More than just one day!

Can you believe it’s already July???  We will be celebrating Independence Day very shortly.  So, since Father’s Day is in June then it has definitely come and gone.  But don’t you think that dads deserve more than just one day of recognition?  Of course I think that about Mother’s Day, too.  😉  Seriously though.  Parents do so much for their children.  They love and support their families.  They listen.  They teach us.  They are there to give guidance, but also know when to step back and let us (the children) learn.  They work hard to provide for the needs of the family.  Definitely deserving of more than just one day to celebrate!  Definitely.

I have a really fabulous father.  Here we are when I was just a small tike:

Doesn’t he look like a Beatle?  Must have something to do with the English genetics.  Or just the longer hairstyle that men were sporting in the 70’s.  🙂

My father has always been a great provider and friend.  He worked hard to make sure my brother and I had everything we ever wanted.  He’s talented in his line of work.  Even knows a great deal about everything else from fixing cars, building, electrical wiring.  so much and provide support.  What do you get for the guy who basically has everything (because he works hard for it), but also really likes to work in his garage at home?  And likes to build and fix things around the house?  My dad’s kinda place would be where he could get industrial steel and metal supplies.  That place can be conveniently found online at the Industrial Metal Supply Co.  At the Industrial Metal Supply Co. you can find tools and other supplies that are perfect for the handyman.  Anything from there would make a great belated Father’s Day gift (or anytime kinda gift) for my dad!  How about for your’s?


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