Monkey Face

I’m so very glad that it decided to turn chilly around here again.  Not.  Will this winter ever end???  Okay so I just might be exaggerating slightly.  It’s not like it’s snowing outside or anything.  It’s not exactly freezing.  Okay it’s only in the 40’s right now here in St. Louis today.  But that’s cold, right?  It should NEVER be in the 40’s in April.  At least not in the Lou!  Good thing toADORN sent this monkey hat for Banjo.  He has been able to wear it.  In APRIL.

IMG_8966.pngIt’s super cute though, right?


Here’s to hoping he won’t be wearing it in May.  😉


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*This posting is part of my affiliation with toAdorn, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Spring has FINALLY sprung!


I don’t know about where you are, but here in St. Louis the sun is shining.  The flowers are blooming.  The grass is turning a brilliant shade of green.  Yep.  It simply glorious outside.  The spring has finally sprung around here!  I knew this day was coming eventually, but I also knew that the weather wouldn’t just suddenly change over night.  Especially not after what we dealt with for what seemed like eternity.  We had the LONGEST winter ever here!  I’m sure this sentiment resonates with the rest of the country; except of course for places like Florida and California.  Most of the country is highly envious of those types of places.  I’m talking the raging, green-eyed monster.  For St. Louis at least there have been signs of the coming days of honeysuckle and lilacs for quite some time now.  Albeit very slowly, but it has been warming up and the forecast hasn’t been predicting any of those crazy snow storms.  In fact the recent thunderstorms and even tornadoes (scary as those are) in the St. Louis area led me to believe that spring really was on its way.  Yes, I believe it’s FINALLY here!

With the spring weather also comes the need for some spring fashion.  That very need actually sent me to the mall last week, but I returned home with much disappointment.  I only made one measly little purchase.  A somewhat (long sleeved; mind you) spring blouse that definitely won’t carry me into summer.  All of the stores must not have been catching on to the hints of spring, because they only had winter clothing in stock.  Heavy sweaters galore, but nothing for spring.  It’s possibly that they are now stocked for spring this week, but I was at the mall LAST week.  I don’t have time THIS week to go back.

In my desperation to have something that I could fit in (remember I just had a baby 9 weeks ago) for this warmer weather I turned to my old standby.  Online shopping.  I will admit that typically I’m a little hesitant with clothes shopping online.  It’s difficult to often know the sizing or how the item will fit.  Generally I’ll only shop online at stores that I’m familiar with already.  Or ones that my friends have recommended.  So it took A LOT of bravery on my part to place an order on a deal site.  But after this purchase:

photo-90I will be purchasing a lot more off of that deal site!

I’m absolutely in love with this top.  I found it on the Jane deal site for only $19.99!  Isn’t that a steal of a deal?  I’m talking waaaaayyyy dandy.  It has these faux buttons up the back.  Seriously going to be my favorite all spring and summer long!

Jane features boutique clothing items for up to 80% off.  Each deal only lasts a matter of days or until they sell out.  So some of the more popular deals are only be around for a few hours!  Like these two deals:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.06.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.06.55 PM

GONE.  Totally gone.  I shouldn’t have waited so long to make my decision.

Good thing they still have plenty of these cute maxi skirts!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.09.32 PM

Click here…

Don’t miss your chance to get a deal at Jane!

Now… What did you see at Jane that you’ve gotta have?

*I am part of the Jane affiliate program, but I really did purchase the above blue top with my own funds.  All opinions are strictly my own.

Infinity scarf to poncho!

Take a wide infinity scarf:


Add a decorative pin:


And you’ve got a cute poncho for Ruby!


Do you love to adorn your wardrobe with some really great finds?  I, for one, am all about the accessorizing.  Why?  Because accessories are so very versatile.  One item can be used in so many different ways and to compliment so many different looks.  But where to look???  Well, well, well… That infinity scarf up above was sent to me from a really terrific deal site that has soooo many accessories to choose from.  And you too can…

Shop Accessories at toADORN!

It’s where you will find affordable pieces like these:

Only 99 cents!2.3_10


Only $3.99!2.25

Only $2.99!2.4_5

Only $1.29!1.22

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*This posting is part of my affiliation with toAdorn, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Get Moving!

Have you got your…

Free $10 to use at Zulily???


Well, there’s still time to get it, so you are in luck!  So get moving!  😉   In fact there are quite a few deal items on Zulily right now that are all about getting your move on:   *Be sure to check out that turquoise bike at the bottom  🙂

Yep I’m really wanting to own that turquoise bike right about now!  Any other takers?  Hmmm.  It is $10 off with your free $10, right?  😉

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This posting was part of my affiliation with Zulily, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Free $10

Packages from my online Christmas shopping began arriving on my doorstop last week:

Notice a familiar emblem on one of those packages?

One that resembles that square at the top of this posting and looks something like this:

Did you see it amongst my packages???

Of course a package from Zulily was delivered at my house, because I’ve been doing A LOT of shopping on Zulily!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to shop online.  It’s the best way to find a bargain.  Everything at Zulily is a bargain, so it’s my go to place for holiday shopping.  I literally check in every day to see what the latest deals are.  So far we have acquired some building blocks for Banjo on Zulily at around 80% off retail.  This week I’ll There are just so many things at major percentages off that it’s sooooo very difficult to decide just what to get her!  Maybe this adorable shopping cart:

Can you say, “Little Tikes”???

Or a pink truck for her to scoot around on:

Or some holiday books:

There are so many options right now.  I’ll have to check in tomorrow see what the new items are for children at Zulily!  Not shopping for kiddos?  Well, Zulily has way more than just stuff for kids.  I actually bought myself a wool peacoat from there a couple of weeks ago.  It’s gorgeous!  And the price?  Amazing.  $29.  That’s right… only $29!!!

Who wants $10 to start shopping?  Yep $10 for free!!!  Just GO HERE and you will get $10 to start spending at Zulily!


This posting was part of my affiliation with Zulily, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Open Sky

I just heard about this on Facebook and I think it’s a super dandy deal!  Combine social media with shopping and you get Open Sky!

For a limited time when you sign up they will give you a $25 gift certificate to spend.  Get your $25 now!  🙂

I’m really liking this handbag in yellow…


And this skirt…


And these plates…


Umm.  This site could be trouble!


This posting is associated with an affiliate program at Open Sky, but all opinions are my own.

Baby it’s…

Still slightly humid outside!  I wish that I could say that it’s cold outside, but in the Midwest that is not true.  However, the cold is just right around the corner (fingers crossed) and I’m ready for it to grace my presence!  🙂    Get ready for the cold around your house with these adorable leg warmers.

With this deal they are only $3!!!  Is it even possible to make them for that less of an amount???  However will the shop make money off of the sales???  Well, it’s no matter and nothing for us to be concerned with.  Just take advantage of the deal and be happy!  🙂  I mean… $3….


This posting is part of the affiliation program at Simple Addiction, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Simple Addiction {Giveaway} ***ENDED***

Who doesn’t love a good deal?  That pretty much covers everyone.  It covers me especially.  🙂  You all know that I’m all about a good deal.  However, it’s possible that you don’t know to what extent I’ll go for a good deal.  Only my close friends know this about me, because it (like my fabric addiction) is just the slightest bit embarrassing.  ***The embarrassing part of it has more to do with the cringing that takes place.  You will ready more about that below***  In my case the deal obsession can be embarrassing, but necessary I tell you!  Recently I’ve decided that there is no reason for me to be embarrassed or keep it a secret from anyone.  Saving money shouldn’t be embarrassing!  It’s smart, right?  So at the risk of full disclosure I’m going to open up just a small part of my deal finding life to you.  This way all you deal lovers can possibly learn something new.  And those of you who have yet to embark on the dandy deal way of life will be sucked right in.  😉   Are you ready???  Here’s the extent to which my good deal seeking goes…

Basically I don’t ever buy anything at full price.  For those rare times when I do have to pay full price I simply cringe when I make the purchase.  Then every time I see the full priced item in my house I’m reminded of that horrible day.  Then I cringe again.  Over and over.  A very tragic cycle.  It’s sad really.  But I always go back for more.  Which means I  love saving money and that’s definitely not a bad thing!  I adore finding a good deal.  When I spot something that’s a good deal that can be used, for say a gift 6 months away, then I just buy it right up.  This comes in handy especially for Christmas gifts.  There’s no reason to pull your hair out shopping in November and December.  Buy gifts as you find them all throughout the year that’s what I say.  Like over the weekend I actually  purchased this adorable alphabet stamp kit:

Okay I may have bought more than one.  But they are adorable and…

At only $9 each they make very dandy Christmas gifts!

Think about it… Add a cutesy little scrapbook…

Very dandy gift!  🙂

Well, get excited, because with this feature giveaway I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  The secret for where to find a really good deal.  But I’m not talking about just any kind of deal.  I’m thinking more along the lines of a deal that is extra special and doesn’t come along that often.  A dandy good deal.

Simple Addiction is THE place to find the best deals on unique, boutique items.  They literally take the hours and hours of searching for the most dandy of items out of your hands.  Giving you that extra time to focus on all of the many other things that you have to do!  Plus, all the items at Simple Addiction come with an impressively small price tag!  The vendors they work with offer items at 50-80% off retail prices.  See I told you it was a way dandy of a deal!  That alphabet stamp kit?  You can get the deal right now at Simple Addiction, but it ends soon so you gotta act fast!

Here are just a few of the other deal items that were previously spotted at Simple Addiction:



 Don’t you love Simple Addiction???  I’m so excited about this giveaway, because it’s for a way dandy prize pack:

  • 5 glitter headbands
  • 1 owl necklace
  • set of 25 paper straws
  • 1 silicone slap watch (winner’s choice of color)
  • set of 5 chalkboard vinyl labels
Told you.  Very dandy giveaway!



*This giveaway is open to entries in the US only

*Winners are not notified through email, so you have to check back to find out if you won! The winner of this giveaway will be posted no later than the evening of Monday, July 30th. Be sure and check back then to see if you won, so you can claim your prize


a Rafflecopter giveaway


This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Simple Addiction, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Now that’s a steal of a deal!

Search & Win

Alrighty so I’m an avid reader.  In fact I belong to a really fun book group!  If you don’t already belong to this type of group then I highly suggest you to seek it out.  It’s seriously fun times I tell you!  Well, since I love to read then it’s no surprise that I’m waaaayyyy impressed by the deal that Swag Bucks is offering from their website:  

Only $10 for $20 to spend at Barnes & Noble!

See?  Didn’t I tell  you that it was a steal of a deal?  It’s a deal through my all time favorite for saving $$$, Groupon.  But to get the deal you have to click through Swag Bucks only.  Otherwise if you go directly to the Groupon site it won’t come up.  Yep it’s something exclusive for the Swag Bucks peeps.  Plus, you will get some extra Swag Bucks for purchasing the deal!  So if you don’t already use Swag Bucks then you’re gonna wanna start now so you can cash in on this dandy deal!  Just go to Swag Bucks and you will see the deal for Barnes & Noble on their main page after you have registered.  Have a way dandy rest of your week!