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Raw Revolution {Giveaway} Closed

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Let’s talk about health stuff. I’m not a super fan of exercising. Have you seen that work out shirt that says “I hate running” on it. I want it so bad! That way when people see me running while pushing my kiddos in a double stroller around the track they think “Man, look at her go, she hates running but is doing it anyway. Good for her!” Instead of seeing me huffing and sweating and pushing the same double stroller and thinking “Wow, she’s totally out of shape. Why is she sweating so much?!” Haha okay, maybe people wouldn’t think any of those things. When I say I’m not a fan of exercising that doesn’t mean I don’t try to bring healthy goodies into our home for us to eat. When I heard about Raw Revolution I wanted to try them out so bad! I was immediately drawn to the packaging. Then when I started reading the names of all of the bars I was even more excited. I was so thrilled when they decided to team up with me to do a giveaway for you!


I really loved their story so I wanted to share just a bit with you. “Raw Revolution was launched in Alice Benedetto’s home kitchen in 2004. A registered nurse and natural food chef, Alice was looking for something that she could give to her kids – a healthy snack that also tasted good… A lot has changed in the last decade, but some things are the same as they have always been. The ingredients are fresh. The taste is revolutionary. And the story is just beginning.” Doesn’t that just draw you in? This company is totally upfront about their bars and their ingredients. I read through the FAQ page and learned so much about them and wanted to share these instantly with everyone I know that has a food allergy, is vegan, or only eats kosher foods!


They sent me each of their flavors to try. From what I saw on the bars there are three different general descriptions for the bars. At first I divided them up into chocolate ones and non-chocolate ones. I might like chocolate a little bit! Then I realized that above their logo on each of the bars there was one of three different general descriptions for the bars. The first is Fruit, Nut, & Seed Super Food bars.


Organic Greens Super Food Bar was next. Each of these bars has either spinach powder or spirulina powder in them. Munchkin loved the Apple Cinnamon the best!


The last is Organic Live Food Bar. I had to look up what “live food” meant. My mind took me off to a place where I opened the little package and things were still growing. Of course that’s not what I found inside. The term “live food” for those of you who might not know, simply means that the ingredients haven’t been processed.


Besides just tasting a vast majority of the bars I wanted to put one of them to a test. I wanted to see if it gave me energy and made me feel happy. Like I said, I’m not a fan of running, I always feel FANTASTIC after I’m done (okay right after I’m done I just want to lay on the ground and cry a little) but later I feel like I really did something good for my body. On my latest run I decided to give the Dark Chocolate Trail Mix a try. I’m a big fan of the fruit and nut chocolate bars, trail mix, and dark chocolate. It seemed like the best fit. TheFruit, Nut, & Seed Super Food bars all contain chia and sprouted flax seeds. I’m a huge believer in only eating when I’m hungry and that morning I hadn’t eaten yet but the timing was right for going running (meaning of course, the boys were happy, it wasn’t raining, and it wasn’t time for naps). However on the way to the track I got crazy hungry so I decided to have a bit of the bar. It was delicious and not too heavy.  Once I finished running I had some water and decided to finish off the super bar. Later, I realized that it totally satisfied my hunger, I didn’t feel sick after eating and running, and it kept me feeling full for longer than other energy bars I had tried.

I love these bars! I feel happy letting my kiddos have them too. The ingredients aren’t a mystery. When you bite into the bar you can see the nuts and chocolate bits. I highly recommend them! That’s why I am so excited that you have the chance to try some out for yourself!

Raw collegeThe winner of this giveaway will receive one variety pack which consists of 14 different bars!

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Nohi Kids {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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When it comes to my kid’s clothing I’m kind of a fabric snob.  It has to be soft.  Scratchy?  Not happening.  It has to be functional and easy to take care of in terms of laundry.  Who really wants to take the kid’s clothes to the dry cleaners?  It has to be cute.  This means cute fabric that aren’t found everywhere.  That’s why I’m soooo very glad that I found Nohi Kids.  For starters… Their clothing is organic.  Translation:  Super soft.  Next… Their clothing is machine washable.  Excellent!  Lastly… The prints on the fabric???  Absolutely.  Adorable.




See.  Told you.  Absolutely.  Adorable.

I think the above images are my favorite part about the clothing from Nohi.

1.) That fabric is too precious.


2.) There are so many different styles all in that same fabric!

So you will definitely find the perfect outfit at Nohi Kids.

What did Nohi Kids send me recently???  These two outfits for my two littlest littles:



Darling, right?  Definitely my newest favorites in my children’s wardrobes.

Who wants a deal at Nohi Kids?  Just enter coupon code ‘thankyou25’ at checkout on the Nohi Kids website and receive 25% off!

 Who wants to win something really dandy from Nohi Kids???

(Enter on the Rafflecopter below.)

One very lucky winner is going to receive either a dress or bodysuit from Nohi Kids!

It’s winner’s choice on which style and which print!

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Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates {Review}

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So I try to stay away from any food tasting reviews because I just know I will gobble it down in .5 seconds and then feel so guilty afterwards. But when Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate contacted me and I did my research, I knew I had to try at least one, or 3 😉

Vegan Chocolates

Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates aims to create the highest quality gourmet organic chocolates possible while participating in fair trade practices and encouraging sustainable agriculture through the use of organic, non-GMO ingredients. It is also the goal of Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates to build a socially responsible, profitable business that can be carried on for generations to come.

They had me sold at gourmet organic chocolates! I am a huge health freak. The only chocolate I will eat is dark chocolate, so when they had Organic Dark Chocolates and Vegan chocolates, I jumped right on board!


My husband tried the Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter and I was able to devour the Dark Chocolate with Almonds and let me tell you! These candy bars are so delicious! What we loved about them is they were so rich in flavor but didn’t leave that chalky left-over taste to them.


So, I realized I needed to explain why three truffles are missing from the tray. I came home from work and saw a box on the counter (I had forgotten I was expecting a package from Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates) and I ask my husband what was in the package. He then proceeds to tell me how crazy it is that I ordered a ton of Organic Chocolate that was probably very pricey, so to “punish me” he ate three Chocolate truffles. Hahaha, he felt horrible once he realized who they actually were from.

These truffles are probably the best truffles I’ve ever had, hands down. I am not a big fan of truffles just because (like I said earlier) they leave a chalky taste and are way to rich are for me. Let’s just say these were the first chocolates to disappear. The box came with a wide range of truffles, and none of them disappointed. You wont find weird ones like raspberry-orange-marmalade or something 😉


Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates are not only incredible but they are very reasonably priced! My husband couldn’t believe how in-expensive they were for being Organic/Vegan.

These Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds where actually the last to leave our house. I savored every last bite of them. What I loved is they weren’t covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate, rather more like a coco powder of dark chocolate. Which is great because I didn’t feel heavy after eating them. Whenever I had a small chocolate craving, I would grab a few of these bad boys and felt like I fed my craving without stuffing it over the top!


Lastly, Eli’s Earth bars. They are an amazing candy bar that not only is seriously so flavorful but whenever you purchase one, Eli’s Earth Bars will give back 5% to a non-profit charitble organization that benefits children. How amazing is that. So not only does it taste out of this world but it also helps so many little children around the world.

Sjaaks Organic Chocolate has a wide variety of chocolates that you HAVE to check out. What I love most is how they categorize their chocolates into seasons. What better way to say I love your or even HAPPY EASTER to someone with a box of chocolates. And the best thing, their shipping is super fast. I probably received mine 2-3 days after I ordered it all and nothing was melted.

I highly suggest ordering from Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate with Easter right around the corner. You wont regret it!

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7 Balm {Giveaway}

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I am a lip gloss/lip balm addict. I literally cannot go ANYWHERE without balm on my lips and a tube in my purse. Nothing annoys me more than having dry, cracked lips. I have tried almost every kind of balm, gloss, cream and stick out there, but I’m always trying something new to see if I can find the ultimate lip balm. And now, Seven Balm Organic Lip Balm is definitely on the top of my list!


7 Balm comes from a line of products made from Manuka honey, a type of honey native to New Zealand and southeastern Australia that is known to have many medicinal, healing properties. Seven’s line of products includes a Skin Healing and Moisturizing Ointment, and a Moisturizing Soap. All of Seven’s products use Certified Organic ingredients, have no colorants, preservatives, fragrances or fillers. This is stuff you can feel good about using!


7 Balm Organic Lip Balm is chock full of goodness. Along with the Manuka Honey, it has eight healing oils (why they didn’t stop at seven is beyond me…) and 94% Certified Organic ingredients. It is made in Canada, so you know the ingredients are coming from a good place, and the square tin contains more than twice as much as a standard tube of lip balm!


It has no flavoring or fragrance, which, while I know is better for me, is kind of a let-down because I do like a good flavor on my lips. But the feel of it on my lips is wonderful–soft, creamy, smooth and healing.  It’s not sticky and leaves my lips feeling smooth for hours after the first application. I’ve only used it as a lip balm, but other customers have used it for diaper rash, eczema and cold sores and reported positive results. Think of the uses! I don’t think I’ll use it anywhere else, though, because I enjoy the pretty shine it leaves on my lips too much to use it anywhere else 🙂


7 Lip Balm and the other 7 Products can be purchased online. The Lip Balm is $9.75, the Cream is $24.95 and the Soap is $14.95, but you can buy all three products for only $45–pretty reasonable prices for high quality, organic ingredients. But if you’re lucky, you can win a tin of 7 Lip Balm for free!

Enter to Win a Tin of 7 Lip Balm!

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NourISH Nail Lacquer {Giveaway}–CLOSED

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These days, it seems like organic products are cropping up all over the place, and not just at the grocery store. Organic clothing, organic pet food, organic shampoo, even organic fertilizer! Looking out for toxins, pesticides and harmful chemicals in our household products is not something I think about naturally, so I’m glad other people are identifying them and creating products that limit or eliminate their use. Today’s giveaway is for organic nail lacquer–did you know there are toxic chemicals in nail polish?!?


NourISH Organic Nail Lacquer has developed a nail polish that is not only organic and toxin-free, but also nourishes, strengthens and protects your nails while it’s on! Apparently, most polishes contain the “big three” or the “toxic trio” of Formaldehyde, DBP/Phthalates, and Toluene, all linked to birth defects, allergic reactions, headaches, liver and kidney problems. Yuck! NourISH removes these chemicals and uses in their place Soy Protein and Vitamins C and E, which replenish dry, brittle nails and prevent splitting. NourISH also contains three key ingredients to prevent nail fungus: Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Thyme Oil.   But, like their website says, “Don’t think a nail polish with clinical benefits has to look ‘clinical’—NOURISH is chip resistant, long lasting and comes in a variety of luxuriant colors.” It’s true–check out their color palette:


I had a hard time picking just one polish to review. I ended up choosing Cream Tangerine because I loved that tangerine color that was so hot this summer. Unfortunately, this “tangerine” was more of a blood orange color; I was hoping for more orange than red.


But I still love the benefits of these lacquers! I think it’s amazing that you can protect your nails from fungus while nourishing them AND making them look good! The NourISH Base Coat looks white in the bottle but dries clear and with a beautiful shine. Just the Base Coat alone will protect and nourish your nails, even if another brand of polish is applied on top of it. The Colored Lacquer is really rich; I only applied one coat and it was thick and very opaque. My biggest pet-peeve with nail polish is when you can see the nail underneath, and there was no nail-peeping with this lacquer! The clear Top Coat is strong and shiny; I used it over some other polish this weekend and it stayed on longer than most polishes ever do.


NourISH also carries the Barefoot Botanicals line, which is an organic, vegan, Kosher, GMP Compliant line of creams and scrubs to care for your feet.  All of these great products can be purchased at www.NourishMyNails.com.  Each nail lacquer retails for $17.95 and the Barefoot Botanicals Cracked Heel Repair Creme and Pomegranate Sugar & Shea Scrub costs $18.95. Lucky for you, NourISH is offering YOU the chance to win a Prize Basket worth more than $150! The basket will include three colors of your choice, a Top and Base Coat, Anti-fungal Nail Solution, Barefoot Botánica product (Cracked Heel Repair Cream and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub), a Nail File, Buffer Block and Nail Clippers!

Enter to win an amazing Gift Basket from NourISH Organic Nail Lacquer ($150 value!)

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YumEarth Fruit Snacks {Review}

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I still remember the first time we bought fruit snacks. We were going on a road trip with our son, who was only about a year at the time, and we thought we’d get him something new and exciting to eat that would keep him happy through our long trip. Ironically enough, he didn’t like them! Of course, after repeated exposure (and seeing his friends eating the coveted snacks) he grew to love them, and now they’re like gold. Bribery with fruit snacks can get just about anything done! Sadly, fruit snacks aren’t the healthiest of all foods, so I can’t bribe with them all day long.  That is, until I found YumEarth Natural Organic Fruit Snacks.


YumEarth Organics fruit snacks are better tasting and better for you than your average fruit snack.  They are vegan, contain no gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, or artificial colors and dyes, AND they’re actually made from fruit extract. So, you know, they actually taste like FRUIT. Imagine that!


The fruit snacks are dry to the touch instead of sticky and they have a chewy consistency, but not sticky-chewy like other snacks. They’re shaped like the fruit that they taste like, and the taste is good! Peach was my favorite, but the other flavors–Strawberry, Cherry and Banana–were also delicious. And because they’re made from fruit extracts, each package has 100% of a child’s daily recommended Vitamin C! My kids gobbled them up, and when I asked them if they tasted any different than the fruit snacks we normally buy, they said no. So, you don’t have to compromise taste and likability to give your kids a healthier option. And with so many kids today with allergens or sensitivities to certain ingredients, it’s nice to know there’s a healthier, more conscientious candy out there for everyone to enjoy! You can check the list of ingredients for each candy here.


In addition to fruit snacks, YumEarth Organics  makes organic lollipops, sour beans, candy drops and gummy bears, all of which are gluten-free, dye- and artificial-color free, contain no high fructose corn syrup, and use ingredients grown on sustainable family farms. YumEarth can be purchased from their website, on other online retailers such as Amazon.com and Drugstore.com, or at local retailers such as Walgreens and Target.


Connect with them on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/YouTube!

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NurturMe {Review}

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When my son was a baby, I made all his baby food. I would cut up fresh fruits and vegetables, blend them or boil them if needed, and then freeze them in ice cube trays and store them in the freezer. It was a great way to save money and know I was giving him the freshest food possible. However, when Number Two came along, life got significantly crazier, and I opted for store-bought, jarred baby food. I wish I had known then about NurturMe, a better alternative to the stuff in the jar.


NurturMe was created in 2008 by two moms in Austin, TX, who wanted a better way to feed babies than “pureed nutrition in thick glass containers.” After lots of messy experimenting in their kitchens, they partnered with experts in the freeze-drying organic farming community and launched their first line of products in a Texas store in 2010. Since then they have expanded to grocery stores nation-wide, national big-box retailers and online retailers, but their product goals have remained the same:  to create a product that is Certified Organic, Non-GMO verified, Kosher, perservative-, salt-, sugar- and gluten-free, AND made in the USA!


NurturMe offers Cereals, Singles, Blends and Snacks. I was sent some Singles, some Blends and some Snacks. I’ll start with the Singles and Blends. The powders can be mixed with water, milk or breast milk to make better baby food, but since my youngest has been over “baby food” for at least a year, I knew I had to get creative in trying these powders. So I used some of their recipe ideas and got to work. First, I tried the Crisp Apple powder added to vanilla yogurt. Unfortunately, the powder didn’t mix in well and so the texture was grainy instead of smooth. The apple taste was great, but the texture was definitely off. My girl “Sunny” wouldn’t eat it. Next, I tried mixing in a Sweet Potato/Raisins/Carrots blend into our Ground Turkey Stroganoff dinner. The kids didn’t seem to notice that the flavor had been altered and ate it just fine. I tasted it and it was good! I could taste a bit of the sweetness from the raisins and sweet potato, but overall it was a good nutritional additive.


Next we tried the Snacks. They are small bags of premium dried fruits and veggies cut up into tiny, bite-sized pieces. Bountiful Bites (apple, banana, broccoli) was a good combo with its sweet, tart and slightly bitter flavors. We all ate some and really liked it. Happy Harvest (pea, sweet corn, apple) was also a good combo, but the crunchy peas were occasionally too crunchy for my taste. I appreciated the fact that the dried fruit was definitely high-quality; every pea, corn kernel and chunk of apple was perfectly shaped and not wrinkled, shriveled or maimed in any way.


NurturMe Blends and Snacks definitely seem more geared toward babies, and I don’t know that I would buy the powders just as a nutritional additive for my older kids, but as a substitute for jarred baby food these powders are great. I especially like that they are very portable; you could bring these camping, to the park, on a plane, etc. , and all you would need is some water or milk and you would have a nutritious meal for a baby! NurturMe foods can be purchased online or at select retailers, including Target, nationwide.

Connect with NurturMe and get coupons and special offers on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest!


*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by monetary compensation. 

Natural Vitality {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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There are a lot of things I can’t get my kids to eat.  One thing I never have to fight them on is vitamins.  Weird?  There are so many fun ways for kids to get those important nutrients in them (hard pills, soft gummies, medicine droppers, etc.), but the favorite around here lately has been as a juice!  Since we had the opportunity of trying out Natural Vitality‘s organic vitamins, we’ve all been chugging the delicious flavors of 24 organic veggies, superfruits, and berries.
We received 30 packets of Organic Life Vitamins, as well as a bottle of the Kids Calm Multi, which is a liquid dietary supplement.  These are high-quality award-winning dietary supplements!  Natural Vitality believes that liquid is a superior delivery system for supplements, and they are so convinced that they only make liquids and water-soluble powders.
The Organic Life vitamins is a box of packets (30) that you can drink by themselves, or add them to juice or a shake.  We’ve been adding them to a cup of water, and it makes a delicious drink and the kids keep asking for more.  These consist of 24 organic superfruits, veggies & fruits!!  Check out this nutrition label:
This picture below shows you how much liquid is in a packet.  My recommendation is to dilute this!!  It is very strong and very flavored if you drink it straight.  I didn’t shake the packet very well before pouring it, so you can see how the orange and green separate if not shaken.  It has a sort of orange taste, so mixed in with orange juice is a good combo.
We also tried a bunch of these anti-stress drinks, which are meant to balance your calcium intake and restore healthy magnesium levels.  The flavors are fun (the Raspberry-Lemon is my favorite!) and they make quite tasty drinks, especially dumped into a cold water bottle.
IMG_5080 copy
So the vitamins-in-a-bottle may not be MY favorite way to get nutrients (I found the taste still a little too strong, and I think I’d still prefer a pill to swallow), but this is awesome for the kids.  My boys beg all day long for juice, which I rarely rarely buy, so now when they beg for it, I just pour a Tablespoon of this with some water, and they think they’re getting a treat, when they’re really getting a spoonful of vitamins.  That, my friends, is a win-win.

One lucky winner is going win $50 to spend at Natural Vitality!

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EvaOlivia Organics {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

We’ve been lucky in our family to not have many allergies or skin sensitivities — we can pretty much use any sort of laundry detergent, diaper, soap, cleaner or other skincare/household product without worrying about it affecting us or our children.  A friend of mine, though, had a daughter with severe eczema that would flare up from time to time out of nowhere; on top of that, her daughter also had food allergies that could cause skin issues if she even touched the food (or something containing that food).

I’ve often thought about how different her life is from mine, especially as we discussed sending our children to preschool — while I was concerned about my son obeying the teacher, following directions, and getting along with other children, she worried about the types of fabric softeners that other children had on her clothes, if someone would inadvertently forget to take out the peanut butter crackers in their kids’ backpacks, and that there would be someone who was trained (and willing!) to use an Epi-pen if needed.  I immediately thought of this friend and her family when I learned about EvaOlivia Organics and the organic, homemade products that they offer that can ease skin sensitivities.EvaOlivia-Organics-logo-wit

“Several years ago, two new parents began making soap in their kitchen in an effort to produce a cleansing soap that was gentle enough for their daughter who was born prematurely and with very sensitive skin.  Guided by the recipes their grandparents and great grandparents used, they blended various herbs and flowers from their own organic garden into their soap mixtures.  This soap became the only soap the family used (it still is!) and it addressed the sensitivity issue for their daughter.”

“EvaOlivia soaps are made completely from scratch using the cold process method, with raw ingredients and recipes created based on the craft our grandmothers and great grandmothers used to make ‘lye soap’.  Our soap is hand poured and hand cut.  This is soapmaking in the tradition of our ancestors.  Today, our soap is made with the same love and care that inspired our original bars of unscented soap, then lavender, then other varieties.”

EvaOlivia’s soap line currently includes:


TWELVE INDIVIDUAL SOAPS  (Ruby Red, Patchouli, Lemongrass & Patchouli, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Lovely Lavender, Shea & Honey, Citrus & Lavender, Gardener’s Hand Soap, Oatmeal & Spice, Pink & White Grapefruit, Thyme & Rosemary, and Unscented)


SIX BATH AND SHOWER GELS Unscented, Tea Tree, Sweet Shea, Lemongrass, Lovely Lavender, and Citrus Magic)


SEVEN BODY BUTTERS (Unscented, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Patchouli, Lovely Lavender, Lemongrass, and Citrus Magic)





GIFT SETS (Relaxing, Earthy, Romantic, Exfoliating, Invigorating, Mens Mix, Kids Mix, Best Sellers, and Create Your Own Mix)

and more to come soon.”

  When I was contacted by EvaOlivia Organics about doing a review of their products, I said that I would love to and didn’t see anything on the website that I wouldn’t like to try, which fairly rare for me since I can usually pinpoint a few items that catch my eye.  I’m so glad that I didn’t specify anything — I loved the surprises and the scents/products that I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own!

We were sent two bottles of the Bath & Shower Gel, three Individual Bar Soaps, and one Body Butter.  I LOVE the oils that are found in the Bath & Shower Gels that seems to linger on my skin much longer than other soaps, and the scents (Sweet Shea and Citrus Magic) are perfect for summertime.  The Individual Bar Soaps are an item that I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own since I feel like bar soaps can have a clammy feel and can leave my skin flaky and dry, but these bar soaps from EvaOlivia Organics didn’t have that effect at all!  I liked the oatmeal in the bar that, again, left my skin feeling soft after leaving the shower.

The Body Butter, though, was my absolute favorite!  This didn’t surprise me that much, as I’ve loved using thick body butters on my feet during the summer when I live in my flip flops — my surprise came from the Lemongrass scent that I never would have chosen on my own but have ended up LOVING!  I overheard a girl in my husband’s unit once comment that lemongrass smelled like lime jello to her, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all.  I’ve mentioned before that I love anything lemon (scent, flavor, etc.), and the lemongrass just added a softness to the tart lemon by itself.


Head on over to EvaOlivia Organics to discover some new products, then come back here and enter to win a gift basket — two 8 oz. shower gels (lemongrass and sweet shea) and three bar soaps (peppermint, ruby red, and shea butter & oatmeal).

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** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by EvaOlivia Organics, but all opinions are strictly my own.

rosieMADE Organic Soap {Review}

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With all the festivities and celebration this past week surrounding our country, I thought that the timing of this review was impeccable!  This company commits itself to empowering female entrepreneurs, featuring products made in the USA, and connecting women through networks to grow their business.


rosieMADE offers inspired, quality gifts and products that are made in the USA by women friendly companies. Every gift should have a unique story, and we’ll help you tell it!  Providing a curated assortment of American made products, we strive to be your favorite resource for made in the USA gifts. All of our products are hand made or created using small batch techniques and remarkable ingredients, resulting in outstanding quality. We are a woman-owned company, inspired by Rosie the Riveter. We work to help other women-owned and small companies grow. Based in Idaho, we scour the US for amazing products to share on our site to help you live an inspired American dream.”


Zesty Lemongrass Organic Bar Soap is my new favorite summertime scent!  A couple of years ago, I became obsessed with anything lemon — flavors, scents, you name it, I wanted it.  The zest in the soap gives it a tart lemon scent that is excellent during a morning shower for a pick-me-up while the lemongrass keeps it from leaving your body smelling too fruit-like.


Lavender Oatmeal Organic Bar Soap was perfect for this past week of my fun-in-the-sun.  Although I’m very careful to apply sunscreen, my fair skin always gets a little burnt and I inevitably miss a few places.  Last week at the beach, I missed the tops of my feet and, oh my goodness, I was in such pain!!  I’ve read that oatmeal can help burns, so I used this soap to wash/soak my feet for a couple of nights.  I especially loved using this soap each evening and the lavender oatmeal combination was soothing as well as calming before bed.


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**This review was sponsored by rosieMADE, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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