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Spring Foot Covers from Kushyfoot {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

By chance, did you give or get socks last Christmas?  I swear, it was like the hot item of the holidays for adults.  All the men in my life are into these funky designs and unexpected colors for their socks.  I think it stems from them generally having a limited number of ways to accessorize.  Regardless, its been fun to see socks become high on the ‘want’ list, because I likewise think they’re a fun thing to get in to.  Especially the new line of spring socks from Kushyfoot!

Kushyfoot-LogoJust look at this spoil!  This is the Kushyfoot Spring 2014 collection which highlights more than 20 rockin’ styles and colors, and they sent me a sample to review.  The great part about this collection is that the whole footwear spectrum is addressed.  Whether your shoes are high, low, peep toe, sporty or dressy, you’ve got something to keep your feet covered.

IMG_0414Let’s start on the far left with the Ultra Low Cut foot covers, sold as a two-pack.   Note how very low cut these actually are in person.  There is nothing more gross to me than seeing ugly foot covers spill out over top otherwise beautiful heels.  Sure, you can see a pink outline in my Madden Girls, but I totally don’t mind.

pinkThese are totally comfortable, and these polka dots are darling.  That gray dot with the scallop trim around the edges?!  Goodness, do your feet a favor and avoid settling for those tan, generic covers that look sanitary disposables in shoe stores and get these extremely adorable ones.  Notice the dome-shaped padding sewn in to every pair.  Hence the ‘cushy’ part of ‘kushyfoot’.

Now, I know the elastic looks biting, but it is very stretchy and it doesn’t lie along any pressure points.  Still, I think these are just right for my size 6.5 feet, and that size 8 girls might find these a little too small.  Good thing Kushyfoot now carries larger sizes.  More on that below.  Next in the line-up are the Extreme Low Cut foot covers, also sold as a two-pack.
Extreme low cut?  Its true.  These are about the lowest cut you can get and still stay on your feet.  The packaging says, “Sides so low, they never show”, and they are totally justified in claiming that.  They totally disappear.  However, with lace this pretty, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.
Next up is a most exciting new item called the Sheer Fashion Anklet.  I think these are excellent with trousers or slacks, especially for those who are grossed out with knee-highs.
IMG_0423 The sheer is pretty, the ankle cuff is thick and supportive without being binding, and per typical of kushyfoot products, they have that awesome chevron textured ribbing on the underside for added comfort, as well as for keeping them stationary inside slippery shoes.
Then we have the Sport Foot Cover!
Now I’m a BIG fan of these sport foot covers.  Socks with gym shoes is a total must, and these are practically invisible.  Notice how the top is made from a mesh material that allows for ventilation.  The grippies on the inside of the heel and the extra lip on the back keep your socks in place no matter how active you get.  Besides that, they are comfy, comfy.  Stretchy in all directions and made of a very soft knit.
And here we have the Super Ultra Low Cut foot covers in size Regular and Large.
IMG_0448Now with all these superlatives, its hard to know which is the MOST low cut just from the descriptions, but as you can probably guess, these are pretty low too.  No show in the front, regardless of your shoe style as long as it is close-toed, but you might see a hint on the side.  I love the all-lace toe, with the added benefit of a full sole and of course, the kushyfoot padded trademark on the bottom.
And last but not least, here are the Toe Covers.  TOE covers, not foot covers.  Kind of weird.  The picture shows these being worn with open-back slippers, which I get, but then the clear elastic still shows along your heel.  Perhaps these are ideal with sling back/close-toed shoes?  I’m sure there is a perfect shoe out there for these toe covers, but I’m still kind of stumped.  Regardless of their intended function, they’re comfortable, roomy, and sheer-ly beautiful.
Now, note that all of these are reasonably priced and nothing you see is over $10.  Also new is the pair of foot covers for larger feet sizes.  Believably, the average foot size has grown from a size 8 to a size 9, so Kushyfoot is rolling with the trends and following suit.  I’m also loving the additional skin tones that are making these more appealing to a larger number of women.

Again, these are so affordable, ranging from $3.99 to $9.99 retail.  Kushyfoot products (and there are over 50 styles) include Flats to Go®, tights, trouser socks, anklets/crews, foot and toe covers, shoe cushions, sport socks (including pedicure and yoga socks) and home/dorm socks, as well as men’s socks and liners.  They’ve got you covered.  Literally.

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Kushyfoot {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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I think I mentioned that I grew up with seven brothers, and just one sister.  Yes, my sister and I are totally outnumbered and whenever we get together, which only happens a couple times a year, we have to urge to do especially girly things to make up for all the boy-ness that usually dominates.  Earlier this month, I got visit home and catch up with my mom and sister while we chit-chatted on all sorts of topics from Prom to how to curl your hair with a flat iron, and one topic that came up as we were talking about shoes was that of foot covers that you wear with dress shoes.  Come to find out, my mom has a strong affinity towards ugly foot covers!  If they are not pretty, she does NOT want to see them.  While I was visiting, my sister found some plain economy foot covers to wear with her dressy heels for the wedding, but I knew there had to be something prettier out there.  Some kind of cover to wear with heels and flats that you’re not embarrassed over if some of it peeps out.  My search began as soon as I got home, and hey, Mom, I just found a pretty kushy solution!


These foot covers from Kushyfoot are just what we were talking about needing!

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy a little fashion show of my feet:


Here we have the Ultra Low Cut Foot Cover in Black and nude.  What makes these more than just foot covers that keep your shoes from getting sweaty and stinky, are that they are…you guessed it: cushy!  They contain a sewn-in foot cushion and a heel guard so that the ball of your foot has a soft place to land and the cover stays on your foot.  They are so stretchy that you’ll get a good fit regardless of your shoe size.


Next on the runway is the Sport Foot Cover in Black.  This cover is great for athletics because it is well ventilated and the heel stays put.  This is great because when you’re out for a run, or in the middle of a tennis match, the last thing you want to do is take a break to put your sock back in place.  My feet are kept cool because the materials are quite breathable.


And now is where the fashion show really gets fun!  Here I am wearing the Dot Foot Cover.  So fun!  I found the elastic to be a little tight on this pair, and it left some imprints after wearing them for three hours at church, but perhaps they just need to be broken in a little, and the tightness will easy over time.


And the really gorgeous show stopper: the Lace Mary Jane!  The lace is so pretty, and the elastic ruffle across my feet is the perfect touch!


The lace throughout the foot looks delicate and pristine, but its actually quite strong and feels fairly durable.  I only wish the lace strap stayed down a little better, but I imagine taking an iron to it would flatten it right up.


These can be worn with all sorts of shoes, but go particularly great with heels when you aren’t wearing additional socks or tights. Spring and summer are especially when I am wearing my best shoes without nylons or leggings and I worry about the moisture that collects inside my shoes and probably wears down the materials.  I found these Kushyfoot foot covers to be extremely comfortable, and I will definitely think twice about leaving the house in heels without them.

If you wear shoes, you should consider these dainty beauties from Kushyfoot!  Mom, I’m sending a pair your way 🙂

*This posting was sponsored by Kushyfoot, but all opinions are strictly my own


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