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Rock ‘N Learn {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

As I spend more time with moms with children of my son’s age, I’m realizing that pre-school is really the norm around here.  Its definitely not something we can afford right now, especially with grad school just around the corner, so I’ve been brainstorming ways and ideas to pack my toddler’s childhood with things he needs to learn to be ready for kindergarten.  I’ve really started to focus on what he’s watching during quiet-time.  Instead of good ol’ PBS, I’m trying to chock him full of educational videos that hit the alphabet and reading head on.  Valerie and I must have been having the same thoughts, because she also reviewed a Rock N Learn DVD last week, and you can read her review HERE.
Rock N Learn is exactly what I had in mind and their Letter Sounds DVD  is just the perfect thing for “Rocket”!  It grabs his attention from the start and dives right in to the alphabet, and the set up is very conducive to learning.  The DVD started out with pictures of the letter, an object that starts with a letter, and a mouth in the top corner that is saying the letter and word aloud so you’re able to see the correct placement.
When my son was in Early Intervention and had speech therapists come to the house weekly, they focused a lot on getting him to put his mouth in the correct shape, as in sucking on straws to make a correct “W” and licking peanut butter off the room of your mouth to make an “L”.  Being able to see the shapes of the mouth is right in line with what we’re working on at home.
Rock N Learn is a treasure trove of educational DVDs.  They cover almost 40 different topics, with an age span of preschool to 10 and up.
Our DVD is meant for ages 4-7, but my 3 year old was hooked, and even the baby sat through the majority of it.  62 min. is a little long for squirmy bodies, but not a problem for older children.  There was enough variety, but still a lot of repetition, to convince me that this is an excellent way to teach.  The music was peppy, the characters were friendly, and the examples were funny.  After a “game show” format in the middle of the DVD, letters start combining to making words, nice and slow and simple.
It goes even further and introduces simple sentences.  The progression makes it easy to stop the DVD and rewind in order to review the basics if it gets too advanced.
These would make great gifts for kids, their parents, and teachers!  Use the coupon code JQ7711 for 25% off on your order at www.rocknlearn.com.

One winner will get to choose any DVD or CD from Rock ‘N Learn!

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Rock ‘N Learn {Giveaway}–CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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My kids learn from music. It’s scary how quickly they both can remember a song, a rhyme or even instructions when given in song form. I actually have to be really careful what we listen to on the radio because they will remember things after the first go-through, and it’s usually the things you don’t want them to remember! So when I found this company, Rock N Learn, I knew it was for us!


Rock N Learn is a series of educational DVDs, CDs and Apps dedicated to teaching children through music. They sell DVDs that teach everything from early childhood learning to science, math, reading and even foreign languages. Most of the songs are all in the style of rock, but for math and social studies they also offer rap and country DVDs. Those are some our family would never purchase, but I’m sure someone out there would 🙂

1st gradeearly

Their website is really easy to navigate–you can search for DVDs by Subject or by Age, and there is a special tab for their Mobile Apps, iBooks, and Albums available for download on iTunes. And the variety of products they offer is fabulous. Here’s just a sample: Phonics,  Money and Money Changing, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Math Word Problems, Physical Science, the Solar System, States & Capitals, and lots more. They also sell some of their Preschool & Kindergarten titles as Books with CDs, which my son is SUPER into recently, so I love that option.


 I was sent a copy of the Alphabet DVD to review. My almost-4-year old has known his alphabet for a long time, so I thought he’d be bored with it. But the first time we watched it he was glued. I like that along with showing a picture of the letter (both upper and lower case) and saying the letter name, they show pictures of other words that start with that letter and spell out the word below the picture.  I think this helped extend the video from being just for “babies” to “big kids” (in his words). Another cool thing about this video was that at the end, once they’d gotten through all the letters, they had some letter games. One game was recognizing letters in different fonts, and another was the “Name Game,” where you stand up when the first letter of your name is on the screen. Also, at the very end they show how to write each letter on a chalkboard. This is especially appropriate for my older kid who is learning to write, but a little over-the-top for my two-year old who is just learning her letters. Because of that, I would say the video caters to a wide variety of skills and ages.


The animation is nothing spectacular, but it kept my kids interest for the 35 minutes of the DVD. The songs were also less “rock” and all started to sound the same after a while, but again, my kids enjoyed it and I know they were learning, so I can handle it. Let’s just say it’s not a DVD I would pop in and watch on my own time 🙂 Here’s a sample of the Alphabet DVD I reviewed. You can preview most DVDs on the individual pages on their website.

Rock N Learn products can be purchased at Rocknlearn.com and on Amazon.com. The prices are pretty reasonable–$19.99 for DVDs, $12.99 for CDs with Books, $3.00 for Books, and some Apps are even free!  They even sell some DVDs in groups, like the 1st & 2nd Grade Collection, at a discounted bundle price. Right now Rock N Learn is offering YOU a discount code for 25% off on any products on their website. Just enter the code JQ7711 at Checkout.  But for one really lucky reader, they are offering a DVD or CD of your choice!

Enter to Win a Rock N Learn DVD or CD of your Choice!

** This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only.

** The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the morning of November 30, 2013, and will be emailed within 24 hours.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Rock N Learn, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Marshall Publishing Trucks DVDs {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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He fought it.  It wasn’t Blue’s Clues, so he was skeptical of it being anything good, but within 5 seconds, he was hooked.  Line and sinker.  “Rocket” was completely entranced by a DVD of all sorts of trucks doing fantastic things.  This DVD, appropriately called “Lots and Lots of Trucks” has since become the favorite movie of choice around here, thank you Marshall Publishing!
The moment you turn on one of these DVD’s, you are greeted with catchy music that instantly captures the attention of any toddler.  They are quick paced, spending only a few seconds on each frame.  Each DVD is just as friendly and happy as the last!
The first DVD we watched was Lots and Lots of Trucks, and just like the title says, it was filled with lots and lots and LOTS of trucks!  What an extensive amount of never-repeating footage of trucks doing all sorts of things, in a huge variety of different locations.  It is such a buffet of visuals, and very entrancing!
And just as I thought no video would replace the awesomeness of the Trucks DVD, “Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks” was just as fantastic.  These movies have just the right amount of dialogue–not too much talking to bore little kids.  We really liked the friendly fireman on the fire trucks DVD.  There is sure an extensive collection of footage!  These clips were not filmed in a single day.  They span thousands of miles and easily over a hundred different vehicles doing all sorts of things.  There are great sound affects and fun slide transitions from video clip to video clip. I tell you, these are so entertaining!
yhst-59124551425647_2246_12639036 yhst-59124551425647_2248_39418320
Last, we enjoyed some Lots and Lots of Monster trucks.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Very impressive monsters.  The Monster Truck Classics DVD is probably suited for ages 3 or 4+, as there is more dialogue throughout, and not the same catchy tunes in the background as the other DVDs.  The feature includes history about how monster trucks came to be and interviews with the truck drivers/builders.  It is evident that it was filmed within the last 25 years, but the title is “classics”, after all, which make them timeless!  My boy was still enthralled, even with the host commentators narrating the show instead of catchy songs in the background.  Most of the action takes place in superdomes and stadiums across North America and Australia.  The mud run races were pretty great, and I must say I’ve never seen something quite like it!  Near the end is a visit to see the world’s biggest truck at the time, and the car show at the end was fun.  It concludes with some impressive drag racing, for a total of appox. 3 hours among the three programs.
IMG_2181 copy
The real cherry on top was the two CDs included in this set of videos.  My boy squealed in delight when it turned it on in the car after he had watched the videos inside.  He clapped to the music of “Lots and lots of fire trucks”, and I am just SO relieved to be listening to something other than animal songs!  Great sound, the words are clear, and the voices are fun to sing along with.
So what do I think?  I think you have a little boy who is at all into trucks, fire trucks, monster cars, jets, planes, trains, or moving things in general, these are terrific DVDs for your child’s collection.  They are eye-candy for a busy little mind who love to watch things that go!  And a two-DVD set for $19.95 is pretty dandy.  Especially because these are not available in stores.  These would make great birthday gifts!
And I just got a sweet tip to keep checking their website for new arrivals this summer – Lots of Roaring Rockets and Alphabet and Counting Songs!  How fun!
Connect with Marshall Publishing!
*This posting was sponsored by Marshall Publishing, but all opinions are strictly my own

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