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Everyday Heroes

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

When Munchkin really started to dive into the world of Super heroes I was excited. We got him a few masks and discounted Halloween costumes to play dress up. He loves flying across the universe as Buzz Lightyear or sailing the ocean blue as Jack Sparrow. Then I realized that I wanted him to know that their are real heroes that save lives and keep us safe. When I first saw KidKraft‘s Everyday Heroes Play Set I was over the moon with excitement that there was an entire play set dedicated to real heroes! When the box arrived on the porch, Munchkin guessed it was a toy but I couldn’t have imagined just how much of a hit it was going to be with him and Baby Cakes!

official-kidkraft-logoWhen I opened the box and pulled out the main pieces our house was immediately filled with “That’s a cool toy!” and “oh how cool! I want to play with that!” The play set comes completely assembled except for one piece that is easily attached with the 4 screws that are included. Regardless of the short assembly, play time ensued immediately. All of the accessories were wrapped individually in two boxes. With each one I unwrapped there was another wave of excitement! Within minutes of playing Munchkin was rescuing people from a burning building and making all kinds of truck and siren sounds. Of course, when the fire fighter returned home he needed to take a bath to get nice and clean.

IMG_4488There are so many cool features to this toy! There’s a computer desk, chair, and laptop. A living room with a couch, chair, and big screen TV. There’s a bunk bed, bathtub and toilet with a lid that opens! One of the coolest little additions is just off the helipad, there is a basketball court! They have really thought of and included so many tools to aid in our kids’ role playing and use of their imagination.

fire truckBy far one of the best parts about this toy is that there are 3 vehicles, 2 figures (a policeman and fireman), and two dogs! This is so great because the toy is big enough for two but there are also enough figures for both of my boys to play at the same time.

IMG_4503The quality of this toy, Everyday Heroes Play Set, is wonderful! It’s made of composite wood products and is so sturdy. I’m not worried in the least that any part will break during playtime. On the instruction sheet it says “All of our wooden items are handcrafted, hand assembled, and hand painted. Each one is unique.”  Here’s a picture from their website of the accessories that come with the set.

cos_63239_everyday_heroes_furniture_hrwnl_copy1The play set, when opened, is a little more than 3 feet long and 2 ft 4 inches tall. The colors are so vibrant and there is so much detail, you can find new pictures every time you play! There are three levels within the police and fire station. Some of the rooms are a kitchen, break room (with soda machine), and weight room. There are two sets of double doors to let the truck and bike in and out as well as one door for every one to enter. There is also a firefighter’s pole that starts at the top floor and goes all the way to the bottom.

IMG_4522A wonderful feature is that the 2 side sections fold in and snap close making the set about 19 inches wide. All of the pieces, vehicles and figures fit nicely in the set and can be stowed in a corner until playtime begins again.

IMG_4517The replay value is high and I know it will be played with for years to come.  As my boys learn more and continually use their imaginations to come up with new adventures they will still use this set to act them out. Even Baby cakes joined in the fun making his tiny truck sounds and exploring to see what the set had to offer.

IMG_4525The set is high quality, sturdy, colorful, detailed, and just so awesome! I highly recommend it for any little boy in your life. It retails for about $130 and can be purchased here. On their website they state that “at KidKraft, we believe every child is an individual with a limitless capacity to create and explore.” I really feel like this toy lives up to that and lets my boys create fun adventures and explore the world of our real heroes.


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