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butter LONDON Nail Lacquer {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
Whenever I am feeling the most grungy, unpretty, or down about my appearance, my favorite pick-me-up is a little nail job.  Looking back at my nail polish purchases, they seem to coincide with my pregnancies, haha.  But really, no matter your size, the state of your hair, or whether your legs are shaved or not, your nails can be beautiful!  I love that reminder every time I look at my fingers or toes–I am beautiful!
So I had never actually tried butter LONDON nail polish until this week, but I’ve seen their delightfully dreamy colors in all the fashion magazines for years and years, and have always wanted to get my hands on one of these lacquers.  My nail dreams came true when butter asked if I would review two of their colors and…(trumpets!)…their Matte Finish Top Coat!!
So what makes butter nail lacquers so fantastic?  First of all, their lacquers are formulated without using harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens, and they are the trusted nail polish of choice for many designers.  Butter has been an integral part of Fashion Week since the start.  They have a specially trained team of manicurists and the designers that sit together and discuss the desired look to create the exact color and shade, since nails are practically an accessory on their own, and play such an integral part of a finished ensemble.
Ok, lets admire these colors.  Here I have Shandy Nail Lacquer, which is an opaque, light apricot crème, as seen at La Perla, New York Fashion Week A/W 13.  I think this color can be spot-on for any season or occasion.  It is sophisticated, neutral, and matches with everything!  In case you didn’t know, a Shandy is a refreshing beverage mixed with citrus-flavored soda, carbonated lemonade, ginger ale, or cider, so envision yourself drinking something ritzy as you paint this on.
Next up is Scoundrel Nail Lacquer, which is a medium tone purplish-mauve nail lacquer that can appear darker or lighter depending on what clothing you are wearing.  This is perfect for spring!  I am usually not a fan of purple, and I don’t think I own ANY article of purple clothing, but this Scoundrel color is making me reconsider.  I definitely think its a prettiest of butter’s purple nail lacquers.  Ok, back to the matte.  I LOVE THIS LOOK! Can you see the difference on my (desperately in need of a pedicure) toes?  The bottom triangle part has the matte top coat applied.
This matte top coat is such a chic way to give your manicure a new look by taking away the shine, and giving the color a flat, matte, and beautiful look!  I saw it first on Pinterest, didn’t know how to achieve it, but was sold immediately.  It paints on just like a top coat, with the same kind of bottle and brush as the nail lacquer, and though it goes on clear, it almost immediately turns matte.  I didn’t get to watch it happen because I painted one hand, then as soon as I was done with my other hand, the first was already matted up.
These nail polish bottles are much bigger in person than I envisioned them to be, and the brushes are top quality.  My nails undergo a lot of stress at home–scrubbing dishes, scratching surfaces, picking noses, etc.  I don’t have no desk job.  I’m so happy to report that butter can hold up to anything.  It took several days before I noticed a chip!  Thank you butter!

Visit butter LONDON online and fall in love with each their 51 colors!  And try out their matte finish top coat!!

*This posting was sponsored by butter LONDON, but all opinions are strictly my own


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