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PROBAR and FITS socks Father’s Day Giveaway! – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

We are excited to be a part of the SUPER DAD Father’s Day Giveaway Hop hosted by mamaNYC (http://mamanyc.net/) this week!  Almost 50 bloggers have put together some incredible giveaways, all focused on Father’s Day!

June 1 (12:01am EST) - June 9 (11:59pm EST)

Hop over to see the full list and enter some more goodies for your honored men!


Now its high time to dedicate a post to our dear ol’ Dads!  My own father is a hero in my eyes.  A gentleman in every way.  Through continuous and unfailing example, he has shown me how to love unconditionally, lead without force, and to guide with compassion.  I will never ever forget the moment I left for college.  It was probably something like 4 or 5am, on my way the airport to catch a flight to Utah.  He gave me a hug at the door and completely choked up, and said “I’ve been thinking of all the things I wanted to tell you, but all I can say is ‘I love you'”.  Break my little 17-year-old heart.  I’ve often thought of that moment, and how when my own children leave me–for kindergarten, high school, someday college–above all the things I will have told them and taught them at that point, above all I want them to know that I love them.  Thank you, Dad, for all the love!

Ok, enough sap.  Now on to two companies your own Dads will love!  PROBAR and FITS Sock Co.

title copy

 The first manly item we have to showcase today are the delicious PROBAR Meal™ bars!  These 3 oz. bars are jam packed full of natural goodness, condensed to be an entire meal in a bag.  They contain fruit, nuts, and seeds, mostly still completely intact so that you can SEE the entire fruit, nut, or seed.  These are BEEFY!  These are so nutrient dense and full of raw ingredients that they make a great meal replacement.


My husband and I enjoyed tasting the PROBAR Meal™ Variety 12-Pack, which contains one of everything you love!  Seriously, what a great variety of flavors: Original Blend, Whole Berry Blast, Superfood Slam, Superfruit Slam, Superberry & Greens, Chocolate Mint, Oatmeal Raisin, Koka Moka, Superfruit Slam, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, and Peanut Butter!


Look, you can SEE what they consist of–packed full of fruit, nuts, and seeds, fully intact.  Umm, yes, these would definitely be considered full meals.  I could barely finish one by myself before I felt full and satisfied.   Look at this Superberry & Greens on the left.  Reminds me a green smoothie!  Yummy!  If your man is in to nutritious, nutrient-packed and conveniently packaged meals-on-the-go, he’ll be all over these!IMG_3877

One winner will also receive the PROBAR Mealâ„¢ Variety 12-Pack, sold for $35.48!

And next we have a Father’s Day gift that will please any man who wears socks.  Yes, that should include every guy I know.  Introducing, the fantastic socks of FITS Sock Co.!

IMG_3931 copyFITS socks are made from merino wool, and are specialized to create a perfect fit for your feet!  They have three points of interest–the dynamic toe cup that conforms to the shape of your toes, the heel lock that keeps the sock correctly on your heel, and a full contact cuff that comfortably stays up your leg.


We were sent a Business Crew pair in Chestnut, and the hubby is really impressed!!  At first he was skeptical about how exceptional they could be for a pair of socks, but after he returned home after wearing them the full work day, he was a believer.  Very comfortable, very form-fitting, and very high-quality.  Don’t tell him I told you this, but he loved them so much, he wore them two days in a row without washing.  He said they kept his feet very comfortable and that he could really tell a difference between this FITS pair and other socks.  I told him its definitely because of the merino wool!


FITS carries socks for hiking, ski/snow, hunting/sporting, running, business/casual, and biking!  THESE are the activities and situations where I’m sure sock you’re wearing makes a huge difference.  Underneath boots and specialty shoes, these are each customized to provide the right cushion and comfort for your activities.

One lucky man is ALSO going to win three pairs of merino wool socks!  1 running, 1 hiking, and 1 casual, making this entire prize over $80!

super-dad-giveaway-button_zps868a1322Remember to hop over to mamaNYC (or see the list of other participating giveaway sites below) and check out the other fantastic giveaways going on in this Super Dad Father’s Day Giveaway Hop!

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*This giveaway is open to US entries only *The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of May 9th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn. *This posting and giveaway were sponsored by PROBAR and FITS Sock Co. but all opinions are strictly my own


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