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THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I was telling my mother this weekend as we were sitting around talking about motherhood, that I don’t think being a mom is hard.  Its all fun and easy, but you’re just so tired all the time!  I think one of the most obvious tolls on my body from the lack of sleep every night is the dark droopy circles under my eyes.  When I discovered THERA°PEARL’s Eye-ssential Mask, I volunteered myself as the perfect candidate to try it out!  I can barely keep my eyes open as I’m typing this!
First, look at this packaging.  Very slick.  Being able to see the gel really makes it more appealing, and the color looks extremely soothing.  I think being able to touch and feel the pearls is a great attraction point.  Doesn’t this look like the epitome of soothing relief!?  These beads look so fancy, almost like a squishy baby toy!  Those aqua blue pearls are just calling to out, “try me!!”
The elastic on this Eye-ssential Mask can swivel around on these white buttons above, so you can adjust it just how you like it.  The length and strength of the elastic has a good balance between feeling secure on your head and not feeling too tight.  Its not as if anyone is planning on walking around with this over their eyes, so the elastic is just tight enough to keep it in place on your eyes, but not give you a pressure headache, which would be quite counterproductive. :)  I imagine this mask would be a god-send for those who suffer from allergies and sinus infections.  We’re often digging through the freezer for something cold to put on our forehead when we get headaches, but something like this that doesn’t drip of thaw veggie juices down your face is a much better choice :)  And think about using it just after a brutal brow wax!
I was kind of hoping I’d get a black eye before I had to write this review so I could really try it out!  Really!  No luck.  I did, however, get in a few extremely relaxing eye therapy sessions on the couch after some long days.  Heaven.  See, the beauty is that this mask can be made hot or cold.  Just throw it in the freezer for at least 2 hours, or toss it in your microwave for somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds.  Talk about instant relief!  This was me, last night, tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that…
20 solid minutes of don’t-touch-me-time.  The heat is so evenly distributed throughout the mask, and it covers a great amount of skin.  I’m really getting addicted to it.  This probably isn’t advised, but I even fell asleep with it on last night and didn’t realize it was still on til morning.  Is that the sign of a tired mom or what?
Pick up your own THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask online at therapearl.com for $12.99, or click HERE to go to the product page.
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