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Dorfman Pacific {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I know most, if not all, of us contributors on Dandy care about sun exposure and are really paying attention to protecting our skin.  Several of us have experienced firsthand or have family members who have had to get spots removed and have worried about them being cancerous or not.  All I have to say is yikes!  You can never be too careful!  I’ve vowed this summer to really take the effects of too much sun seriously and will be wearing hats while I’m out at the beach.  I’ve been worried about finding something cute enough because the wrong hat in the wrong setting is sometimes too easy to do.  No fear, Dorfman Pacific came to my rescue and asked if I would review one of their fun summer brimmed hats!


Dorfman Pacific is one of the largest full-line, in-stock headwear companies in the world!  They have men’s, women’s, teen’s, and children’s collections of hats, handbags, and even winter accessories.  They have high quality hats for all occasions and style preferences.  Their summer collections are so cute!  Look at these brimmed hats by Tropical Trends:


And these terrific visors made by Scala.  These actually roll up into cones, as seen below, to save space in your bag and give you the option of bringing it along just in case you need it, especially because it weights practically nothing.  Both the brimmed hats and the visors retail for $25.   LP54-ASST_BlogImage

I had the privilege of reviewing a brimmed hat with the black detail, and it is definitely a keeper.  The dipped black rim takes this from being a standard floppy hat to something distinguishable with a touch of class.


The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the box was how NOT scratchy it was.  I was actually expecting something rough and pokey, but this is rather glossy and very flexible.  Comfortable to wear all day, that’s for sure.  I am impressed with the weight–not too heavy so that it won’t weigh your hair down or make you hot and sweaty, but not as light as straw, so I don’t expect it to easily blow away off your head.  VERY durable.  I could leave this crunched in the bottom of my beach bag and it bounces back to shape “at the drop of a hat”, haha.  I crack myself up.


I took it to the beach (this very afternoon!) and felt so cute wearing it :)  I didn’t think I’d like the twine-like tie around it, but I actually think its pretty cute in person.  I didn’t realize it doubles as a self-sizing tie, so that you can adjust the circumference for a perfect fit.  Sweet!


Besides being adorable, these hats have a UPF Sun protection factor of 50 plus!  This darling is also available in three other colors: black, tea, turquoise, and fuchsia.


You can purchase the Ladies Scala Visor HERE

and the Tropical Trends hats HERE!

*This posting was sponsored by Dorfman Pacific, but all opinions are strictly my own


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