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April Starbox by Starlooks {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I get a little overwhelmed when I try to shop for make-up.  I’m not completely married to one exclusive brand, so as I peruse the aisles and compare one make-up item to another, I have favorites here and favorites there, and it becomes quite difficult to make decisions.  Sometimes I wish I had a personal assistant to hand-select makeup products that are tested and true, in line with what is popular lately, and hey, if she could drop these things off at my door, I’d be ever so obliged.


Well, wouldn’t you know, Starlooks can do exactly that!  Starlooks carries some of the newest, most affordable, high quality makeup, all while being entirely lead free, emolient free, and cruelty free.  This dreamy makeup line has a monthly box subscription option that you’ll love.


Check out some of their boxes from months past.







These three boxes are still available, so even if you missed the subscription window, you can go back and purchase them individually before they sell out.  Now let me show you the goodies from the APRIL box!  I’ve been anticipating this all month!  It showed up on Saturday afternoon and I dived right in.  The beautiful packaging makes such a lovely first impression!


The first thing I pulled out of the box was the “Translucent/Nude” Mineralized Powder.  The great thing about this is that it can be used on every skin tone and creates a matte velvety finish.  It has a cute high-quality puff included, and just as it claims, created a smooth, silky topcoat to my makeup, without drying it out.  Beautiful results!  Next was a Tendergloss in the most spring-appropriate shade of glossy pink/nude shimmer.  I don’t like going crazy with the lip color since I have baby hands always grabbing at my face and only a dozen ways to get it smeared, but I still like to add something to my lips.  This color and the quality of the lip stick make this my new all-time favorite purse companion.  I LOVE how it looks–just a hint of shimmer and color.


Next, I received a “Mint” SPF Lip Balm.  Great scent, great consistency, and the SPF is going to be so important in the coming months!  The last item is my favorite!!  Have you ever heard of a mascara primer?  This is a “Sensation Mascara Primer”, meant to sooth the lashes while moisturizing them, helping them grow.  It also creates a clump-free base for a smooth application of mascara.  I was skeptical that such a product would be necessary or effective, but I was oh so wrong!  After applying the primer, my lashes looked and felt instantly thicker, bulked up, and almost layered as the wand separated my lashes just so.  I applied mascara afterwards, and loved the look so much that I didn’t feel a need to go any further with my eye makeup.  My lashes were so strikingly noticeable, and I kept looking in the mirror throughout the day to admire them.


Go order April’s Starbox before it is sold out!

What makes Starbox different from other makeup companies is that this artist quality makeup comes in full-size quantities and sizes instead of samples or partial amounts.  I’m am SO impressed with the Starlooks makeup line, and having sampled a few products in this monthly subscription box, I’m only more intrigued and drawn to trying more.

Do consider trying out Starlooks and sign up for next month’s Starbox!  For $15, its really a steal of a deal when you consider the retail value of the products you’ll be getting ($40 – $75 in cosmetics)!

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*This posting was sponsored by Starlooks, but all opinions are strictly my own


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