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Dr. Hauschka {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
I think putting on makeup is so much like an enjoyable little art class!  With so many colors, materials, and tools at my fingertips, some peace and quiet, and a few minutes, the world is my oyster!  Like a true artist, I really feel like I can do my best work with high-quality tools.  Do you really think Da Vinci could have painted up the Mona Lisa with a 2″ wide foam brush on a stick?  To pretty up like a pro, you’ve got to have legitimate materials to work with!
I know I can tell a difference when I come across the good stuff.  You know…eyeshadow that doesn’t crease, eyeliner that doesn’t melt down my face, mascara that doesn’t clump.  You know quality when you see it, and quality is the first word that comes to mind when I tell you about the beautiful decorative cosmetics and beauty products from Dr. Hauschka!
I think I squealed out loud when these goodies arrived.  In my package was an eyeshadow trio, eyeliner, mascara, roll-on deodorant, and a makeup brush.  Let’s start from the top.  First of all, this eyeshadow trio is a perfect palette.  The three colors (beige, rose pink, and chocolate) make a beautiful set of highs and lows, and blended together with the eyeshadow blender brush (sold for $27.95) creates such a lovely look that would look great on practically any skin tone.  Pinks are always flattering, and the chocolate is fantastic for the eye creases.  This brush does a great job of blending.  I think it makes any amateur makeup job look expertly done by defining the eyes and creating a flawless gradient look.IMG_6135
There is nothing like a brand new eyeliner pencil.  This Eyeliner Black with Applicator (sold for $17.95) has mineral pigments fused with quince, jojoba and carnauba waxes that allow this black to go on effortlessly, and even after sweating my face off at a dance rehearsal, it didn’t smudge or smear down my face.  I usually have to use a new pencil for a few days/weeks before the point is a little more dull which allows for a more natural application, but this pencil has a smudge applicator on the other end for blending and softening.  The tip is nice and soft so it doesn’t irritate tender eye skin.
This Volume Mascara Black is terrific!  It is sold for $29.95, and it really opens up my eyes.  It gives my lashes a slightly more subtle look than I’m used to–it is fairly thin (but it doesn’t clump!) and it expertly separates all the lashes to look evenly spaced and spread, and not grouped together.  I do like the look, and surely, multiple applications will create a thicker appearance.  It does curve the lashes well, and it is great for sensitive, delicate skin.  It contains a neem leaf extract that strengthens the lashes, and it is truly smudge-proof!
Lastly, I was quite excited to try out this roll-on deodorant.  I’m really not a fan of the traditional stick.  I just can’t seem to avoid getting it smeared on my clothes and staining my whites with discolored pits.  The roll-on feature is terrific for applying just where you want to.  The surface area of the rolling ball is small, so it is easy to apply it in only the right places, and without having to turn the bottle upside down.  Holding it upright is fine because as you roll on, the ball turns and coats you in goodness.  The floral scent smells just like geraniums!  This is my favorite deodorant I’ve ever tried!  I could definitely tell a difference in feeling fresh and dry throughout a hot and crazy day of run-arounds.  Can’t wait to use it up.
Here’s the look you can get with these Dr. Hauschka cosmetics:
Dr. H sells even more dreamy products, specifically bath and body treats like Rhythmic Night Conditioner, Regenerating Serum, and Aromatherapy Baths.  Its really a wonderland of goodness over there and these high-end cosmetics are just the tip of the iceberg.  Check em out!

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