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Brylane Home Guest Bed Ottoman {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Having company over STRESSES ME OUT!!  I’m dead serious when I say that I feel anxiety attacks washing over me and I frequently break into tears when I think about family or friends staying over for any length of time.  I don’t know what it is, but I feel some overwhelming need to have everything perfect, my kids well-behaved, my hair always done, and the house always clean for myself to feel comfortable.  I’m all about parties and one-night events, but thinking about any extended stay makes me feel like another case of the Shingles is coming on.

Knowing this, how do you think I feel about my sister-in-law coming to live with us?!  I’m excited to have another female friend to talk to and watch chic-flicks with, but I’m freaking out in stress and worry!  Do I sound like a lunatic?  I’ve been spending every night for the past few weeks telling myself it will be ok as I’m clearing out boxes of baby clothes and holiday decorations to make up a guest room.  Now what is the first thing that a houseguest needs?  A bed.  I needed one fast.  And something that doesn’t require a moving van, and hopefully something that we can shuffle around if we need to.  Brylane Home, who also brought you that fabulous Camp Rocker last month, has a fantastic guest bed that converts into an ottoman, and it came just in the nick of time!

brylanehomeLadies and gents, this is the Guest Bed Ottoman.  A what?  That’s a bed.  No wait, its an ottoman!  Back to a guestbed!

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Do you see why this is a fantastic option for cramped quarters?  Or maybe when your guest room also doubles as a play room and storage room?  The ability to fold and unfold easily, and especially to disguise it as something completely useful in and of itself, is so attractive.  When we aren’t housing guests, we’re going to keep this in our living room as a piano bench, ha!

1591_34789_moa_0001Here you can get a clear idea of how this thing collapses.  Just follow the directions on when and how to pull out the supportive bars, and anyone can do it.  Look how much space it doesn’t take up!  When you don’t want to be a bed, its just a cute little cushion seat in the corner!


We (meaning the hubby) spent only a few minutes putting our bed together.  The instructions are detailed and the work is not hard–its basically installing the rolling casters with a few nuts and bolts.  The structure is easy to unfold by pulling out either the A or B knob, allowing the supporting bars underneath to release.


I was worried about being able to get a fitted sheet around the mattress cushions because of the vecro straps that get in the way between the cushion and the frame, but enveloping the whole piece as a unit (mattress and frame), a sheet goes over just fine.  Because this is somewhat narrow (though extra-wide beds are also available at Brylane Home!), regular twin size sheets are a little roomy on the sides, but its not a big deal.


I am surprised and pleased with the size of this bed.  I don’t mind at all that it is close to the ground.  It only makes it better for children to sleep on.  So is it comfortable?  Sure!  I spent a nap on it to test it out, and fell right to sleep.  It might be my sleep-deprived-mommy perma-status that put my right to sleep, but I do think that this mattress is fairly comfortable.  It would also be very easy to add another topper to this and add a little more cush.


Guest-ready?  I feel SO much more confident and capable now that our guest room is put together!  The nifty little safe-saver is sold at Brylane Home for $199.00 and available in a brown or cream slipcover, with addition color options.  Their water repellant slipcovers are only $16.99.  Check out Brylane Home’s other housewares!

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Their extensive array of bath, kitchen, and home appliances really makes this a great place to shop for anything your home needs.

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Stay tuned for another upcoming giveaway from Brylane Home!  I’ll give you a hint: the giveaway item will be something that multiple people commented as something they would love from our last giveaway!

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