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Disclosure: This site contains sponsored posts, affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) and is part of the Amazon affiliate program, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Flat Iron Experts {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

While I don’t really consider us to be real ‘travelers’, I still manage to fly or drive a great distance nearly every other month.  There are weddings, reunions, the holidays…  With all this traveling, I try my darndest to pack light, and I still end up leaving the house with something huge and heavy.  And I truly feel like I’m packing just the necessities!  I’m seriously concentrating on collecting travel-size-everything, and when I started thinking about all my hair tools and products, I turned to my favorite online hair product supplier: Flat Iron Experts!

flat-iron-experts1Flat Iron Experts hooked me up with a few goodies: the Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron (1-1/2″) sold for $84.99 and the QT Performance Mini Ceramic Travel Flat Iron (1/2″) sold for $41.95, along with my favorite heat-protectant, KQC Thermal Shine Spray ($13.99).


First, let me rave about this travel size flat iron.  Is this not perfect for traveling?!  Its so tiny, you could even throw this in your purse every day and tackle frizz or humidity at school or work.  Are you wondering if it has enough power and heat because its so small?  I’m happy to report that it works every bit as well as a full-size iron, and I actually like more than anything how light it is.  Have you ever started getting a tingly arm from losing blood while you hold your arm above your head for so long?  No so much a problem when you’re holding something so light.

miniThere isn’t heat dial on the mini, so you can’t change the temperature.  It heats up to 410°, which is actually quite impressive for its size and should work for most hair types.  It certainly was a good temperature to get it right with one pass on my slept-in-braids hair.

Here’s the product that I always always use with any heated tool: KQC Thermal Shine Spray.  It protects your hair while adding shine with its ion polishing complex.  Its not sticky like hair spray, and it doesn’t add any weight.  I still get a lot of volume and zero frizz with this product.  You can spray it on wet or dry hair and it even helps with dangles.  Even if I’m on a weight or space restriction in my suitcase, I have to pack this everywhere I travel.flat

Ok, let’s move on to the wide barrel curling iron.  This iron is designed to preserve more moisture within the hair shaft, which causes less damage to the hair cuticle.  A cool feature on the side is the dial that turns the temperature.  It has 40 different heat settings up to 428 degrees, and when its set to your desired temperature, you can pop it in to lock it.  Pop it back out to adjust it.  My fingers are always fumbling as I

 Another bonus is that this iron is “dual voltage”, which means you could use this curling iron any where around the world.

I literally have not picked up a curling iron in years.  I’ve been using my flat iron ever since I figured out just how to make it curl.  My eyes have totally been opened!  I LOVE the look it creates!  Super soft and smooth slightly curled hair with body and shine.


I’ve been using my regular flat iron and hot rollers from Flat Iron Experts constantly.  There are the only tools I use around here (in addition to my new mini and curling iron).  You can read my reviews for my Cortex Solo 450 flat iron HERE and the hot rollers HERE.

Visit Flat Iron Experts and update some of your old and outdated hair weapons!

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Beauty Stop Online {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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Some days (mostly on Sunday mornings when we’re running around frantic, trying to get the four of us presentable for 9am church) I truly envy the male species and the 2-5 minutes it takes them to do their hair.  Other days I think they really miss out on the opportunity to create a new look with an assortment of sweet smelling products and fancy tools.  Getting ready in the morning is sometimes like an art class, and I love being able to close the door, sit on a cute stool, and pretty up!


Beauty Stop Online is a treasure trove of makeup, styling tools, nailpolish, hair care, you name it.  Anything you could want when it comes to dolling up, they’ve got it.  Beauty Stop Online gave me the opportunity to review their Hot Tools Nano-Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron Medium 1″, sold for $38.99.  I love this little weapon!

IMG_4656 copy

Take note of the cone-shaped wand, and how it is tapered.  This creates larger curls at the top, and tighter curls at the bottom of the strand.  It can heat up to 450 degrees, and a new Pulse Technology allows the iron to heat up quickly and retain its heat with an “instant heat recovery” feature.  The tip is extra long, so you could really wrap a lot of hair in one twirl.  The temperature dial is easy to turn, but I think it can be budged higher or lower if you’re not careful.

IMG_4661 copy

This tool comes with a heat-resistant glove, which is really a godsend for my frequently burned fingers!  I always seem to touch the barrel even if I’m consciously trying to avoid it, and wearing this glove allows me to style quicker and without feeling so paranoid about placing my fingers in the wrong place!

IMG_4679 copy

What a useful glove!  I hate getting burned!  I think this also saves time I usually spend making sure the next spot I place my fingers isn’t going to fry me.  I just grab the section of hair and go.  This iron is the Medium size, and it tapers from 1″ to 1/2″, but Hot Tools also makes a Small and Large iron, ranging from 3/8″ to 1 1/4″.


The tapered barrel really creates some fun crazy curls!  They are diverse and natural-looking curls, which are perfect for an updo!  My hair is naturally straight, but used on curly hair, this would control the curls and tame the frizz.

Thanks Beauty Stop Online!  Go check out their abundance of makeup, styling tools, nailpolish, and hair care!

*This posting was sponsored by Beauty Stop Online, but all opinions are strictly my own


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