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Disclosure: This site contains sponsored posts, affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) and is part of the Amazon affiliate program, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Meet Our New Contributors

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

We’re so happy to be working at Dandy Giveaway and wanted to take the chance to introduce ourselves to all of you.


Hi everyone!  I’m Brittney and I’m psyched to be a part of the Dandy team!

 I’ve been following this blog for a few years now and I’m so excited to have the chance to be a contributor for it. How can you not love friendly reviews, awesome pictures and giveaways?  Ha.

 So, a little bit about me… I’m an awful singer, a YA book addict, a photography lover, a late night novel writer, and a homemade chocolate chip cookie extraordinaire.

 I have the world’s best husband, who I’ve had a raging crush on since 7th grade, and I’m crazy for my sweet baby boy (“Dmitri”).

 Currently, I’m living in Boston while my husband attends grad school at MIT.  It’s taken me a little bit of time to warm up to city life, think tiny apartments (abet great views) and lack of car ownership, but Boston is an amazing place to live!  I walk out my front door and I feel like every place I look is post card worthy.

 After 10 years of living on a tight budget as a college student or wife of a college student I feel like I’ve got thrifting in my blood and I can’t wait to share the tips, tricks, and great companies I’ve found with all of you fine readers.

 Contact me at: DandyBritt (at) gmail (dot) com.


Hello Dandy readers! My name is Jami and I’m so happy to be here blogging with you!

I’ve been blogging for about 3 1/2 years now and I just love it! I never imagined I would be working on a blog like Dandy Giveaway and I can’t be more happy to be here!

Now for a little about me. I love movies! I’m definitely an enthusiast. I have a serious weakness for school supplies. In the fall all to often do crayons, markers, and pads of paper find their way home with me. But no matter the time of year I love a new spiral notebook to jot down important things in. I love finding good deals, so you’ll often find me going to garage sales and thrift stores. I have a serious addiction to chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I’ve tried a fair amount brands. I think I’ve found my favorite, but I’m not sure. Do you have a favorite ice cream, brand or flavor?

My tall and handsome red headed husband and I have been married for 5 years. We have two adorable little boys (Munchkin is 3 and Baby Cakes is 1), a temperamental grey cat, and a two story house to show for it. We’re currently building a patio where our pool used to be. Home projects are always so fun and slightly overwhelming, aren’t they?

I am so happy to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on products I’ve tested, recipes I’ve tasted, and projects I’ve completed with all of you! If you ever need a question answered or have any thoughts you con contact me at : dandyjami (at) gmail (dot) com.


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