No Fear

We might need to get one of those baby gate things…


Just us girls

Audi took Banjo to the Cards game tonight,

 so that left Ruby and I home alone.

One day Ruby will be old enough for the typical slumber party festivities (like toenail painting and chick flicks), but for now we got in our PJs and just played, played, played.

It was fun bonding time with my little girl!  Ruby is now in bed and fast asleep, so I can now get to that chick flick.  🙂

Mobile Baby! {Review}

Ruby is practically on the move.  She is still doing this very unique stance thing instead of crawling.  I must honestly admit that I’ve never seen anything quite like it:

Tonight she came very close to doing a somersault!  This could be getting to be just a little bit dangerous…  Ruby will be 9 months on the 27th and we are expecting her to start crawling any day now.  Right now she can scoot backwards and roll to anything that she wants to get her hands on!  So she is considered to be a mobile baby.  🙂

Her mobility has been an interesting adjustment for us all to say the least.  Especially for me.  Like 2 weeks ago when I had my little mishap.  Or misstep really.  I was not, I repeat WAS NOT, going to share this experience on the blog.  It’s one of those embarrassing moments that you never want to relive EVER.  But we are all friends, right?  So here we go…  Don’t judge…  😉

Two weeks ago I took Banjo to a friend’s house to play.  As I headed back out to my car I full on missed the curb, rolled my ankle, and landed flat out in the street.  Picture arms flailing before I hit the pavement.  Yeah it was that pretty.  Ugh.  My elbows and knees spared my face of the road rash, so that was a good thing.  Everything I was carrying flew in all directions.  It was quite the humbling experience dragging myself (across the pavement) to my cell phone so I could call my friend.  Even more humbling when I had to tell her to look out her front window, because I was lying in the street in front of her house.  Fortunately friend is an ER nurse, so she was able to access the situation.  I was a little banged up, but able to limp around the rest of the day on the rolled ankle.  In fact I felt just a tad bit smug that my ankle was doing so well.  That smugness…  It disappeared later that evening when my ankle doubled in size and the pain began.  Apparently I had forgotten just how bad sprains can hurt.  Also, that swelling brings on major hurt!  So for the next few days I had to elevate the offended ankle and stay off of it as much as possible.  Oh and I may have been a tad bit of a baby about it.  Hey now.  That sprain felt awful and I’ve had sprains before.  I played softball in high school for crying out loud, so an ankle sprain was nothing new to me.  Alright, so maybe I’ve become just a little weak and whiny in my old age…  But it was pretty uncomfortable!  And a mobile baby to take care of… I didn’t have to do that in high school!

How does that type of situation work out with a mobile Ruby at my house you might ask???  Well, blessings come in mysterious ways.  🙂   Just days prior to my incident I had received a present in the mail from Joovy.  🙂     This Spoon walker to be exact:

Wow.  Perfect timing.  This walker is amazing!  In no time Ruby was cruising around in it, contained, and entertained!

Banjo even enjoys playing with her while she “walks” around.  He keeps wanting to push her around the house like she’s in a race car.  It’s really cute the way they are bonding!  Plus, Ruby loves it.  Can’t you tell just how much from that smile on her face?

The Spoon is the cadillac of walkers.  Seriously.  It folds down super easily and is compact:

It’s sturdy and has the perfect tray for holding onto the toys:

It also comes in the coolest colors.  Yep I’m a major fan of this walker and so is Ruby.

Thanks again Joovy!  You are truly a life saver!  And friends?  We will never, ever discuss the curb incident again.  😉


This posting was sponsored by Joovy, but all opinions are strictly my own.