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Keystone Puzzles {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Recently I have been rediscovering the simple joy of puzzles!  If you have a toddler in the house, you know how they can be a treasured play toy from a very early age.  “Rocket” was not really a fan for the longest time, and it kind of broke my heart because I wanted him to find the same enjoyment that I found in puzzles as a little girl.  With time, he has come around and we’ve enjoyed pulling out and finishing new puzzles together.  Maybe it had to do with getting the right puzzles–you know, ones with cars and trucks.

Puzzles are practically ageless, aren’t they?  You see them in preschools, you see them in nursing homes.  Heck, my family of all ages will sit around a card table and put together 500-piece puzzles all during Christmas break!  If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, unique, and personalized puzzle for your family and your home, Keystone Puzzles has some beautiful creations!

Karen, the puzzlecutter from Keystone Puzzles, creates all her puzzles herself from start to finish, from the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania.   What is so unique about Keystone Puzzles is all of the intricate cutting styles.  Here is the standard cut, which is already pretty fantastic.  Can you spot the cute figural piece?

Keystone Puzzles has an impressive number of figurals that can be incorporated into each custom puzzle.  How neat to have these incorporated as puzzle pieces!

Every piece is meticulously cut by hand, one piece at a time, with the tiniest cuts!  Here is the beautiful spiral cut.

These artistic pieces are crazy!!  No two puzzles are ever the same!  Truly unique.

Keystone puzzles can also do continuous, long arm, non-interlocking, butterfly, enhanced spiral, grid, and combination cuts.

They can also incorporate color-line cutting, disguised edge pieces, and trick edge pieces!  They can do dropouts (like the “I Love You” in my mini puzzle below), dropout/figural combinations, and sculpted edges!  Fancy, schmancy!

Karen sent me a mini puzzle so I could see for myself how intricately beautiful these puzzles are.  The first thing I noticed was the high quality wood.  The pieces are made from a 1/4″ 5-ply birch plywood, which is extremely strong, and the combination of maple and birch gives the pieces a lovely contrasted look from the side.

This mini puzzle took me almost over 5 minutes to solve!  I love that!  I can only imagine the thrilling challenge a large puzzle 18 or 19 inches in length would be!  With all the unexpected cuts and designs, what a cozy evening of puzzle-doing you could have!

Everything was sanded smooth and tied so cute in a box.  In fact, included with every puzzle purchase is a storage box to hold and protect your puzzle!  The large puzzles come with a handmade solid wood box with a sliding lid, and stained and finished!  Talk about a heirloom that will last for generations!!

You must go take a look at all the incredible creations in Karen’s shop!  There are some exquisite creations that would be PERFECT for wedding gifts or even family reunions!

Go take a look for yourself at all the beautiful things Karen makes in her Etsy shop!


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