Silence is not always so golden…

Or is it?  Sorry my dandy friends for being so MIA! I cannot believe that I’ve been so unusually quiet these last few weeks.  Usually I’m quite the talker.  😉  Or maybe you haven’t minded my quietness???  That’s okay, too.  At any rate I’ve missed checking in with all of you.  It was a very busy end to 2012 around here as I’m sure it was in all of your own lives.

We visited the Missouri Botanical Garden Holiday Trains with friends:



We decorated:



Our neighborhood has this wonderful tradition (since the 1960’s) that takes place ever year on Christmas Eve and Christmas night:


It’s so beautiful driving in and seeing the streets lined with the glowing luminaries.  I love our neighborhood!


Santa was really good this year to our kiddos:


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They were definitely on his nice list!

 We visited family and Santa made a stop there:



Ruby learned how to do some new things at our house…



And at my grandparents house:



Oh and the little miss turned 1!


Stay tuned for the posting on that very dandy birthday party…

A day late for our early girl.

Happy 1st Birthday


Her eyes were transfixed!

One year ago yesterday, on December 27, 2011, our lives changed forever around the Smith household.  We were blessed with the birth of our little Ruby!  Her arrival came completely unexpected.  She was an entire month early and now I’m late with her birthday posting…   This year has flown by and she is literally the sweetest baby girl I have ever known.  If you remember when she was born she spent about 5 hours in the NICU.  Not because she was so early (she was actually very healthy), but because she wouldn’t cry at all!  She didn’t cry when she was born and remained quiet for hours after.  To this day she is the most mellow little girl and is just really happy most of the time.  She is such a sweetheart and a delight to have in our family.  We are extremely blessed.  Stay tuned for another posting on her big birthday bash, because the party of the year is happening tomorrow!!!



One year in one month!

Look who can wave and even say the word “hi” now. Oh and she will be having her first birthday one month from today!


We cannot believe our Ruby is already 11 months old!