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Starbox Monthly Subscription by Starlooks {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Last month, Camille received the April Starbox from Starlooks, and I had the opportunity to review the May Starbox from Starlooks this past week.  I was incredibly impressed by the items that came in my box this month, and I especially love that this subscription includes a number of full-size products for only $15 a month!

Starlooks is a beauty company that features both a makeup line and hair care products, and their monthly Starbox sends a surprise box to subscribers with products that focus on a theme.  After the monthly Starboxes have been sent out to subscribers, they become available on their website for $25 a month — the bonus to this is that you can see exactly what you’ll receive, and the $25 price is still generally half as much as you would pay for the products in the box if bought separately!


The theme for this month was “Tribal”, which, I admit, scared me just a little — you remember that I’m usually a natural makeup kind of girl, so I wasn’t sure how these products would work for my preferences.  I had no reason to worry, though.  The packaging was perfect for the theme (zebra print box with a deep red paper inside), and the products were easily applicable to my own makeup routine but provided some new ideas and could easily be used for a more dramatic look.


Cream Blusher ($17) — I really love having a pop of color on my cheeks, but I’ve never used a cream version of blush before.  I loved this product!  Although the color was a bit deeper than I would have selected for myself, a light hand left my very pale skin with just the right hint of color.


Brow Shader ($21) — I’m probably going to expose my naiveté when it comes to makeup right here in my review of this product, but for the sake of honesty, I’ll tell you the truth: I’ve never even heard of this kind of product before.  I have fairly thick eyebrows and have never considered the need for filling them in or shaping them with brow liners, etc., but after watching a couple of YouTube videos on using brow shader, I’m sold.  The colors are versatile and the brush is small and perfect for precision.


Pigment Luster ($17)  — Again, a little nervous about how “tribal” of a look I was going to get from this pigment luster, but I ended up loving this pop of sparkle that updated my daytime natural makeup look just in time for a date to the movies that evening with my husband!  For those looking for a lot of shine, this would do the trick, too.

All in all, this was a great monthly subscription with some new products that I never would have even thought to purchase for myself — another bonus to signing up for a surprise monthly Starbox from Starlooks!  I’ve since added these to my makeup collection and have used them more often as I’ve become more familiar with them.

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