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Patch Products {Giveaway}–CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Once my son turned 3, my husband and I decided he was old enough to start playing games, so we got Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders for our family for Christmas. We had fun playing for about the first 10 times. After that, my husband and I would both cringe when he would ask to play either game. It wasn’t necessarily the game’s fault–he was young and would make up his own rules or would get really mad when he wouldn’t win–but the games definitely got real old real fast. Now he’s almost 4 and can handle more complicated and mature games, like card games. One of my favorite  card games that I played with my dad growing up was Go Fish, and Patch Products has put a new spin on this classic game with Go Oink® and Go Ape®!


Patch Products sells games, construction sets, educational toys and puzzles, all with the main goal of families having FUN! They began making just puzzles in 1985 and since then have grown to produce hundreds of games and toys for kids and adults alike. Some of their more popular games include Farkle Frenzy®, The Game of Things…®, Bed Bugsâ„¢, Malarky® and Shark Attackâ„¢. They also have a huge line of  brand-licensed games including Dora, Clifford, SpongeBob and Where the Wild Things Are.

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I was sent a copy of both Go Ape® and Go Oink® to review. Both games immediately became family favorites! We play Go Ape® at least once a day, and we rotate in Go Oink® every few days. Both games are similar to Go Fish, but instead of asking for a specific card to get three-of-a-kind, you have to act out what is on your card. So, in Go Ape®, you act out the action that the monkey is doing on your card. There are some really funny ones, and playing with a 3-year old is even funnier. We definitely have some favorite cards that, when one of us picks, make us giggle in anticipation to act it out. Of course, just like in the regular game, if the other player doesn’t have the card you asked for, you say “Go Ape” and they pick from the pile. Go Oink® is similar, except there are cartoon pictures of animals on the cards and you have to make the corresponding animal noise to ask for a card. We found that, before you play, you should go through all the cards and designate sounds for each animal. Most are very straightforward, but a few, like the lion and the bear, can sound similar, and it’s best to establish your “house rules” before you play to avoid confusion.


These games are definitely fun and hilarious to play together as a family. My 3-year old was able to pick up the mechanics of the game after about 3 games, though he still has a hard time holding his cards without showing them to us, so we have to employ a little creative cheating/non-cheating when playing with him. My 1 1/2-year old can even play Go Oink® with us when someone is helping because she can make the animal sounds! The cards are sturdy and mostly durable; we’ve only had one get permanently creased after being sucked on for about 5 minutes by my teething daughter. The illustrations on the cards are colorful and cute and for Go Ape®, are fairly easy to mimic.


I would HIGHLY recommend these games to anyone who loves to play games as a family. They are playable for ages 3+ and would even be funny with a group of adults. We have LOVED both games and will continue to play them as long as we can. Seriously, I don’t even mind playing them multiple times a day, unlike some other games I’ve already mentioned 🙂 You can purchase them online or at select brick-and-mortar retailers (JoAnn Fabrics and Sears are some I saw in a quick online search). The games are $9.99 in the cute Ape– or Pig-shaped carrying case, but just the Go Ape® cards by themselves are only $6.99–what a deal! Seriously, go check these games out and have fun with your family tonight!

Enter below to win either Go Ape® or Go Oink®!

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** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Patch Products, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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