ve had surgery on twice and I’m now a candidate for a total shoulder replacement.  What?  I’ve never told you about that before?  Yeah.  Remind me to tell you sometime all about my shoulder problem.  😉

This sling carried Cache all over the parks.

He was able to meet all the characters just like the big kids.


Can you believe that Stitch actually sports a Dandy Giveaway logo???  😉

TheBabaSling comes in sooooo many beautiful and vibrant colors.


As you can see from our vacation photos we have it in Scarlet Red.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on it while at WDW.  Too many to count.  One stranger just came up to me to say, “That’s a nice looking sling!”  Why, yes.  Yes it is.  🙂

Since Disney I’ve been using the BabaSling all over the place.  Particularly on the 4th of July at the lake.


It was a long day.  The BabaSling put Cache right to sleep.


It’s my hero.

*This posting and review are sponsored by Joovy, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Pajama Drama Wonka Sleepwear {Review}

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Sleeping. Oh how I love sleeping. I completely wish that I could cash in all of those naps I skipped when I was little to use today! I sleep with the most coveted blanket in the house! It’s white, crisp, just the right heaviness for winter but light enough for summer, and is affectionately called the “woobie.” My sleepwear however is not so coveted. It’s made up of a old, over sized college t-shirts and old yoga pants with paint splatters on them. Did you catch the common word here? Old. My sleepwear is comfortable but certainly nothing I’d brag about. My sleepwear was in need of some serious sprucing up. Enter Pajama Drama. Not only do they have totally cute sleepwear but they’re actually launching a new line in which they’re working with Nestle and Wonka!


Pajama Drama’s team says that “Together, we’re leading the revolution to banish moo moos and caftans from retailers across America and replacing them with pj’s inspired by ready to wear fashion & fabrics.” I feel like Pajama Drama as a whole totally lives up to this statement! They have cute and fashionable pajamas. Once you have a look at what they offer I’m wondering if you’ll feel the same way as me and want to liven up your sleepwear.


The set is made up of 2 pieces. The long sleeve is made up of a burn out material so it’s pretty light, perfect for a chilly summer evening, and soft too. The shorts are made of similar material, it’s soft but not burnout. I absolutely love the cute little Nerd. His glasses are totally adorable!



Cute colors, design, and material.

Light enough for summer, and I feel like the top could be pair with a cute pair of bottoms in the winter too.


The shirt was a bit tight through the arms.

Is your sleepwear in need of a totally cute pick me up? What’s your favorite thing to sleep in?


Connect with Pajama Drama

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Abco Tech {Giveaway} Closed

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I love listening to music! I love singing a long and rocking out! I love that there are so many advances in technology today so you can take your music right along with you, however, I’m not a huge fan of earphones. That’s no big deal, I can usually just use my lap top, which has pretty nice speakers on it. However, what if I want to listen to music on a bike ride? I’ve seen some riders wear earphones but I feel like that’s a little unsafe. Thankfully Abco Tech came up with their new Wireless Bike Speaker- Amazing Multi Function Bag, that let’s me do both!


In the instructions Abco Tech explains how to link your device (i.e. cell phone or mP3) to the bike speaker via Bluetooth. You can stream any music from your device. You can play songs you have on your device or stream from music stations like Pandora. You can also answer your phone through it too! My Man J called in once while I was using it and he said it just sounded like he was on speaker phone. If you don’t have a device that can be linked through Bluetooth, no sweat! It also has an FM radio built in as well. You just push the corresponding buttons to search through channels.


The bike speaker has three different velcro straps. Two of the straps can be used to attach it between your handle bars, or you can use the middle to strap it hook it on anywhere else on your bike. It also come equipped with clips too. It has a compartment for keys, phone, or money that’s all enclosed with a sturdy zipper. The on and off switch is located inside of the compartment on the back of the speaker. I feel like this is a huge bonus so you don’t accidentally bump one of the buttons on your ride and turn off the music. They come in three colors; red, blue, and black. Included in the box is the awesome speaker, instructions, and a micro USB cord to charge it.


I asked my super, sporty brother if he would give the speaker a test run on his next ride. He’s been looking for some way to listen to music while he rides without having earphones in. He said “It was pretty cool! It was lightweight and not too bulky.” He took it on a ride with another rider and said they could both hear it well. My only complaint, one that my brother shares as well, is that the speaker lacks the ability to play some of the deeper bass in songs and you can’t adjust the treble/ bass. Other than that I love this product!


When we’re not on bike rides I really enjoy using it while we’re outside. Since the warm weather hit my kiddos and I are outside for the majority of the day. I like to bring the speaker with us and play music while we’re outside. More recently we’re working on putting a patio in our backyard and I decided we need some music to work to. It was the perfect addition to our project. It was loud enough for us to hear 10 feet away. If you are someone you know is looking for a safe way to add music to your bike ride, I think this is the product for you!


The winner of this giveaway will win one Wireless Bike Speaker-Amazing Multi-Function Bag!


*This giveaway is open to entries in the US only.
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of June 20th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*This posting and giveaway are sponsored by Abco Tech, but all opinions are my own.


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Whitmor 3 Tier Closet Organizer {Review}

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I was so completely excited when we found our house; it was a long and grueling process but so worth it. When I imagined moving from an apartment into a house I was so looking forward to having so much space; so much so I wasn’t going to have enough to fill it. When we found our house I felt like something was missing. Nothing important like floors or anything like that but something still that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Then we moved in and as I was unpacking the 794 boxes, I opened a box labeled “linen closet” and then it hit me. There wasn’t a linen closet in our house! What was I going to do? Well they, towels sheets and all things “linen closet”, found their way into almost every room in our house. A towel here, a sheet there, and no where to be found when my hands are dripping wet are the dish towels. I was so completely relieved when I saw Whitmor’s 3 Tier Closet Organizer. I knew right where it was going to go and how I was going to use it!

whitmorOne thing our house does have is height, thank goodness too because My Man J is 6′ 4″. We have a lot of space underneath the shelves in the closets in our rooms. That’s what made this organizer so perfect! It’s narrow enough to fit under a common closet shelf. Yet you can load it up with all of those linens floating around your house. Here’s a look at Whitmor’s closet organizer from their amazon store.


I’m going to share with you the chaos that was our extra room closet. It has kind of been the catch all place for anything and everything. It was so crazy and because I didn’t have a solution for the craziness everything kind of just got plopped in there. It’s not what I wanted to have happen but as you can tell, that’s exactly what was happening.


Now look how amazing it is in there! The 3 Tier Closet Organizer was just what this poor closet needed.The assembly was totally straight forward and you don’t need a single tool to construct it. Everything snaps together quickly and easily which My Man J was totally happy with. The shelves snap on and the drawers pop open and easily slide into place.


As you can tell I’m using it for towels and sheets. You could easily use it for hats, shoes, or even just clothes. My Man J even thought I could use it to organize my crafting supplies as well. I was thinking I could stack plastic storage bins on the shelves or fill the drawers with all of the left foot socks I have lying around our house. Really though, I take both socks off at the same time in the same place. How do they get separated?


All in all I love this organizer! I can think of so many other ideas for this than just for towels, and the best part is that I have the space! Are you in need of some extra organizing help in your house? Maybe you could use one for toys in your little one’s closet? I highly recommend this organizer. I think it’s good quality for it’s purpose. I wouldn’t use it for something as heavy as power tools but it’s perfect for linen closet items. I’m sure you’d love it too! Now that I have a place for all things linen, I really need to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Do you know how?


Connect with Whitmor

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Fash’Ems {Review}

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My girl, Ruby loves her some My Little Pony.  When she talks about them it’s, “My Pony” this and “My Pony” that.  She ALWAYS leaves out the mention of “Little”.  The girl knows what she wants and she knows what’s hers.    I must admit that I cried real tears of nostalgia when I realized that the My Little Pony of today is so very different that the My Little Pony of my past.  I’m talking the My Little Pony of the 80’s.  What happened to those ponies???  It’s a good thing that my girl is in love with these ponies, because it takes away the pains of a childhood lost.  I’ll admit that the look is growing on me…  Probably because Ruby thinks they are sooooo very dandy!

How can I not begin to feel this way when they make her so happy?


She received an entire fleet of Fash’Ems for this review and she was definitely not disappointed.


What are Fash’Ems, you ask?  Well, for starters they are squishy.  They aren’t going to break or get scratched up the way a lot of other toys do.  And… They stretch!

photo 3

The ponies come in these adorable little capsules in hot pink.  We had an absolute fun time playing hide and seek with them in the backyard!

In addition to My Little Pony there are these characters:

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 2.28.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 2.29.50 PM

Doesn’t Hello Kitty look adorable?

Some of the sets even come with crowns and other accessories to dress the characters!

Fun times for my little Ruby!

photo 3.png

This review was sponsored by Tech4Kids, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Triple Shine Jellies

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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘jellies’? Is it a ton of wonderfully, delicious spreads for homemade bread? Maybe those totally cute sandals you had growing up? Did you know that in the glorious world of nail polish ‘jellies’ actually means something? I didn’t for the longest time until I heard of a cute nail polish trick called a ‘jelly sandwich’ where you essentially sandwich a design or glitter polish between two coats of a jelly polish. I’m so excited to tell you about these polishes!

Jellies is a term given to a specific kind of nail polish that is designed to let you see through it slightly. It’s as if you’re looking through a bowl full of gelatin with fruit in it. You can see what’s in it but the color of the fruit has changed because of the gelatin. The same thing happens when you use a jelly polish, the end result even looks like it would feel like gelatin. I’ve never bought any jelly nail polishes before so when Sally Hansen decided to send me their new line of Jellies I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to try them out!



As soon as they arrived I got to work seeing what I could do with these cutes! The new line is called the Triple Shine Tropical Jellies Collection. It’s made up of 6 colors (from left to right) Vitamin D-Light, Water Melon, Jell-ous?, Grape Jelly, Ice Tint, and Sea Through.


Sally Hansen Triple Shine Tropical Jellies Collection

To start I wanted to give this whole ‘jelly sandwich’ idea a go. I started off with Jell-Ous? It just felt like it would be the perfect pink to go with this rockin’ glitter polish I have. I put on the first coat and was surprised by how thin it was. I kept working on it. I did an accent nail to show how the glitter looks between jelly polish coats. I did two coats of jelly polish, then glitter polish, then two more coats of jelly polish. On all of the other nails I did 4 coats of jelly polish.



I really like the pink color alone. However, it didn’t give me quite the effect I was hoping for on the jelly sandwich level. Instead of trying out the same idea with all of the other colors I decided to see what else I could do with them. First, I thought that maybe I could use the jelly polish to give regular nail polish some dimension when glitter was added. I painted my nails blue then used Ice Tint to layer the glitter polish.


Ice Tint

It gave it some dimension but you have to get really close to notice. I’m a huge polka dot fan! This time I wanted to give Water Melon a try. I painted my nails pink and then put a couple white polka dots on. After they dried I painted one coat of Water Melon on top of it. I did this 2 more times, alternating between dots and coats. I was shocked to see that because the jelly polish is so thin it was actually giving me this really amazing ombre effect! Now I can get this effect any time with out having to switch colors 4 times!


Water Melon

I wanted to see how the ombre effect would work on solid white nails. I did one coat of Grape Jelly on each nail then for the next coat I skipped my thumb nail and painted all the others. I continued dropping a nail for each coat after. The color gets oh so slightly darker with each coat. I really liked how it turned out but I wasn’t sold just yet, I really wanted a more noticeable change.


Grape Jelly

I wanted to try out the last two colors but this time I started with an actual color as the base. For both of the colors I left my thumb nail just as the base color and applied the jelly polish to the other four fingers in same manner as I did with the Grape Jelly polish. I started with a light green color and then I used Sea Through to create the ombre. I love how it transforms into a green apple color! Vitamin D-Light has a delicious orange tint to it. I just knew I wanted to have the base for this one be a bright yellow. I’m loving the tangerine color it transforms into!


Sea Through and Vitamin D-Light

Final Thoughts:

Overall I would say this line isn’t the perfect polish to use if you’re specifically going to be doing a jelly sandwich, they’re too thin and even after applying 4+ coats I don’t believe you can achieve that specific effect. However, there are so many other ways to use them! You can use them to enhance your polishes, change their color completely, or gradually change them with an ombre effect. I wonder what would happen if you painted your nails red and painted Ice Tint on top? Maybe an amazing purple tint? I can just see some ombre tiger stripes on my nails in the future! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your nail art, I would say that these are a great place to start! You can see all of the colors in this collection as well as all of their other nail polish colors by visiting their website here.


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