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Sort It Out Jr. Board Game {Giveaway} – Closed

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Calling All Young Inventors! University Games has an amazing contest going on right now where children ages 5-12 have the chance to invent a game and see it manufactured by University Games!!! How cool would that be?

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I know I would have loved to know about this contest when I was little. Somehow, when I was about 10, I had it my head that I was going to create an amazing board game. I actually spend a good part of one summer creating “Dogopoly”, which was a combination of my some of my favorite things… Dogs, Littlest Pet Shop Pieces, and Monopoly (this was also before Monopoly had any variations besides Monopoly Jr.) . I drew the board, came up with all these ideas about how each square you landed on would give you the chance to buy a dog, and rent was equal to buying a puppy etc. I thought I was brilliant. But I never submitted my game anywhere, and some time in my late teen years I was walking through Target and saw “Dog-Opoly”, the same name for the same game idea and everything. I think I still might be a little bit bitter about it. Ha.

Anyway, if you know any children who might have a sparkle of inventiveness in them you’ve got to pass on this contest to them so in ten years they don’t see their idea produced by someone else and wonder what could have been. Hopefully that wasn’t too sappy.


Enter for the chance to win exciting prizes including the opportunity to have your game manufactured by University Games! Click here for more information: www.NYGIC.org.

Leading board game manufacturer, University Games invites young game inventors with an original board game idea to participate in its 22nd annual National Young Game Inventors Contest #NYGIC for the chance to win exciting prizes including:

  • The opportunity to have their game manufactured and included in the University Games 2015 lineup!
  • A family vacation to San Francisco, CA;
  • A savings bond for college;
  • A complete library of some of today’s hottest board games from University Games and MORE!

The contest is now open to children between the ages of 5-12 years old. Complete rules and entry forms can be downloaded at www.NYGIC.org.

You have to have a prototype done and submitted by October 15th, 2014 so share this with those awesome kids as soon as possible.

In addition to this fantastic chance to spread the word to inventive young minds comes the chance to win a Sort it Out Jr. (a University Game)

About Sort It Out Jr.

Can you sort a list of animals by the number of eyes they have? What about by the number of bones or teeth? Or even how long they each can hold their breath! Can you pick which sports us a ball and which don’t? Or can you sort your favorite cartoon characters by height? Well, in Sort is Out™ Junior, everyone gets to find out! There are hundreds of topics specifically for kids…inviting families and friends to laugh, learn and sort each other out!

FYI – Sort it Out! (the Adult Version) won the “Game of the Year” award at the TOTY Awards.

Sort It Out Jr. is a trivia type game but the categories are so different that it didn’t seem like any particular age group was favored, meaning you can have fun playing as a whole family. One of my favorite things about the game is how quickly you can get started with it. There were literally 4 easy steps to understand the game play and it took less than five minutes to get started.

The gist of the steps were everyone plays every round. You flip over a card and then using your scorecard you arrange the colored dots in the order that you think is correct, sometimes you’re arranging from tallest to shortest, highest to lowest, biggest to smallest, etc.

The different cards made me laugh and there were a few of them that I had absolutely no clue and just had to do a random guess… like which order did the caterpillar from Eric Carle’s “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” eat the fruit… Ah… I guess he started with an apple? Anyway, I had no idea, but I also would be willing to bet a younger child would know. Then there were questions that were a good middle ground for everyone, cards that you choose two of the options that were true, and cards that required some of the gamers participation, such as sort the people playing the game from tallest to shortest.

I think trivia games can be kind of hard (as an adult) and especially difficult as a child to play and this game did a good job of making the trivia fun and keeping everyone involved during the whole game. I think it would be great game to play for a family night and a fun introduction to trivia games and there are enough pieces for up to six players to play.

If you can’t wait to play, then it check it out Amazon: Sort it Out Jr..

Want to share the contest with your friends?


Suggested Tweet: University Games is accepting original board game ideas for its National Young Game Inventors Contest #NYGIC #CONTESTwww.NYGIC.org


Enter for your chance to win Sort it Out Jr.!

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