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Shutter Huggers {Giveaway} – Closed

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I been trying my hand at photography for a couple of years now.  I love pictures, I love the camera and most of all I love taking pictures of the people I care about.  The thing is… kids are really hard to take pictures of.  If you’re in an interesting place the last thing a child wants to do is stand in place, look at the camera and hold a smile, at least not when there is so much to be explored!Since I have a semi decent camera and love taking pictures of people I often get these ideas in my head of taking my own family photos… and they generally end pretty badly.  What kid wants to smile at a camera on a tripod?

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Recently we traveled up the New England coast and saw some great lighthouses.  I really wanted family pictures at these lighthouses but when we attempted to take them they were an utter disaster.  Even having my parents along to help get the baby’s attention wasn’t good enough, he could have cared less about the camera. *Sigh*

This ended up being our best picture, because at least Dmitri was looking at the camera…

After our first failed attempt at picture my husband decided we had to try it again, the spot was so perfect and we won’t be living near lighthouses forever.  Literately an hour before we got in the car to take the second round of pictures, a package from Shutter Huggers arrived at my door.  (picture a happy dance due to awesome timing!)

Shutter Huggers are these awesome plush animals that fit around your camera or camera phone lens.  They are bright, fun and so much more interesting to look at than a plain camera.

Shutter Huggers sent me a dinosaur Shutter Hugger to review (what can I say, my kid has a thing for dinosaurs) and it was fantastic. The fabric is super soft so you don’t have to worry about it grinding against your camera if you accidentally hit the lens, the elastic is firm enough that it will stay put around your camera but it slides on and off easily, and the Shutter Hugger itself is bright and interesting… way more so than my camera alone.  The Shutter Hugger was easy for Dmitri to spot and he seemed to respond much better at being told to “look at the dinosaur” than he did to being told “look at the camera”.

Anyway, for family pictures I did my best to keep it hidden right up until “go” time with the camera, and it was amazing!  Yes, Dmitri was still a handful; he wiggled, squirmed, wanted “down”, wanted to play and was generally pretty exhausting, but when he smiled and sat still for two seconds he was looking at the dinosaur and we walked away with a few great pictures.

If you’ve got a little one that you love to photograph check out Shutter Huggers. They’ve got a bunch of adorable animals to choose from, Shutter Huggers that fit both cameras both big and small and even great little clip on animals for phone photos.

Check them out: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest

Shutter Huggers has offered on lucky reader a Shutter Hugger and a Shutter Hugger Mini!  


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Butterfly Backdrops {Giveaway} – Closed

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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Red, White, and Blue Giveaway Hop – a Hop where we celebrate Independence Day, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network. We’re celebrating the 4th of July with giveaway for a whole 2 weeks, so be sure and hop around to all the great blog giveaways that are linked up in this hop. And be sure to let Step2 help your child go Red White and Blue with this patriotic Choo Choo Train! Don’t miss out on that fantastic Grand Prize!

Alright all you moms, bloggers, Etsy shop owners, photographers and casual picture snappers.

Do you want to make your photos look more professional? Have you ever thought about of using a backdrop? Sure taking a pictures of your adorable kids on the sofa is cute, and taking a picture of your shop products on the table is fine, but what if you had a professional backdrop to work with? Wouldn’t that be an easy way to make your pictures look nicer? More polished?

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Those are the things I was was thinking about when I came across Butterfly Backdrops.


I loved everything about their company. They are small family owned business, they print all their backdrops in their own printing shop in Bay St. Louis, MS, and they use eco-friendly ink with no hazardous air pollutants, so you pull the backdrops out of the tube and smell… nothing! No harsh chemical smell!!!

Oh and arguably the best part, they have amazing designs and a huge variety! I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find something to your taste at their shop. They have classic patterns like wood grain, hay bales, and door frames, they have solid color patterns, but where I think they really shine is their playful patterns, they have polka dots, ballerina bars, chevron prints, sailboats, balloons and so much more.



I’ve been lusting after cute backdrops for a while and I was thrilled when Butterfly Backdrops offered to send me two of their vinyl backdrops; ‘Leafy Larry’ and ‘Fenced In’. It gave me a chance to try out a backdrop and floor drop (through the floor drop worked equally well a backdrop).

They day after the backdrops arrived, I had Dmitri dressed and ready for a photoshoot. I couldn’t wait to try them out. They were perfect! I have to admit this was my first time photographing against vinyl, and I loved it. I usually photograph against cloth backdrops, but the ones I have are thin so I have to layer them and they take forever to iron which often makes them more work than they are worth to use. With the vinyl, I pull it out of the tube, unrolled it, clipped it up and it was ready to go.

Okay, now some of you are probably thinking “I’m not a professional photographer, I don’t know the first thing about using a backdrop and I don’t even have the equipment to hang it.” Let me start by saying these backdrops are so easy to use, you can turn any space into photo space in less that 5 minutes, and you don’t need any fancy equipment.

I happen to have a bunch of photography equipment, but I wanted to make sure these backdrops could be used without it before I pitched it to all of you readers, so I found a semi empty wall and grabbed some masking tape. I pulled my backdrop out of the tube, unrolled it and had it taped to the wall and ready to go in minutes. (I would suggest using the thicker masking tape, because this tape worked but it came loose after about 15 minutes.)

Or here is a look at a more formal set up:

Having something simple like this allows you to take your photos from this to this in less than five minutes.

Or to create something like this:

I common complaint I’ve heard about photographing against vinyl is that you get a glare, but that was not my experience at all. The backdrops are textured, and feel a little rough to rub your fingers against and I think that’s what dissipates any glare problems. If you get up really close you can see a little bit of the texture, though it didn’t show up on any of my photos where I wasn’t focusing the camera directly at it.

The backdrops also had no chemical smells and I had no qualms about letting Dmitri play on them, in fact I think they would be perfect for cake smashes or newborn photos.

In short, I love how professional and adorable my pictures turned out with these backdrops. They were fantastic and super easy to use. If you’ve been curious about trying one I would highly recommend Butterfly Backdrops.

And because I can’t resist showing off my adorable son, you get a photo dump…


Check out Butterfly Backdrops!

Butterfly Backdrops has offered one lucky Dandy reader a 5×6 vinyl backdrop of their choice!  {$75 value}


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Now Hop Along! 🙂

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Fluffy Garden Boutique {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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One of my favorite things about being a military spouse is moving to new locations and meeting new people — moving away from those new friends never feels like good-bye since we have Facebook and other ways to keep in touch, but it also never feels like good-bye because the chances of meeting up again in the military are just too good!  Kierston and I met when we were living in the middle of the California desert; our husbands worked together and we have boys who are just months apart in age, so it was a quick match for our entire family.  We moved to North Carolina about three years ago, and we were ecstatic when Kierston’s family moved to North Carolina just about three months ago!Cover Photo

Almost immediately after making a cross-country trip and getting settled in their new location, Kierston opened up her Facebook shop Fluffy Garden Boutique, where she makes custom orders of just about anything that can be crocheted, sewn, or painted!  She is completely invested in her shop and in her products, and her passion is evident on her Facebook updates that usually include some sort of amazing special or giveaway for her fans.

 Here are a couple of my favorites from her shop:


Around the House items include this Multipurpose Wash Cloth (shown above), Washable Swiffer Cover, or a cute Tooth Fairy Pillow!

Fluffy Garden Boutique also features great sets for photography props or photo shoots, such as this Mermaid Set with Shell Top and Starfish Headband

The Beanies, Hats, and Diaper Covers also include lots of fun seasonal products, such as this Football Beanie

Photo: OSU inspired headband (can be customized to any team) sizes NB, 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, 12m, toddler, child or adult $5 free shipping

Or hard-core football fans will love to check out the College and NFL Themes Crochet album with items such as this OSU-Inspired Headband (can be customized for any team, any size infant to adults), totes, or throws.

 Since Kierston is a military spouse herself, she knows the difficulty that goes with numerous deployments, long hours/days/weeks, and sacrifice to serve our country.  Fluffy Garden Boutique features a Military Heroes Wall of Fame open to any branch of service — just e-mail your picture and she’ll add it to this album!

And, just in time for the fall season, Fluffy Garden Boutique is offering a $30 Gift Certificate to use in the shop by November 1!  Check out Fluffy Garden Boutique on Facebook, then come back here to enter to win!

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mod. {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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Isn’t it crazy how family pictures are almost completely leaving the studio?  I remember heading to Olan Mills as a little girl, probably twice a year, to get our family pictures done.  We so rarely took professional pictures at an outdoor photographic setting, and never had someone outside of a studio to take our own.  Within one generation, things have totally changed (at least in my household), and I doubt we will ever go to a studio for a family photoshoot.  I’m all about finding the next best locale and bringing a friend along with our DSLR to create the one-of-a-kind shoot I dreamed up.

modstraps_logoI take my nice camera everywhere!  I use it nearly every day to document every cute baby stage, our family’s adventures, and of course, these product reviews :)  It seems like everyone these days has a DSLR, but not everyone has one of these classic camera straps from mod.!  I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time!  Something that makes my camera uniquely mine, with a colorful personal flair.  Goodbye boring Canon universal strap, and hello personality!  I couldn’t resist the black and white and canary yellow (my wedding colors).  My husband likes that it isn’t too girly, so he wouldn’t mind being seen with it on.


This strap embodies some beautiful features.  The decorative part of the strap measures 33” long, but the total length of the strap can be adjusted to 42” -48”.  I chose a Classic Strap (sold for $35.95), which is the same style and durability as the Basic strap, but is lined with the most luxurious black fuzzy fabric.  It really is soft as butter and quite comfortable.  mod. also carries Premium Straps, with all the listed features in addition to a “quick release” feature, which allows you to quickly disconnect your strap.


Taking this to the soccer fields is going to make me the trendiest mom on the team.


If I’m dangling something that costs over $500 around my neck, I want to be able to trust in the strength of the straps holding it.  Good thing these are tested to withstand up to 90 lbs. of pull down weight.  After spending a few minutes getting my camera dressed in its new strap, I feel completely confident in this strap taking care of my camera.  The materials are visibly thicker and stronger than my black Canon strap, and based on the effort it took to get the intricate parts through the right pieces, I can’t imagine anything showing wear within my lifetime.

And there are so many matching accessories available!  Drop in bags, accessory bags for extra lenses and such, neck pads, strap wraps, tech sleeves, and photo cases…


Another thing I find extremely useful are these cap savers.  I’ve spent too many minutes of my life searching for cap lenses I’ve set down and forgotten about.  Checking pockets, retracing steps, searching bags, etc.  The dazzling gem keeps the cap connected to your camera, so after you take it off, it stays tethered and accessible.  Genius.


Connect with mod.!

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/modstraps

PINTEREST: www.pinterest.com/modstraps

TWITTER: @modstraps

One budding or proffessional photographer is going to receive a $20.00 giftcard to used towards a product of choice at www.modstraps.com!

If you don’t have a DSLR camera, this giveaway is still for you!  Check out mod.’s laptop cases, e-reader sleeves, phone cases, and more!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Loupey Lalo Photography {Review}

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I am fanatical about family pictures!  There are few things I love more than a good family photoshoot!  I love being able to preserve everyone’s smiles, and document our growing family at any stage along the way.  The kids are growing so fast, and any chance I can get to capture memories of our family’s ‘young years’ is one that I’ll take!  Last week while we were in Utah, we had some family pictures done by the fabulous Laura from Loupey Lalo Photography!

Laura is fabulous to work with!  I sent her a picture of one of my friend’s family pictures for an idea to go off of, and she took it from there!  She did some searching for the best brick backdrops around Provo.  I appreciated her having a plan, but I also loved how flexible she was if we came across something else we thought might work.  She was GREAT with the kids (which is why we got so many great smiles out of them!), and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

The pictures speak for themselves!  I love how these turned out!!AqTIbiyQfxIurUMQLax-PvWw-JVvFW_b8psaOun16kc,KMljtx2aRnJlxQb_pqfkvrJZehbFNUw1s2A1scmbXXg






Have these convinced you that its been too long since your last family picture?  Laura would do a great job!!  And she travels, so if you’re outside of Utah, no fear, just contact her!   Besides family pictures, she also does weddings, graduation pictures, children, babies, portraits, food, etc.

See her fabulous blog here: http://laughinlalo.blogspot.com/

And her official website HERE where you will be really impressed with Laura’s portfolio.

Thank you Loupey Lalo Photography for our wonderfuly family pictures!!

Artsy Couture {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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The wedding is in two weeks!!  I’m so excited for my little brother!  Though I haven’t met my future sister-in-law yet, I’m sure that we’ll soon be the best of friends :).  I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect wedding gift for them–something personal, something that looks expensive, and something that is clearly not re-gifted!  All the lightbulbs went on when I saw all the breathtaking displays of photography and artwork created by Artsy Couture!


I’m sure that along with me, you have fallen in love with the wrapped canvas look for displaying pictures in your home.  I have never been a fan of chunky mis-matched (and breakable) frames with the glass in front.  They just seem too bulky and heavy, and I can never find enough of a frame I like to make everything in the house match.  For years now, I’ve tried to do away with frames and mod-podge photographs onto foamboard to try and get the wrapped canvas look, but I’m afraid its still a little too homemade.  Sometimes homemade doesn’t cut it, and the only way to go is the real thing, and these wrapped canvases and gallery blocks from Artsy Couture are to die for!


I ordered a trio of gallery blocks using my brother’s engagement pictures, and they are the PERFECT wedding gift!  I can’t wait to see them on the walls of their future home.

IMG_2730 copy

You almost have to see these in person to really appreciate the quality of these gallery blocks.  They have a high quality wood structure behind and practically seamless joined corners. IMG_2746 copy

If you are a professional photographer, or have a budding photography business, you need to get hooked up with Artsy Couture.  The products you could offer your clients would be breathtaking, and the ordering process is so simple.  Ordering my photo gallery blocks was a breeze–pretty much upload, select, paste, resize, and I was done.  I looked into the process of creating a photo cube, and the layout was not as difficult as you might make it out to be.  The ordering process can be a little intimidating without Photoshop experience, but there are great directions and guidance along the way.


One stunning way to display your pictures is in this floating gallery block style–a series of smaller gallery blocks floating over a larger gallery block background.  So professional, right?


Besides these gallery blocks, I also love these photo cubes!  What a fun way to display pictures!  I think these would look adorable in a nursery, and still classy enough to have stacked in a living room entertainment center.


Artsy Couture carries so many more fashionable options for displaying your art, including pro prints, sweet colorful frames, gallery stands, and don’t forget these picture perfect photo books!


Go play around with the masterpieces you could create!  And get excited about this incredible prize!

One winner will receive $75 to spend on any items at Artsy Couture!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Melissa Davis Designs {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
I am by no means a professional photographer or blogger, but I’ve still spend HOURS and HOURS of my life on Photoshop doctoring pictures and just trying to take something average look nice.  Practically everyone has a blog and a nice camera nowadays, but not everyone has the time to tinker with intricate cropping techniques, or the artistic eye of composing a lovely collage of pictures.  Pre-made templates are such a fantastic way to save time and add a special element of design and color to your pictures!
I think taking our pictures to the next level of professionalism is on many of our minds, and you’re going to swoon when you see these templates from Melissa Davis Designs!
Melissa let me try out the Rounded Corner Collages/Storyboards set and OHMYGOSH I am the happiest blogger ever!  The files I received contain four different layouts in four different sizes.  These could used for blog posts, or even large-scale posters and projects.  I’m excited to next try out the 10×20 template and create a cute facebook timeline picture.
rounded corners preview
This set is WORTH EVERY PENNY!  I watched Melissa’s 2 min video on how to use them, and instantly was creating these beautiful collages!  I dropped in a few pictures of past giveaways on Dandy–see if you recognize any of them from over the past few months.
collage4 copy
I love tinkering around on Photoshop, but I don’t consider myself an expert, and these templates are so user friendly.  Meaning, you don’t have to be a pro to really see the value in these and understand how to use them.  All you need is any edition of Photoshop and some basic knowledge about layering.  What would have taken me a huge chunk of an afternoon was done in minutes!
collage5 copy
I’ve been searching and experimenting with the best and fastest way to arrange pictures and create those beautifully rounded corners for quite a while.  There are many ways to skin a cat, but these templates save a boat load of time and frustration, and I don’t have to go look up the instructions every time.  Easy peasy, and so professional.  I will use these practically every day!!
collage2 copy
Here are some extremely useful and attractive templates you might also love!
Birthday Invitations:
mdd_brooks birthday_preview
Facebook timelines:
mdd_emily timeline_preview
Birth announcements:
mdd_vintage baby boy_preview
And Christmas cards:

mdd_dotted christmas flat_preview

And so many other beautiful designs!  Take a few minutes and enjoy getting lost in the possibilities of what you could also create with these templates!

And one lucky duck is going to win a $50 coupon code to Melissa Davis Designs!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Purple Trail {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Christmas is ridiculous at my house!  We have DOZENS of fun traditions that make Christmas magical, from “Santa-look-a-like” contests with shaving cream, to having a sleepover in the basement on Christmas Eve.  One of the very first Christmas traditions of the year begins months ahead of time, and involves my mom trying to think of this year’s Christmas card.  She does such a great job, and they always turn out so creatively adorable!  In fact, I once ran into a stranger at college who told me she recognized me from our family Christmas cards up on their fridge every year—I guess our mother’s were friends, but we had never met.

Now that I have my own tiny family, I want to keep up the tradition of sending out memorable Christmas cards every year!  Purple Trail has a number of lovely Christmas cards to choose from!

I had a chance to look over some Christmas card samples from Purple Trail, and I was so impressed; the color printing was quite vibrant, the paper was a sturdy cardstock weight, the graphics were clean and creative, and time and attention has been put into tiny details that make these cards stand out above others.  It seems like creating your own custom cards would be a simple and speedy process if you were pressed for time, but you could also customize a number of things to make them look just how you imagined.  I would be happy designing our Christmas cards from practically any of Purple Trail’s 2012 designs.  So many of them are just my style.

  Whether you’re a Christmas card junkie, or this is the first year you’ll be spreading Christmas cheer with family Christmas cards, you’ll love today’s giveaway!

One winner will receive $40 towards any product at Purple Trail!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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{Giveaway} Made By Meegz ***ENDED***

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I’m so very far from being a professional photographer, but I do have a nice camera and I do like to take pictures.  I’ve taken a few classes and really enjoyed working in the dark room.  So maybe very, very minimally semi-professional?  If that’s even a category!  When someone likes photography then that makes them kind of artsy, don’t you think?  Then why are do I see so many different levels of photography people out there carrying around cameras on a BORING camera strap?  Shouldn’t it be one that reflects their own style and outfit?  Yes you can accessorize your camera to match your look!  Ready to find out where?  Here you go:  Made By Meegz has camera straps in so many different colors, prints, and styles!

Everyone will be green with envy when they see you with one of these straps:



Looking for a floral camera strap?  Made By Meegz has them:

How about…

Something funky?  Still got ’em:




There’s even reversible camera straps!

These unique camera straps also make great gifts!  This week one lucky winner is going to receive a camera strap from Made By Meegz and it’s winner’s choice of which one!

*** This giveaway is open to entries worldwide only***

There are 7 chances to win. Be sure and leave separate comments for each entry on this posting to enter. **If you qualify for all 7 chances then leave 7 separate comments**

(1): Leave your name, email address, or whatever you feel most comfortable leaving in a comment. (ex: “Dandy Smith”)

(2): Go to Made By Meegz, have a look around, and then tell us your favorite camera strap! (ex: “Dandy Smith = I think the Damask Dots is my favorite!)

(3): Vote for Dandy Giveaway on Picket Fence Blogs.  You can vote once a day, so each extra day you vote is anextra entry!  :)    (ex: “Dandy Smith= voted”)

(4): Like Made By Meegz on Facebook or if you already do.  (ex: “Dandy Smith= like”)

(5):  Tell people about this giveaway and then tell us how you told!  You get an entry for each one that you do!  (ex: “Dandy Smith= emailed, blogged, texted, called, etc.”)

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This posting and giveaway was sponsored by Made By Meegz, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Hello Canvas!

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

My husband gave me the best present for Christmas this last year.  He had this photo put on canvas:

I took this in one of the many gardens at Chatsworth House in Devonshire, England.  Can you say Mr. Darcy???  Yep that’s where the most current Pride and Prejudice was filmed.  Chatworth House has also long been speculated as the location from Austen’s book.  When my husband presented me with the gift I was so surprised!  It was such a beautiful gesture!  I absolutely love it and it makes me so happy every time I see it hanging in our dining room.  So when it came time for Mother’s Day I knew just what to give my mom.  A photo on canvas from Hello Canvas!  They let me order a 26×36 canvas all complimentary like!  :)  The tough part came when I had to decide on which picture to have them put on canvas.  That’s a hard decision and you know that I’m not good with the decision making process.  So…I did the only think I could do and took a picture specifically for it!  And here’s how it turned out:

This is a picture of the church where my parents were married.  Fortunately I now live really close to it, so I was just able to drive over and snap a few pictures of it!  :)   The gift from Hello Canvas was a mega hit!  My mom loves it, but so does my dad.  Yep it was the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

Hello Canvas has so many size options to choose from to fit any room or any style.  Also editing and effects.  Plus, ordering is made so simple with a quick upload process and shipping was super fast!  It’s the perfect place to get a unique gift that will be treasured for years to come!


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