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Mineral Hygienics {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Remember how I was introduced to the magical world of mineral makeup a few months ago when I did a review for Mineral Hygienics?  This stuff has changed my life!  I have been using this stuff incessantly, and I probably sound like a crazy product reviewer every time ‘make-up’ comes up in conversation with my friends because I just want to brag about this stuff and get everyone else hooked on it too!


The top item: the powder foundation.  I can’t get over how light it feels and how much coverage I get from it!  I can perfectly blend it into my hairline and into my neck so it is impossible to tell where the makeup starts and stops.  All my imperfections are concealed, and my skin has never looked healthier even when I take it off because my pores are not clogged while wearing this foundation.  It is so easy to wash off, and I’ve never had a problem with it smearing off onto clothing.  Clearly, I’m a fan, and its really just a privilege to show you even more products from Mineral Hygienics!


Way back when, I got to review the Medium and Medium Light powder foundations.  They have been fabulous!  The colors were a very good match, but I found that the more I added (because this stuff is totally build-able and you just brush more on for more coverage), it looked a little dark to me.  No need to throw it out–just blend it with a different lighter shade!  I asked to review two shades a little lighter in color (Light and Light Golden) and the combination of the medium tones and these lighter ones creates just the perfect blend of exactly my skin color!  I think that using two different shades actually looks even more natural than just one, and I’ve done just that every since I got them.


And then step into the world of Mineral Hygienic’s eye shadows!  OH so dreamy!  I would wear all of their colors, they’re just so beautiful.  I’m trying to add a little more color to my tradition palette of browns and pinks, so ultimately, I went with Glacier and Steel Blue.  They are so beautiful together!

webBlue Steel webGlacier

They are a perfect pair, and I think they really create a beautiful pop above any eye color, without looking trampy or juvenile.  Blues are tough to get right.  These colors are the longest lasting eyeshadows I have ever ever used.  I can basically leave my eye makeup on overnight and in the morning, and into the next day, my makeup job still looks untouched and freshly applied.  Very impressive.


Love it.IMG_5802 copy

While the makeup is superb, what I especially love about Mineral Hygienics is there quality brushes!  The kabuki brush I’ve been using for the last 4-5 months is still my favorite tool on my makeup table.  Buttery soft, quality bristles that never come out, great weight and heavy feel, etc.  The Full Eye Shadow Brush is just as fantastic. It is made from sable hairs, and it really smooths out the starts and stops of the different colors, creating a professional blend and flawless transition from one color to the next.  I’m a klutz with those stubby sponge applicators, but very comfortable with this quality paintbrush in my hand.  See the difference?!


I almost look airbrushed to me.  In the before picture, notice the redness in my face, tired skin, plain eyes.  In the after picture, see how even my skin tone is?  Everything is smoothed out to look so natural and refreshing.  Gosh, I love this stuff.  Do you see how addicting this mineral makeup can be?  Honestly, I could praise Mineral Hygienics all day.  Go check out all the glorious colors and shades, pick out some favorites, and enjoy a fresh new look!

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 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Purely You Minerals {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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I was really into showchoir in high school.  We would have competitions against other schools (in a very Glee-like fashion) weekly during showchoir season, and were always trying to place better than the week before.  One competition we convinced the boys in our group to wear a little guy-liner and foundation, and we won our first Grand Champion!  With our medals and our trophy as tall as I am, of course we girls attributed it to the makeup.  They even made t-shirts that said “Real Men Wear Makeup”, and I think they let us spruce them up every competition after that.  Makeup really does do wonders!  It can win Grand Champion trophies and it can really enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem!


Lately, I’m really in to mineral makeup.  I don’t know why or how I kept using liquid foundation for so long.  Mineral makeup just feels so much healthier, so light, and so real.  I had the opportunity to try out Purely You Minerals, and I’m pleased as punch with their line of beautiful colors and products.


These products were formulated by a busy stay-at-home-mom who worked tirelessly for 4 years to create the best formula of makeup that is natural, effective, and still designed with integrity.


Purely You Minerals sent me a few samples to test out.  I’m so glad they also sent me a few things I hadn’t requested, because some of them turned out to be my favorites!  In this picture from top to bottom are: Peachy, Satin Plum, Warm Fair Foundation, Haze, Translucent Light Silk Veil (which is awesome, by the way), Electric Blue, and Neutral Light Foundation.  Ochre lip gloss.

IMG_3720This makeup is flawless!  (And these pictures are 100% un-Photoshoped).


Everything feels very light and I never feel “caked” throughout the day.  All of Purely You’s products are made in small batches to maintain high quality standards, and they don’t contain any talc, powdered starches, clays, or parabens, and are always gluten free.  Hopefully this eliminates many possibilities of potential allergies for those with very sensitive skin.PURLELY+YOU+MINERALS+Compact

One of the really neat things that Purely You can do is a Custom Compact (starting at $5), which you can fill with four of your favorites and have your top ‘go-to’s in one place.  You can mix and match your favorites and only tote around what you’re actually using.  It also means you could have your blush, bronzer, and eye shadows all in one compact.  Speaking of eye shadows, Purely You has some super dreamy ones.  Check out these gorgeous colors:

thumb_eye-entry-074451 thumb_eye-entry-074615 thumb_eye-entry-075150 thumb_eye-entry-075227 thumb_eye-entry-075356 thumb_eye-entry-075917 thumb_eye-entry-091747 thumb_eye-entry-092233

And one lucky winner is going to get to pick their own full-size eye shadow!

I would wear all of these.  Even the electric blue!  I didn’t request to try this one out, but it was sent anyways, so I gave it a shot, and I don’t hate it!  If you’re interested in making the change to mineral makeup, I recommend starting at Purely You and trying a few things out.  Their products are super affordable and I’m nothing but pleased with them.

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*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Purely You Minerals, but all opinions are strictly my own

Mineral Hygienics {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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Hi, I do not have flawless skin.  Far from it.  I look at my baby’s soft, clear, and perfect baby skin and envy how spotless and pure it is!  Over the years, I’ve tried many different types and brands of foundations and concealers, and I’ve found that nothing compares to the exquisite look, feel, and coverage of mineral makeup.  It looks so natural!  I jumped at the chance to review some heavenly products from Mineral Hygienics, and I can’t wait to tell you about them!
Mineral Hygienics creates their products from crushed minerals extracted from the earth to create an award winning formula made of only four ingredients!  This makes their products specifically designed for sensitive skin, super lightweight, anti-inflammatory, and healthier for your skin.
I received several of Mineral Hygienics’ foundations–one in light, medium light, and medium.  They carry 14 different shades, so you’re bound to find a perfect match.  The three I received all looked like they could match my skin, with just slight differences, so I tried a blend of all three when I applied them.  I actually really liked the result, and will probably keep using a combination of all three when I apply my make up in the future.  Now, I have been known to leave the house in a rush and still have that terrible foundation line along my jaw caused from inadequate blending from liquid foundations.  How embarrassing!  The fabulous thing about mineral powder foundation applied with a brush is that there are no lines, only beautifully blended coverage with a velvet finish.  Speaking of coverage, it is astonishing to me how the mineral powder can fill in the imperfections of your skin!  A few brush strokes, and my skin looks practically Photoshopped-perfect!
Mineral Hygienics also sent me the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush, and basically feels like velvet on my skin.  It doesn’t feel at all like a hundred tiny bristles, but rather like a soft buttery fabric gliding across my face.  It is rounded and tapered to float effortlessly across your face, and is a big help for first-time users like me.  $28 is totally a steal.  If you don’t have a quality make-up brush, and you want to get into mineral makeup, you really should check out these fabulous brushes.
The finishing touches on my flawless look were the Cool Kiss Bronzer/Enhancer, and the Silk Translucent Finishing Powder.  The bronzer came looking a little darker than I thought it looked online, and I was hesitant to apply it all over in fear of looking too ‘painted’, but it turned out to be just exactly right.  With a little in your brush, it creates just a touch of a sun-kissed glow, and this Cool Kiss shade is specifically designed for fair to light complexions.  The finishing powder fills in the last cracks, lines, and pores to create that last silky smooth layer, and helps the minerals to stay put throughout the day.  Even with the baby grabbing at my face and a day of daily errands, I still had the perfect complexion I saw hours before.  It is sweat and water resistant and I don’t worry at all about it rubbing off on anything.
237dc8a7397668b2c7fccdee4523e09e.image.260x260 7dfe782d10e408b43ff56589fc2745aa.image.260x260
This mineral makeup is SO lightweight that I forgot I was wearing anything at all the moment I stepped out of the bathroom.  I had huge doubts about whether a powder could provide the kind of coverage I’m looking for, but after trying Mineral Hygienics, I’m a believer.  The results are pretty magical:
bef aft copy2
Before                                                                              After
Goodbye redness, goodbye tired skin, goodbye patchy unevenness, hello smooth, glowing, healthy natural-looking complexion!
I am clearly a novice to the perfect application of mineral makeup, and forgot that the minerals warm to your face, so I probably shouldn’t have applied so much, and just checked back in 5 minutes to see how effective it already was.  The ‘swirl, tap & set, blend & buff’ directions included with your purchase are a big help.  I’ll get it down!  And wear nothing but this until its gone!
Dandy readers, you have my 100% honest opinion that this makeup from Mineral Hygienics is dreamy, effective, high-quality, and I LOVE the results!
Here is an exclusive coupon code for you to use on your own mineral makeup!  “DANDY” will be a 10% off coupon that is good for the next 3 months.

*This posting was sponsored by Mineral Hygienics, but all opinions are strictly my own


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