Getting Healthy Week 2: I saw and I ate

How to begin, how to begin, how to begin…  First off I didn’t do a biweekly posting like I said I would.  That’s never a good sign, right?  Okay.  Deep breath.  Last week was an epic fail.  I stayed exactly the same weight.  I didn’t gain and I didn’t lose.  Exactly the same!!!

The week started off fabulously.  In fact all the weekdays were fabulous.  I worked out on the elliptical 2 days at 50 minutes each.  So I didn’t hit my 3 days of working out goal, but those 2 sessions were 50 minutes each!  😉   I ate healthy Monday thru Friday.  Seriously health.  Like I didn’t use all of my points at all.  Even on Friday night I was feeling really good about myself.  Yep I was totally under my points for all the weekdays.  So how did I not lose you are thinking???  Here’s how…





All of the above are perfectly fine in moderation, but do you think I moderated?  NO.  See what I mean?  Epic fail.  I hosted a baby shower in my home on Saturday and then of course Sunday was the big football game.  I was weak.  I caved.  I ate.

This week?  Not going to happen.  I’ve gotta do better.

How did you do?