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Studio Gear Cosmetics {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Try as I might, I’m not incredibly adventurous when it comes to my makeup.  I’ve pretty much used the same natural colors to create the same natural look since high school.  In the past year or so, though, I’ve been drawn to some fun new colors and some great products that can make quite the difference — all thanks to my endless research on Pinterest!  While I’m still not overly experimental, I have been happy with the new products that I’ve tried and the outcome from most of them.


I was thrilled to be offered a review for Studio Gear Cosmetics, and I have LOVED using these products over the past week!


I’ve used all sorts of mascara with different colors and brush shapes, and I haven’t found one that I especially love more than anything else.  The brush on this Impactfull Pro TLS Mascara, though, is probably one of my favorites — I love that it provides full, even coverage on the top with a couple of coats but also separates and gives color to my very small, blonde bottom eyelashes that can either be non-existent or look like spider legs if I’m not careful!  The mascara generally stays put and doesn’t run throughout the day, so I’ve actually had to remember to take it off before I go to bed every night.


Of all the makeup I’ve tried and owned over the past 15 years, I’m pretty much a brand-snob when it comes to eyeliner — I don’t usually mind switching up anything else, but I can be pretty specific about my eye liner.  The Invincible Gel/Crème Eye Liner in Earth, though, was a fun addition to my makeup routine this week, but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to for me since I don’t have the steadiest of hands!  I’ve never really thought of applying eye liner with a brush rather than using it in pencil form, but I was pleasantly pleased with the results.  I have to say that the staying power is amazing!  We’re in humid coastal North Carolina, so it’s saying a lot when makeup doesn’t fade or smudge by the end of the day.


I rarely use more than Chapstick on my lips, but I notice such a difference when I put on something with a little more color – I feel like my whole look is more finished.  I’m not a huge fan of dark colors or, frankly, colors that are too light, so I was incredibly impressed with the Luscious Lip Shine in Desire that I was sent to try.  It glides on easily and stays on for hours, and I especially love the cinnamon-y scent I smell (but don’t taste, thank heavens!) each time I apply it.  This is my absolute favorite product of the bunch, and the color is probably the closest to my natural color while still providing a pop of extra pink.

If you’re wanted to try a new look or tutorial that you saw on Pinterest or are hoping that a new product might give your “same ol’ same ol'” makeup routine a jumpstart, I’d suggest taking a look at Studio Gear Cosmetics for some inspiration!

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