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Tinkerbell Costumes {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

All the world’s a stage. At least in Ruby’s world it is.  She loves to dress up and do performances.  The girl dances.  She sings.  Shouts out phrases from her favorites cartoons.  All in front of an audience.  In fact our back patio is often transformed into her own personal stage.  We have a short, decorative wall just beyond our patio.  It separates the patio space from the flower bed.  Ruby climbs up onto that short wall (she learned this from her older brother) and puts on quite the show.  Notice that I keep emphasizing that it’s a short wall.  *wink*    It is.  A very short wall.  No  worries about injuries resulting from the very short wall.  Whew.  Glad I got that out of the way.  *wink* Again.

And here is Ruby performing in Tinkerbell’s Disney debut!

tink4 See what I mean?  The girl even knows when to take a bow.

Definitely thinking we need to start saving for dance lessons now!

Even the back of this Tinkerbell costume is spectacular.


As you can see Ruby also just plays dress up as the little fairy:


Yep, she’s definitely a costume fanatic.

Sometimes costumes for toddlers are difficult to find, but not at Costume Supercenter.  This dandy shop sent our Ruby the Tinkerbell costume and she has been playing dress up in it a lot.  Ruby loves Tinkerbell.  Obviously.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 6.43.02 PM

There are so many different costumes to choose from.  Several Tinkerbells, but also other toddler favorites:  Superheroes, animals, and a variety of cartoon characters.  It’s never too early to start shopping for Halloween, so be sure to take a look at all that Costume Supercenter has to offer.

We sure do love our little Tink.


*This posting and review are sponsored by CostumeSupercenter.com, but all opinions are strictly my own.


Lunch Punch {Giveaway} — CLOSED

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School time!  Turning the calendar to August yesterday was a little shocking since I could have sworn we had another week (or two!) of July.   Some of the year-round schools in our area have already started, but most of the schools are on the traditional schedule and will start in a couple of weeks.  Are you ready yet??

Check out Dandy Giveaway each Friday in August for a Back-to-School review and giveaway!

While neither of my boys will be heading off to school this fall, I try to have something fun for lunches to break up the monotonous menu that I typically serve for one of my least favorite meals of the day — as I’ve mentioned before, I try to stay away from chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, but we definitely have our fair share of quick and easy-to-make sandwiches around here.

On top of that, I’ve been trying to involve my boys more in cooking with me in the kitchen, mostly because I figure that they’ll be in the kitchen with me anyway asking what we’re having and when it’ll be ready!  My two-year-old can stir water in a bowl with the best of them, and my four-year-old does a fabulous job of eating the chocolate chips that “accidentally” fall out of the bag onto the counter.   The Lunch Punch has been a great way to add some interest to our otherwise boring PB&Js and have given the boys a way to feel like they’re helping to prepare their own meals.


On the About Us page of the Lunch Punch website, the owner explains, “I invented The Lunch Punch® to encourage my energetic, young boys to sit down and eat a healthy meal.  They where more interested in playing than eating.  I tried cutting their sandwiches with cookie cutters (waste too much bread), butter knives and kitchen scissors, but I couldn’t produce the sensational shapes I wanted with those tools.  Not being able to find what I wanted in stores either, I opened up my local phone book and began hunting for a manufacturer to help me make what I envisioned. That’s how The Lunch Punch® started.”

A big A-MEN to that one!


These fun shapes and designs provide a great way to entice young kids to even leave their toys and activities to come to the table in the first place.  I wondered if my boys would spent too much of their time playing with (and man-handling and mashing…) their sandwiches for it to be a useful tool for these lunches, but they don’t spend nearly as much time playing with it as I imagined they might.  We’ve also been able to use these Lunch Punches for other foods like cheese slices, quesadillas, and even pieces of watermelon.

Here are some of the great designs you can find at Lunch Punch:




The Critter Cutters Set


The Sand*wishes Set


The VRRRM! Set

I was sent The VRRRM! Set to try out with my boys, and they have loved this transportation set!  My two-year-old is especially in love with trains, planes, and automobiles, so I knew that he would be the most interested in his new choices of sandwiches — he also has quite the repertoire of sound effects and uses them when he “flies” his airplane piece into his mouth or moves the train across his plate.

One Dandy Giveaway reader can enter below to win The VRRRM! Set from Lunch Punch!  The winner is responsible for shipping, so this giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!

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Carefree Crafts {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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We had such a great 4th of July holiday at our house!  We enjoyed a pancake breakfast and flag raising in the morning at our church, some fun swimming at the pool with our family in the afternoon, then ice cream and fireworks in the front yard with some good friends to finish off the day.  Independence Day has always been one of my favorites since I’ve lived in a military community most of my life, and I’ve become especially patriotic since becoming a active duty military spouse myself nine years ago.  Thanks to all of those men, women, and families who protect our country and support our troops!

After our long day spent mostly outside yesterday, I’m realizing that it’s just not going to be possible for us to be outside as often as we’d like in the next several weeks since I’ve just entered my third trimester.  We’re looking for some good inside activities (thank you, summer reading program at the library!), and this one fits the bill perfectly!


Carefree Crafts offers craft kits ready-made with everything you need to spend some time crafting with your kids!  I’m not overly crafty (though my Pinterest boards reveal an inner crafty-person trying frantically to figure out how to get out!), mostly because I want to craft right then or not at all.  If I have the materials ready to go, I can create pretty easily, but the set up usually includes going to some craft store where I’m completely turned around and can’t find the things that I need.

Carefree Crafts sends these individual crafts to your door for a flat $4.95 shipping for every order, or the monthly subscription ships FREE every time!  Take a look at some of my favorites:

Carefree Individual Crafts


Fire Station Sticker Scene


Princess Necklace

Carefree Individual Crafts Kits


Spring Craft Kit


4th of July Craft Kit

Carefree Crafts Subscription

“Your kids will receive a new craft package each month, filled with 5 holiday- or seasonal-themed craft kits.  We hand-select fun crafts for kids from a variety of sources including Oriental Trading, Creatology, Darice, etc. to give you the best set of crafts each month. Watch your child build confidence, motor skills, and creativity with these crafts!  These crafts are meant to be assembled by kids aged 3-7 with their parents & caregivers.”  Shipping for these subscription kits is FREE!

Try out a new subscription for a discounted price:  Your first month is only $5.95 using SAVE60 coupon.

Enter below to win a Summer Craft Package from Carefree Crafts!

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Wholesale Princess {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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I may never have a little girl of my own, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if I ever do, the day I hear “It’s a girl!”, I’m stocking up at Wholesale Princess!  I have NEVER seen designer hairclips, tutus, bloomers, leg warmers, bows, etc. for such an incredible price!

Let’s start with the pettiskirts.  These are $6.99-$8.99!!  I haven’t seen these for less than $40 anywhere!


And now let’s move on to Halloween costumes! Every little girl should have an adorable Halloween costume, and these look practically perfect.


If you don’t have a little girl, do not fret, Wholesale Princess has adorable owl hats!  For $5.99!!  Are these not the same crocheted owl hats that sell in boutiques for ridiculous prices?  Do you understand what a goldmine this store is?!


Honestly, this store is a mother’s saving grace and a grandma’s go-to for spoiling their granddaughters.

 And today is your lucky day because TWO people are winning something adorable for their child!  That’s right, Wholesale Princess is giving away this lime crochet owl hat in your choice of size (newborn through size 3):

AND another winner will receive this clown Halloween costume!  Ahh, I can’t get over the cuteness!  This Cutsie Clown costume includes the dress, mini hat, and oh those tights!  The costume is a size medium (3-4 toddler).  Happy Halloween!!

 Also, here is the coupon code for 15% off at Wholesale Princess: dandy
It is all lowercase and case sensitive.  It works on everything except Baby Legs and Clearance. This coupon will expire on 12/31/2012.

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Prima Princessa presents the Nutcracker DVD {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Ballet used to be a huge part of my life!  I took classes for a number of years and even studied on pointe shoes for a while.  I had dreams of studying ballet in college and would dream and draw and think of nothing else!

As every ballerina knows, the Nutcracker is a big deal.  How pleased I was to get this opportunity to review an adorable movie all about the Nutcracker!  And It was darling!  The little dancing girls kept my toddler enthralled!  The sweet “Prima Princessa” character has a perfectly enthusiastic narrator voice and asks interactive questions throughout.

“Become a ballerina! Prima Princessa brings you England’s world famous Birmingham Royal Ballet performing excerpts from The Nutcracker that will inspire the ballerina in you! Come join in the holiday fun with Prima Princessa as she takes you to a magical show filled with snow fairies, toy soldiers, tutus, pirouettes and plies.”

The ballet clips themselves from the Birmingham Royal Ballet were beautiful!  Truly a premiere ballet company with exquisite costumes and choreography.  It took me back to all my childhood Nutcracker dreams.  I couldn’t take my eyes away!  I loved being able to see the dancing from up close, since everytime I’ve seen the Nutcracker (which is many!), I’ve been in the nosebleeds, or atleast far enough back in the audience to miss the terrific facial expressions on these dancers.

Between clips of the Nutcracker are interactive sections that encourage the kids to try out ballet steps.  I can only imagine how this would entertain a room full of little girls at a sleepover!  Mid-movie, I had to go to the computer and see what other movies Prima Princessa has.  Turns out they also have a Sleeping Beauty and a Swan Lake movie, as well as other fun things to look up, like where to buy little ballet tutus!  How perfect!

Such a darling and educational video for little ones!  I think it would make a wonderful Christmas present or stocking stuffer for girls ages 3-7.

Oh how it put me in the Christmas mood!  What a treat for ME to watch, as a mom!  You can buy it HERE on amazon for $6.99!  Honestly, if you have a little girl who loves ballet, just get all three for $19.87!  Give one to her for her birthday, Easter, and Christmas!  Also, the Prima Princess Blog has some fun activities and ideas for moms and their daughters.

 I am thrilled to have Prima Princessa the Nutcracker in our DVD collection, and also thrilled to announce that one lucky winner will receive this same darling movie!

One lucky winner will receive the Prima Princessa presents the Nutcracker DVD!

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*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Prima Princessa, but all opinions are strictly my own


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