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Why I Care What My Son Is for Halloween

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IMG_4604We are what we are today based on the millions of experiences we have had up to this point.  People have touched our lives, we were taught fundamentals from our youth, and successes and failures have made us more brave or more hesitant to continue or discontinue the path we were once on or have always been on. I believe that, as parents, our job (among a million other things) is to protect our children from people and things that will harm and hurt, and steer them in a way to leads to success and happiness, whatever that means to you and your child.

One of the ways that I am personally guiding my son is in the way of emulating positive role models instead of harmful ones, and one way I can do that is by putting particular interest in who my boy is portraying for Halloween!  Call it minial and unimportant, but I think who we allow our children to dress up as and act like is certainly an opportunity of great direction.

First of all, let’s talk about weapons.  We don’t let our children play with guns, for obvious reasons, but primarily so that they never accidentally get ahold of a real and loaded gun and wave it around like they have in play time and inadvertantly do some great damage.  Likewise, how do you feel about play knives, axes, and saws, when these very dangerous items are found in most homes?  Most children who have seen their dad make repairs or do serious yard work know where these tools are, and getting to them isn’t entirely difficult.  So what’s my point?  I think we should be careful with what we let our children play with, even and especially ‘play’ versions of very dangerous things.

Take this to a level above weapons, and what are we doing by allowing our children to roam around the neighborhood masked as villians, ax murderers, grim reapers, and evil spirits?  We are letting them feel comfortable in this costume and this role of evil and thus allowing them to experiment with this feeling of being a bad thing on the outside while remaining incognito.

This might sound a little extreme, and I hope this doesn’t bring on an entourage of angry mommy comments, so let me wrap this up.  I will not be allowing my son to EVER be a character of masked wrongdoers.  Captain Hook is the farthest we go.  I will closely be monitoring and heavily influencing what my son dresses up as for as many Halloweens as he is in my home!  Lets keep a track record of cute animals, wholesome professions, and super heros for as long as we can!  You don’t need to be extremely creative to find a costume that you both can agree on.  In fact, Pure Costumes carries hundreds of these exact costumes I’m talking about: dragons and frogs, fire fighters and policemen, and every super hero you could think of.

Let’s keep Halloween fun and safe for our young and impressionable youth!


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Private Island Party {Review}

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How was your Halloween last month, ya’ll!?  We went a little western and had a ball!

IMG_8092 copyI’d been planning this get-up for months and months, gradually gathering all the pieces and I was so excited to get the last few pieces from Private Island Party.  They are an online store of Halloween and party novelties and hundreds of accessories.  Orders can be 1 to 1000 items, and you also have the option of ordering in bulk for wholesale prices.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use the items from my order because they didn’t arrive in time for Halloween.  Not even close, actually, even though the order was placed IN AUGUST.  A couple weeks after the order was placed, I received a call from the company explaining that one of the items was no longer available, so I chose a different style of cowboy hat on the spot, though it was really hard to understand each other because of a language barrier.

Several weeks later, I inquired about a tracking number, in hopes that these hats and sheriff badge would arrive by Halloween, and an employee told me he would check on the order status, while verifying that my shipping address and the list of three items was updated.  TWO AND A HALF months later, they arrived well after Halloween night, and the order wasn’t even accurate.  I received a Child Black Cowboy Felt Hat, a sheriff badge, and what was supposed to be an adult black cowboy hat (but was changed to a straw hat because of unavailability) arrived in the form of a Shark Hat.


I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do with these except throw them in a “dress-up box”.  I sure wish the order had been accurate and they had arrived by Halloween!  Needless to say, I am not 100% impressed with this company, and I can’t really recommend them, but as far as the quality of the items goes, for the cost of the products, you are probably getting a good deal.  Most of these items are around $5, which makes it easy to put together an ensemble of costume accessories on a budget.


The shark hat is a little scratchy, even though the fabric looks plush.  The cap is wide enough for an adult head, while still being a little shallow, making it difficult to stay on, especially with the weight of the dangling tail behind.

The cowboy hat is sturdy and doesn’t wilt or bend easily, which makes it a great costume hat for kids.  I think it will hold its shape well, and the Sheriff Badge will be a fun dress-up item.  I like that it doesn’t have a sharp pin on the back, but rather, a clip that can work on t-shirts and square pockets.


If you’d like to order from Private Island Party, I do suggest placing your order 3 months ahead of time to ensure they arrive by the date you need.  To accommodate for potential inaccurate orders and time to ship back for replacements, perhaps ordering 6 months early would be wise.

Still, their inventory is impressive and surely you will find just what you’re looking for among what looks like hundreds and hundreds of fun props and costume pieces!

Online Store / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

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Robin Hood from BuyCostumes.com {Review}

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My friends and I have all been chatting in anticipation about the Halloween Party that our church is throwing on Friday.  Mothers just love the opportunity to put our babies in something cute and fluffy!  Our husbands are another story.  Most of us can’t get our husbands to dress up at all, but lucky for me, “Charlie” can be persuaded.  That, or he’s realized how much passion I have for this holiday, and is being a good husband about it :).  Still, he has standards.  Nothing too silly, too cute, or too ridiculous.  I’ve tried to find him masculine costumes over the years: Prom King, a football player, a robber, the scarecrow…its not like I’m putting him in an angry birds outfit or the wolf in grandma’s nightgown.  Though that just got me thinking…


Anyways!  I think I just found the most awesome (and extremely masculine) costume for the hubby: ROBIN HOOD!


This Robin Hood Adult Costume consists of the lace-up shirt and the attached vest, arm gauntlets, the belt with attached pouch, and the boot covers.  Note that this does not include the pants, shoes, or bow & arrow, but those should be easy to come by.  Don’t you love when the real thing looks like it does in the picture?

 IMG_7962Except for the blue pants.  Which will be black next time.  But what a great costume, huh!  The costume is quite adjustable.  The green shirt (with the attached vest) is very stretchy and thicker than I thought it would be.  The clasps in front can be set at different holes for a customized feel and look.


We both love the arm gauntlets.  They’re so cool!  We weren’t as impressed with the ‘leather’ details.  The faux-leather is very thin and obviously not real, but from a distance, no one would notice.  We found the front diagonal strap to be a little weird since there is only half of it.  You can see how it ends at Charlie’s shoulder and stays up with velcro.  I really wish it was twice as long so it could be extended down behind his back, especially if you wanted to add some arrows like in the first picture.  The boot covers are pretty cool.  They tend to slide down and look a little sloppy after walking, but this might not be a problem on thicker calves.


The price of $43.99 seems just a little steep, but this is coming from a seamstress who makes her own everything to save a dime.  For a non-sewer, this is probably quite reasonable.  With several more upcoming costume ideas in mind, I figured we could use this later on for Peter Pan or even a medieval man.  You know, switch out some accessories, take away the boots…


Pretty studly, huh?  We’re so stickin excited for Halloween!

Buy Costumes has a huuuuuuge array of Fairytale, TV, and Movie Character costumes.  Sounds safe, right?  These are great for picky-dressers and anti-Halloweeners.


c578fbec4cf44a27d0c657ccc9802a08c6575590 d596402953287223174999724846eb853fa7fb63

Happy Halloween!

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Animal Costumes from Anytime Costumes {Review}

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We are SO excited for Halloween around here!  “Rocket” is ecstatic!  Lately when I open his bedroom door in the morning, the first thing he exclaims is something to the effect of “Horse!  Halloween?  Trick or treat?  Hee haa!”  I think he’s excited, don’t you?
Based on his humorously concentrated interest in cows and horses, I decided we should definitely find him just such a costume.  Fireworks went off when I told him he gets to be horse for Halloween, while his little brother is going to be a cow.  Mom and Dad are gonna be a cowgirl and cowboy, haha.  The big day is more than a month away, but this boy is already on Cloud 9 since his horsey outfit arrived!
This Brown Horsey Costume from Anytime Costumes is a little kid’s dream come true.
The accessories are sold separately, but this getup will be so easy to put together.  A shirt, hat, and bandana are going to be easy to scrounge up.
I think this costume is way cuter in person!  I was really pleased with how full the legs were stuffed, compared to the advertised online picture.  And doesn’t ours look a lot friendlier, too?!  Our horse has kinder eyes and nostril details, and the hair is a lot softer than the picture looks.
The shoulder straps on this outfit are adjustable which allows for a comfortable fit on all shapes and sizes.  The online details say that “One size fits most children ages 5 and up”, but as you can see, the horse’s feet aren’t even dragging on my 2-year-old.  You put on this costume by stepping into the middle and pulling the horse up around your waist.  It was a great fit around our toddler’s waist with room to grow, and the suspenders hold up the horse so it doesn’t have to be snug.
Hey wouldn’t this be fun for a barnyard or rodeo themed birthday?!  The wheels in my head are turning…
As you can see, my boy LOVES this horse!  Its like his new best friend!  He fluffs its hair affectionately and gives it naps…its like a costume, a dress-up outfit, an activity, a stuffed animal, and a friend all at once.
My mother made me a similar horse like this when I was little, and boy was it used and loved.  I think I wore it first as “a princess on a horse”, but it came back almost every year as something else like “a knight on his horse”, or “a cowboy on his horse”.  This costume could do the exact same thing.  Just change the outfit on top, and presto, new costume.  For boys or girls.  I think animal costumes are great for that sort of thing, and Anytime Costumes sure has a lot of them.  Cats, leopards, lady bugs, bees, bunnies, chickens, even sock monkeys!  Check em out.  Thanks Anytime Costumes!
*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation. 

CorsetChick {Review}

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I used to work as a seamstress in a costume shop for a musical theater.  During my time there, I made my fair share of corsets, and now I can really appreciate the time that goes in to making a good one, so when CorsetChick asked if I’d review one of their corsets, I thought, “Get out!  Those things are so hard to make!” and then, “Think of all the great Halloween costumes you could put together with one of these!”
I’m thinking pirate wench, Medieval maiden, opera diva…you can pretty much make any costume cuter and much more feminine with that waist-shaping structure on top of our underneath a costume.  Shoot, you could make a referee outfit cute with a striped corset and a black shorts.
a20791e132a6a3b3885735_m a2079201349fa941f07e96_m
The hourglass shape is timeless, and these corsets really bring out that feminine figure.  Besides wearing a corset to be visible, on top of a costume or outfit, you can’t deny that these provide excellent support and structure underneath clothing as a type of shapewear.  Raise your hand if you wore something like this under your wedding dress.  Or maybe your Prom dress.  These have excellent support because of the lightweight bones sewn through the garment.
I am totally into costumes (hello, I’m a seamstress and into musical theater myself!) so I had to try this out.  This is the White Sweetheart Shape Corset sold for $25.99.  I must say it was much more comfortable that I thought it would be.  There are no edges that dig into the skin because of its long length and dips under the arms.
The steel busks that line the center front are intense!  Talk about some serious hardware!  The beauty of the lace up back is that it becomes fully adjustable.  You can create the illusion of an hourglass figure even if your measurements are not a standard ratio.  Their stock is not limited to pre-teen sizes either.  Their selection of plus-size corsets is just as wide and varied.
The silky outer fabric allows clothing on top to slide around comfortably, and it makes the whole ensemble a little fancier with the shine.  I’m really excited to wear this under some fancy dress the next time we go to a big holiday party, or maybe I’ll incorporate it into some fun Halloween outfit.
Hit up CorsetChick if you’re thinking of adding a corset top to your Halloween costume, or are looking for some shapewear for an upcoming event!  Homecoming, anyone?
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Pure Costumes

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I know I’m probably an anomaly when I say how much I love to dress up for Halloween.  I love the opportunity to put on any costume I want, be whomever I want to be, look as glam or as period as I want, and all in the name of Halloween.  I understand that not everyone may share this enthusiasm, and maybe its because it can be hard to find appealing and not obnoxious costumes for grown-ups, especially for plus-sized individuals.  Its hard enough finding every day clothes that are flattering and comfortable, let alone a tasteful Halloween costume when you are not average height and average build.  Believe me, I know!


PureCostumes.com has a number of costumes that are fitted for the taller or curvier figure in their plus-size section that don’t at all look frumpy!  Check these out!

  PM6748285_full_1 01611_full_1 F101125_full_1

These are plus-size?!  I know, right?  They are definitely not the tent-like, baggy, and unflattering things you think of when ‘plus-size’ is in the title.


These are all so fun and totally respectable!  You could wear these to a costume party at your child’s school, to the company party at work, or even your neighbor’s party where your boss might be attending.

Check out the other Halloween costumes for plus-size at Pure Costumes and get a leg up on Halloween this year!  Its really just right around the corner!

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Costumes by Wholesale Costume Club {Review}

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Isn’t it interesting what your child’s first words are?  “Mama” and “Dada” were not either of my boy’s first words.  Or their second.  Boo.  Its been something like “cheese”, “ball”, or “uh-oh”.  Rocket is still adding words to his limited vocabulary, and for some reason, the word “COW” has surpassed a lot of other words I thought were more meaningful to him!  Oh well, cows are the new fascination around here.  Has he actually seen a real cow?  Not sure about that.  But cows seem to be his thing.  Couldn’t resist a chance to review a dress-up costume from Wholesale Costume Club, especially a Mini Moo Costume!


Look at this little guy!  Cute cute cute!

IC6027This jumpsuit is very soft with an outer short and furry texture, and not a cheaply-printed cotton, or worse off, flannel.  It is fully lined in a silky polyester and it feels pretty warm inside with enough wiggle room to stay comfortable.  It feels substantially heavy enough so as to keep baby warm outside if we took this a-trick-or-treating.


The bell is the perfect finishing touch!  I like that it hangs on a red collar so this doesn’t look too gender-specific, which is sometimes hard to find in baby costumes.  I’m actually really impressed that the bell is real metal–brass, maybe?–and even more relieved that there isn’t a dangling ball inside so that this looks like the real thing, but there isn’t obnoxiously loud clanking going on.


The deep dark black against the stark, clean white makes this very eye-catching.  My favorite feature is the grippy pink soles.  These are perfect for wobbly toddlers!  What a cute way and place to add slip-resistant pads–in the form of pink hoof footies :)  Cute little cow tail, too!  I’m also quite impressed with the headpiece on this.  Stuffing-filled horns and pink-lined ears show that attention to detail was applied in all the right places.  The secure and cleanly sewn velcro tab on the back of the neck above a full zipper makes this seamstress mommy proud.

IMG_4369 copy

As far as costumes go, I’ve been let down with the durability of some other ones, but this costume looks like it will hold up for years and years.  I even think the furry polyester will handle washing out stains easily.  God bless those words, “machine washable”.

Wholesale Costume Club has way more than just baby animal costumes.  Be sure to check out their selection of pirates, Star Trek, and super hero dress-up costumes!  If you’re gonna play dress-up, you might as well do it right!

Check out Wholesale Costume Club on Facebook!

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Costume Discounters Disney Captain Hook Costume {Review}

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If there’s one thing “Rocket” loves to do, its try on everyone else’s clothes.  75% of his waking hours, he can be seen wearing someone else’s shoes (usually mine), a bag, a hat, or beads :)  He loves a good costume!  Dress-up clothes are such a fun way to pretend.  Wearing a different outfit can be so fun for children who love to use their imagination and stretch their creative minds!

I think costumes are such a fun thing to have around the house, and not just for Halloween.  We were sent a Capt. Hook costume from Costume Discounters, and it has been the most exciting activity around here since it arrived.

costume discounters

The construction is commendable, especially for the price of $32.99.  I was certainly surprised with how many articles of clothing it came with–pants with sewn on boots, the jacket, the ascot, and the sash.  Back to the boots–cheers to the sewn-on feature with footy elastic that allows the child to wear their own shoes underneath, because you know there’s going to be some mad-dashing around corners and up and down stairs on trick-or-treating night.  “Rocket” isn’t wearing any shoes in these pictures, but you can see how some tennis shoes would hide right underneath the foot coverings.


This Captain Hook costume is a Child size for 3-4 years, so you can see it is a little loose on this 2-year-old body, but come Halloween in eight months, it might be just right!  Plus the elastic waistband, stretchy material throughout, and jabot with ties in the back make this costume accommodating to large and small bodies alike.


I like the gold trim around the coat, and though it might be a little scratchy, it adds a nice touch.  The costume photographs well!  The hat has been a HUGE hit around here.  “Rocket” doesn’t know many words, but since this costume arrived, he’s been saying, “hat, hat, hat” and wears this all the time.  It fits nice and snug around his big head, and though there isn’t a top to it, it stays put around his head and he can put it on himself.


To a mother, an excellent Halloween costume is one that can be thrown on top of warmer clothes underneath.  Ain’t no way I’m sending my kid out in only one thin layer of anything while he begs for candy in the cold.   For that reason, this is a great outdoors costume.  “Rocket” is wearing a pair of sweatpants and two shirts (one of them bright orange) underneath this outfit, and you can’t even tell.  I could probably even hide a jacket underneath the red coat.

I’m already of fan of Costume Discounters and their extensive collection of fun costumes.  Good thing, because I’ve got to get the rest of our Peter Pan ensemble for the other members of the family!  Its going to be awesome!

*This posting was sponsored by Costume Discounters, but all opinions are strictly my own

Pure Costumes & Ideas {Review}

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Nearly every Halloween night of my youth, I vividly remember loving my costume, taking home heaps of candy, and absolutely FREEZING my face off!  For some reason, the temperature would drop a good 20 degrees on Halloween night.  Some years we saw snow!  On these nights, when most kids cut their candy-scavenging short, my brothers and I would only double our efforts to hit as many house as we could!  These sparsely visited houses would dump half of their candy bowls into our buckets because we were the only kids out on the streets!  It rocked.

Now that I’m the mom, and I’m thinking about my toddler going trick or treating for the first time, all I can think about are those bitter bitter nights, and how I want “Rocket” to be cute, but most importantly warm!!

Pure Costumes has a lot of cute Halloween costume ideas that look darling AND cozy!  Are you looking for toddler Halloween costume ideas?


Are you looking for kids Halloween costume ideas?


Whatever you are looking for, Pure Costumes is full of fabulous 2012 Halloween costume ideas that are new this year!


And doesn’t $4.99 flat rate shipping sound great?  You can also get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 with code: FREE50.

 You can follow Pure Costumes on Twitter HERE, and check out their Facebook page HERE!

*This posting was sponsored by Pure Costumes, but all opinions are strictly my own

Dress up!

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Kids love to play dress up.  Am I wrong?  You all know that it’s true.  Banjo loves to run around the house as a superhero.  Lately it is Spiderman, because Audi recently introduced him to that old 80’s cartoon.  I cannot wait for Ruby to get in on the action.  Eventually I will be purchasing loads and loads of princess costumes for my little princess.




All of these cute girls costumes can be found at Wholesale Costume Club!

Recently I was sent this cute, cute, cute costume that’s a surprise for my little niece:

She loves “Tangled”, so she is going to love this costume!

It’s super cute.  Super great quality.  And will make one little girl’s dreams come true.

So if you have a kiddo who loves to play dress up then don’t miss out on Wholesale Costume Club!

It’s that dandy!  🙂


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