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Our Boo-tiful Wagon

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Remember that ultra cute, very dandy, and super fun wagon that we took on our fall outing last week?


Yep.  That’s the one!

The baby is also ultra cute, very dandy, and super fun if I do say so myself.  *wink*

(He has some teeth coming in and is constantly feeling with his tongue and sticking it out for pictures.)

Isn’t the wagon just so charming?  Our kids simply love this wagon.

The charm is all in that happy face.


My kiddos were invited to decorate the Cozy Coupe Wagon just to show how perfect it is for the trick-or-treating adventures and it is perfect.  I mean seriously… why walk from house to house when you can ride in style?  And decorating your own ride for the big All Hallows’ Eve???  Even better!

My kids really got into the decorating process.  It brought out their creativity and we were able to discuss our plans for the wagon weeks in advance.  This family activity has made this year’s Halloween festivities that much more memorable for us so I highly recommend.  Ready to see what my kiddos did to their new wagon?  Here you go:

Little Tikes sent them the wagon, I gave them the supplies, and they got to work.


Didn’t they do such a boo-tiful job?

Of course in addition to the decorating…

We just had to put our new friend in costume.


After all… Those Cozy Coupe eyes were just screaming to be a ghost.

Do you have any other ideas of how we could have dressed Cozy?

Thanks to Little Tikes we are all ready for trick-or-treating.  Are you?  It will be here before you know it.

The countdown is on.

Bring on October 31st!


Do you stay in your own neighborhood for trick-or-treating?

Or do you go all over town?


Have a very safe and Happy Halloween!

I did receive the Cozy Coupe wagon from Little Tikes to bring you this posting.  However, all opinions are strictly my own.

Lamp Post BOO!

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Sometimes I struggle at holiday decorating.  Only because it’s so time consuming and I feel like I don’t have much time.  Anyone else feel that way?  Okay.  So I’ll level with you.  It might also have something to do with the fact that sometimes I think that I’m not incredibly crafty.  Okay.  I think that often.  Like I’m not all thumbs when it comes to crafts, but I’m pretty particular and need things to look just right.  One minor imperfection and I can’t let it go.  Whenever I see said completed craft that looks kind of strange or has a tiny blemish I cringe.  Of course I don’t cringe at other people’s crafts.  I don’t notice their mistakes.  Only my own.  I’m an insecure crafter.  It’s a complex.  I must overcome.  Anyone else have this problem?

So I struggle with time and being an insecure crafter.  I really do want to be more secure in my crafting abilities.  Really I do.  Maybe I need lessons?  Probably.  Crafters Anonymous?  Definitely.  I see all of these cute ideas everywhere.  Tons and tons of cute ideas.  I pin all of them right here on Pinterest, but then I never do them.  Or if I start the project I never finish it.  I’m airing all of my guilt today, right?!  My name is Tara and I’m a craftaholic.  I bet there is a group for that… Honestly I do need to be better at finishing the projects that I start.  It’s a wonder that I can actually sit down at the computer and type blog postings when I’m such a spaz when it comes to everything else.  You laugh?  I may have the focus for some things, but with crafty projects… Well, I turn into that dog Dug from the movie “UP”.  It’s true.  Maybe you are totally laughing, because you think that my blog postings are exactly like that???  Oh my.  I really am insecure.  But I’m working on my insecurities.  Both craft related and non.  I’ve decided that the first step (remember I’m a psychology educated gal) in the process would be simple crafts.  If I do something simple then I will finish it and it will be perfect because it will be really difficult to mess up something so simple.  It’s that simple.

Here is THE easiest DIY Halloween yard decoration that I’ve ever made.

Seriously the easiest.

It’s dedicated to all the Dugs in the world.

I give you…

The Lamp Post Ghost Tutorial!


In front of our house we have an ugly light post.  I’m sure it was beautiful in its time.  Now it’s just quite dingy looking.  It’s super old.  Original to the neighborhood when others have been replaced.  The lamp doesn’t even work so I’m not sure exactly why it still in front of our house.  Maybe I should be digging it up…  One day we will just replace it?  Maybe?  Probably.  In its prime it was a gas lamp.  Then it was converted to electric way before we moved in.  However, the “electrician” (previous home owner who was a medical doctor and had no idea about how to be an electrician) didn’t do a very good job.  It quit working so the “electrician” then cut the line and left this random wire in the basement that operates the lamp post only it plugs into nothing.  No outlet.  No switch.  No lit lamp post.  So you get the idea.  We are left with an antique lamp post that has absolutely no use just standing in our front yard.


 See?  It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world.

BUT recently when I looked at that old lamp post I saw something different.

I saw a ghost.

So I decided to create one.  A lamp post ghost.  So simple that even a 6 year old could do it.


 And it can be created in record time.  By the 6 year old.

To create the ghost I purchased 3 yards of white drapery fabric.  It was on clearance at less than $3 a yard.

You could just as easily use a white sheet.

Banjo used a black Sharpie to make the ghost’s eyes and mouth.  Then we just threw the whole thing over the lamp post and there you have it:

Our Lamp Post BOO!


You can transform your own lamp post for Halloween and it will look super dandy.


Fall is dandy.

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It really is.  Dandy.  Fall is.  I love this time of year.  Absolutely love it.  I think that I’ve always been a fan of fall.  There’s just something about this time of year that draws me in.  It reminds me of things.  For starters it tells me that everything is going to be okay and eventually will become anew.  After a very long, hot summer the temperatures will start to drop, brilliant colors will form on my favorite trees, leaves will begin to fall, snow will eventually cleanse, and then spring will burst forth The newness happens all because of fall.  All because of it.  Without fall we would miss out on so much!  (If you’ve never experienced a Midwest fall then I highly recommend it.  Visit a place that has a real and true fall just once.  You will see exactly what I’m talking about.  The beauty of it all.  Truly breathtaking.)

Everything about this season for me is a memory.  My childhood is a big part of this memory.  I remember going with my grandparents to stomp through piles of leaves in the parks near Jefferson Barracks.  We would leave the pathways to find the biggest clusters of leaves.  The crispness in the air was often filled with silence that was then broken by our feet crunching through the giant, untouched leaves.  My grandparents would positively glow at the happiness that I expressed on our leaf walks.  I knew that they were happy and, as their only granddaughter, I reveled in the attention.  The walks were filled with love.  They taught me the joy that is leaf stomping and I can never look at falling leaves in the same way again because of it.

This year the change of season has taken on new meaning for me.  My feelings toward fall are now bitter sweet.  Seven years ago next month my grandfather (the inspiration for the dandy blog) passed away while raking leaves.  In a strange way it was almost meant to happen that way.  Despite the fact that I was thousands of miles away when it happened… It happened while he was doing something that was so closely connected to me.  Something that tied us together.  Maybe that sounds silly, but it has become a comfort to me.  We lost my grandmother earlier this year.  I’ll forever miss our walks together in the fall.

Despite the sadness that I feel this time of year I can still feel the joy of the season.  I’ll always have the wonderful memories and I’ve come to love sharing this season with my own family.  Spending time out in the fall weather with my husband and children, teaching them about the dandiness that is leaf walks, and taking part in all the fun of the season.  There truly is so much to enjoy this time of year.  Last weekend we found ourselves at a corn maze with friends.  Always a fall gem.  It has become a tradition for us to go to this specific maze.  Our dandy kids had a great time while building their own fall memories and I was able to reflect on all the many reasons why I love this time of year.

A dandy fall to all!


Little Tikes recently gave my family the gift of the Cozy Coupe Wagon.  It’s perfect for all of your fall outings.  Stay tuned for the Halloween review. 

Why I Care What My Son Is for Halloween

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IMG_4604We are what we are today based on the millions of experiences we have had up to this point.  People have touched our lives, we were taught fundamentals from our youth, and successes and failures have made us more brave or more hesitant to continue or discontinue the path we were once on or have always been on. I believe that, as parents, our job (among a million other things) is to protect our children from people and things that will harm and hurt, and steer them in a way to leads to success and happiness, whatever that means to you and your child.

One of the ways that I am personally guiding my son is in the way of emulating positive role models instead of harmful ones, and one way I can do that is by putting particular interest in who my boy is portraying for Halloween!  Call it minial and unimportant, but I think who we allow our children to dress up as and act like is certainly an opportunity of great direction.

First of all, let’s talk about weapons.  We don’t let our children play with guns, for obvious reasons, but primarily so that they never accidentally get ahold of a real and loaded gun and wave it around like they have in play time and inadvertantly do some great damage.  Likewise, how do you feel about play knives, axes, and saws, when these very dangerous items are found in most homes?  Most children who have seen their dad make repairs or do serious yard work know where these tools are, and getting to them isn’t entirely difficult.  So what’s my point?  I think we should be careful with what we let our children play with, even and especially ‘play’ versions of very dangerous things.

Take this to a level above weapons, and what are we doing by allowing our children to roam around the neighborhood masked as villians, ax murderers, grim reapers, and evil spirits?  We are letting them feel comfortable in this costume and this role of evil and thus allowing them to experiment with this feeling of being a bad thing on the outside while remaining incognito.

This might sound a little extreme, and I hope this doesn’t bring on an entourage of angry mommy comments, so let me wrap this up.  I will not be allowing my son to EVER be a character of masked wrongdoers.  Captain Hook is the farthest we go.  I will closely be monitoring and heavily influencing what my son dresses up as for as many Halloweens as he is in my home!  Lets keep a track record of cute animals, wholesome professions, and super heros for as long as we can!  You don’t need to be extremely creative to find a costume that you both can agree on.  In fact, Pure Costumes carries hundreds of these exact costumes I’m talking about: dragons and frogs, fire fighters and policemen, and every super hero you could think of.

Let’s keep Halloween fun and safe for our young and impressionable youth!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway on behalf of Pure Costumes.

O Eclectic Tannenbaum in July

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I call Christmas in July!  After all July 1st is tomorrow and it’s my blog, so I can do that.  Right?  Right?  *wink*  Plus, you all know that I LOVE Christmas.  It’s by far my most favorite holiday.  I do also really like Halloween, but I’m pretty sure you know that already, too.  There’s just something about the Christmas season.  All the Christmas decorations, Christmas smells, and ChristmasLightsEtc.com sales this month.  What’s not to love?  Anyway, today you are in for a real treat.  Are you ready for it?  I’ve decided that I’m going to share with you a part of my life that I’ve never done before.  I’m going to share with you something from my family blog.  A hush falls over the crowd and then…  The crowd goes wild!  Some of you may not know this about me, but before this blog I was actually already a blogger.  I had a little family blog that I maintained while we were living in San Antonio, Texas.  Far away from family and friends.  I should specify that I mean prior friends.  We did make friends in San Antonio.  I’m not that anti social.  *wink*  We lived in SA for 6 years.  I started a blog to share our lives and growing family with loved ones who lived elsewhere.  My very first blog posting was on April 8, 2008.  This was exactly 6 days before Banjo was born.  So I have been blogging for quite the long while.  For my Christmas in July special I’ve decided to share with you an excerpt from my little blog.   And here it is…

Monday, December 1, 2008

O Eclectic Tannenbaum – I love Christmas ornaments!! I’ve always been fascinated by the way the glass ones glint and reflect the lights. My mom was always one of the room-mothers when I was in elementary and she would give out these great handmade ornaments at the class Christmas party. I have one creative mother! However, why is the grass always greener…or in this case someone else’s Christmas tree always greener? I will admit that while I was growing up there were some years I envied others’ Christmas trees. They were all fancy and put together right out of a decorator’s magazine. Our tree was always quite eclectic. We put our school made ornaments on the tree no matter how they looked! 


My brother and I even had our own box of ornaments to place on the tree. These were random ornaments we had collected over the years; first Christmas, special ornaments, gift ornaments, etc. We had so much fun picking just the right branches to hang our ornaments! Looking back I wonder why I ever had Christmas tree envy??? We had a great tree and a great family tradition! One that I will always remember and hold close to my heart. My parents made sure that it was about us feeling special and included around the holidays. And the tree itself displayed how we had grown over the years. I’m so thankful to my parents for instilling in me these valuable traditions and for giving me the type of tree that I want my own children to have!

A Smith Family Christmas Tree
Our tree has also become very eclectic. Anyone who comes over around the holidays will find that I just love Christmas ornaments in all their randomness! When Audi and I got married my mom sent us my ornament box. Every year we have even gotten more memory making ornaments as gifts from people; our first Christmas married, in our new home, etc. I can’t wait for Banjo to one day bring home his beautiful school made ornaments and store them away in his very own box! We also started our own tradition of collecting ornaments from the various places we have vacationed. It is fun to decorate the tree together every year and remember what we have done and where we have been throughout the years.
*The End*
These days our Christmas tree still looks exactly the same.  With the exception of the additions of new ornaments from new travels and ornaments that Banjo has made.  Yay!  My wish came true!  I’ll have to share those with you sometime.  We’ve also embarked on the adventures of decorating the outside of the house.  I guess that comes from living in a more established neighborhood with children around.  Plus, we have to compete with all the St. Louis neighborhood light displays.  Not really, but we can try.  Or rather… dream, right?!  We still need to perfect getting the light strands to the top of the columns:
That will come with time I’m sure.
Despite our failed column lights attempt…
We are so very grateful to finally live in a neighborhood that has a Christmas tradition of its own.
Luminaries line our street every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
*This post was brought to you by MBN. All of the thoughts were completely my own.

Tinkerbell Costumes {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

All the world’s a stage. At least in Ruby’s world it is.  She loves to dress up and do performances.  The girl dances.  She sings.  Shouts out phrases from her favorites cartoons.  All in front of an audience.  In fact our back patio is often transformed into her own personal stage.  We have a short, decorative wall just beyond our patio.  It separates the patio space from the flower bed.  Ruby climbs up onto that short wall (she learned this from her older brother) and puts on quite the show.  Notice that I keep emphasizing that it’s a short wall.  *wink*    It is.  A very short wall.  No  worries about injuries resulting from the very short wall.  Whew.  Glad I got that out of the way.  *wink* Again.

And here is Ruby performing in Tinkerbell’s Disney debut!

tink4 See what I mean?  The girl even knows when to take a bow.

Definitely thinking we need to start saving for dance lessons now!

Even the back of this Tinkerbell costume is spectacular.


As you can see Ruby also just plays dress up as the little fairy:


Yep, she’s definitely a costume fanatic.

Sometimes costumes for toddlers are difficult to find, but not at Costume Supercenter.  This dandy shop sent our Ruby the Tinkerbell costume and she has been playing dress up in it a lot.  Ruby loves Tinkerbell.  Obviously.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 6.43.02 PM

There are so many different costumes to choose from.  Several Tinkerbells, but also other toddler favorites:  Superheroes, animals, and a variety of cartoon characters.  It’s never too early to start shopping for Halloween, so be sure to take a look at all that Costume Supercenter has to offer.

We sure do love our little Tink.


*This posting and review are sponsored by CostumeSupercenter.com, but all opinions are strictly my own.


Private Island Party {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

How was your Halloween last month, ya’ll!?  We went a little western and had a ball!

IMG_8092 copyI’d been planning this get-up for months and months, gradually gathering all the pieces and I was so excited to get the last few pieces from Private Island Party.  They are an online store of Halloween and party novelties and hundreds of accessories.  Orders can be 1 to 1000 items, and you also have the option of ordering in bulk for wholesale prices.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use the items from my order because they didn’t arrive in time for Halloween.  Not even close, actually, even though the order was placed IN AUGUST.  A couple weeks after the order was placed, I received a call from the company explaining that one of the items was no longer available, so I chose a different style of cowboy hat on the spot, though it was really hard to understand each other because of a language barrier.

Several weeks later, I inquired about a tracking number, in hopes that these hats and sheriff badge would arrive by Halloween, and an employee told me he would check on the order status, while verifying that my shipping address and the list of three items was updated.  TWO AND A HALF months later, they arrived well after Halloween night, and the order wasn’t even accurate.  I received a Child Black Cowboy Felt Hat, a sheriff badge, and what was supposed to be an adult black cowboy hat (but was changed to a straw hat because of unavailability) arrived in the form of a Shark Hat.


I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do with these except throw them in a “dress-up box”.  I sure wish the order had been accurate and they had arrived by Halloween!  Needless to say, I am not 100% impressed with this company, and I can’t really recommend them, but as far as the quality of the items goes, for the cost of the products, you are probably getting a good deal.  Most of these items are around $5, which makes it easy to put together an ensemble of costume accessories on a budget.


The shark hat is a little scratchy, even though the fabric looks plush.  The cap is wide enough for an adult head, while still being a little shallow, making it difficult to stay on, especially with the weight of the dangling tail behind.

The cowboy hat is sturdy and doesn’t wilt or bend easily, which makes it a great costume hat for kids.  I think it will hold its shape well, and the Sheriff Badge will be a fun dress-up item.  I like that it doesn’t have a sharp pin on the back, but rather, a clip that can work on t-shirts and square pockets.


If you’d like to order from Private Island Party, I do suggest placing your order 3 months ahead of time to ensure they arrive by the date you need.  To accommodate for potential inaccurate orders and time to ship back for replacements, perhaps ordering 6 months early would be wise.

Still, their inventory is impressive and surely you will find just what you’re looking for among what looks like hundreds and hundreds of fun props and costume pieces!

Online Store / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Robin Hood from BuyCostumes.com {Review}

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My friends and I have all been chatting in anticipation about the Halloween Party that our church is throwing on Friday.  Mothers just love the opportunity to put our babies in something cute and fluffy!  Our husbands are another story.  Most of us can’t get our husbands to dress up at all, but lucky for me, “Charlie” can be persuaded.  That, or he’s realized how much passion I have for this holiday, and is being a good husband about it :).  Still, he has standards.  Nothing too silly, too cute, or too ridiculous.  I’ve tried to find him masculine costumes over the years: Prom King, a football player, a robber, the scarecrow…its not like I’m putting him in an angry birds outfit or the wolf in grandma’s nightgown.  Though that just got me thinking…


Anyways!  I think I just found the most awesome (and extremely masculine) costume for the hubby: ROBIN HOOD!


This Robin Hood Adult Costume consists of the lace-up shirt and the attached vest, arm gauntlets, the belt with attached pouch, and the boot covers.  Note that this does not include the pants, shoes, or bow & arrow, but those should be easy to come by.  Don’t you love when the real thing looks like it does in the picture?

 IMG_7962Except for the blue pants.  Which will be black next time.  But what a great costume, huh!  The costume is quite adjustable.  The green shirt (with the attached vest) is very stretchy and thicker than I thought it would be.  The clasps in front can be set at different holes for a customized feel and look.


We both love the arm gauntlets.  They’re so cool!  We weren’t as impressed with the ‘leather’ details.  The faux-leather is very thin and obviously not real, but from a distance, no one would notice.  We found the front diagonal strap to be a little weird since there is only half of it.  You can see how it ends at Charlie’s shoulder and stays up with velcro.  I really wish it was twice as long so it could be extended down behind his back, especially if you wanted to add some arrows like in the first picture.  The boot covers are pretty cool.  They tend to slide down and look a little sloppy after walking, but this might not be a problem on thicker calves.


The price of $43.99 seems just a little steep, but this is coming from a seamstress who makes her own everything to save a dime.  For a non-sewer, this is probably quite reasonable.  With several more upcoming costume ideas in mind, I figured we could use this later on for Peter Pan or even a medieval man.  You know, switch out some accessories, take away the boots…


Pretty studly, huh?  We’re so stickin excited for Halloween!

Buy Costumes has a huuuuuuge array of Fairytale, TV, and Movie Character costumes.  Sounds safe, right?  These are great for picky-dressers and anti-Halloweeners.


c578fbec4cf44a27d0c657ccc9802a08c6575590 d596402953287223174999724846eb853fa7fb63

Happy Halloween!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Warner Bros. Spook-Tacular Movie GIVEAWAY!

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It’s that time of year again.  The crispness in the air.  The eery fog.  The witching hour is almost upon us!  Are you all decorated for the Halloween splendor?  At our house we are decked out, but also enjoying watching some family friendly spooky movies.  Banjo is really into it this even and even wants to have a “spooky” story at night before bed.  Good thing I’m a grand story teller, because I’m able to make them up and keep them not too scary.  😉  We don’t want the little guy to be having nightmares!

Make your own Halloween spook-tacular with a fun quiz and story printouts right here on Dandy Giveaway:


Make it even more spook-tacular with a chance to win!  (Enter on the Rafflecopter at the end of this posting.)




That’s right!  Enter to win one of these fantastically dandy DVDs:

(Prize will be chosen randomly from the titles below!) 

  • Scooby-Doo!  13 Spooky Tales:  Run for your Rife!
  • Regular Show – Fright Pack (V4)
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Deluxe Edition
  • Tom and Jerry: Tricks and Treats
  • Bugs Bunny’s Howl-oween
  • Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King
  • Tom and Jerry: Halloween Hijinks
  • Sesame Street: Elmo Says Boo!
  • Adventure Time – Jake the Dad (V5)

Enter to win on the Rafflecopter form below!


*This giveaway is open to US and Canada entries only.

*Each household is only eligible to win 1 WB Spook-Tacular Family Movie [CHOSEN AT RANDOM] via a blog reviews and giveaways.  

*Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway.

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*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by PartnersHub, but all opinions are strictly my own.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kelly’s Funky Kreations {Giveaway}–CLOSED

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Before we had kids, I used to enjoy doing crafts and projects in my spare time. There’s something to knowing you put your blood, sweat and tears into something that makes it that much more meaningful to you. However, after I had kids (and especially because my first two were less than two years apart), I ran out of time and energy to do crafts. It’s a hobby I know I will get back into after my kids are a bit more grown and I have more time on my hands (so, in like, 20 years). But for now, I can just live vicariously through other crafty people who make crafting a priority!


Kelly’s Funky Kreations is an Etsy shop with a variety of homemade items and a ton of personality! Kelly is a mom of three boys from South Carolina who started making watches and jewelry because she needed a creative, “girly” outlet. Since she is from South Carolina, a lot of her designs are inspired by the State’s two big universities– Clemson and South Carolina. She makes Girl’s Hair Bows and Door Wreaths in both University’s colors. Her collection also includes hair bows, stethoscope covers, boy’s shirts, safety pin watches, earrings, bracelets and wreaths. Here are some of her fun designs:



stethoscopewreaths small

I chose to review one of Kelly’s adorable Boy’s Tie T-Shirts.  She makes them in a Mustache Print (which I chose), an SC Gamecock print, two different Chevron prints, and a new Halloween print! The shirt is a standard T-shirt from Target but it is a thick material that is true to size (though it is 100% Cotton, so it will likely shrink). The Mustache fabric is a great print and she cut it expertly so the mustaches fit perfectly in the shape of the tie. She sewed the fabric on very securely and I am not worried at all about the design peeling off. Though it’s a simple design and concept, I can tell she put a lot of work and effort into making this shirt, and I’m sure that same work ethic is transferred to all of her creations.


car shirt

The Tie T-Shirts are just $10.00, which is a totally great deal considering how cute and one-of-a-kind they are. Most designs can be made on a onesie for babies and a variety of T-shirt sizes for older boys. Her bows and earrings start at just $3.00 and her beautiful handmade wreaths are only $45.00, so all of her prices are very fair for the amount of work she’s putting into her designs. She’s always adding new designs, so be sure to connect with Kelly on Facebook and Pinterest, and of course to check out her Etsy page to see all of her Funky Kreations!

  Enter to win a $20 Gift Card to her shop!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Kelly’s Funky Kreations, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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