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Costume Discounters Disney Captain Hook Costume {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

If there’s one thing “Rocket” loves to do, its try on everyone else’s clothes.  75% of his waking hours, he can be seen wearing someone else’s shoes (usually mine), a bag, a hat, or beads :)  He loves a good costume!  Dress-up clothes are such a fun way to pretend.  Wearing a different outfit can be so fun for children who love to use their imagination and stretch their creative minds!

I think costumes are such a fun thing to have around the house, and not just for Halloween.  We were sent a Capt. Hook costume from Costume Discounters, and it has been the most exciting activity around here since it arrived.

costume discounters

The construction is commendable, especially for the price of $32.99.  I was certainly surprised with how many articles of clothing it came with–pants with sewn on boots, the jacket, the ascot, and the sash.  Back to the boots–cheers to the sewn-on feature with footy elastic that allows the child to wear their own shoes underneath, because you know there’s going to be some mad-dashing around corners and up and down stairs on trick-or-treating night.  “Rocket” isn’t wearing any shoes in these pictures, but you can see how some tennis shoes would hide right underneath the foot coverings.


This Captain Hook costume is a Child size for 3-4 years, so you can see it is a little loose on this 2-year-old body, but come Halloween in eight months, it might be just right!  Plus the elastic waistband, stretchy material throughout, and jabot with ties in the back make this costume accommodating to large and small bodies alike.


I like the gold trim around the coat, and though it might be a little scratchy, it adds a nice touch.  The costume photographs well!  The hat has been a HUGE hit around here.  “Rocket” doesn’t know many words, but since this costume arrived, he’s been saying, “hat, hat, hat” and wears this all the time.  It fits nice and snug around his big head, and though there isn’t a top to it, it stays put around his head and he can put it on himself.


To a mother, an excellent Halloween costume is one that can be thrown on top of warmer clothes underneath.  Ain’t no way I’m sending my kid out in only one thin layer of anything while he begs for candy in the cold.   For that reason, this is a great outdoors costume.  “Rocket” is wearing a pair of sweatpants and two shirts (one of them bright orange) underneath this outfit, and you can’t even tell.  I could probably even hide a jacket underneath the red coat.

I’m already of fan of Costume Discounters and their extensive collection of fun costumes.  Good thing, because I’ve got to get the rest of our Peter Pan ensemble for the other members of the family!  Its going to be awesome!

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Halloween Theme

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I am huge fan of dressing up as a family in theme costumes!  I’ve only been able to get audiologist man to go along with this a couple of times.  He’s more inclined to dress in theme if we have a Halloween party to attend.  Unfortunately for me we have only went to a couple of costume parties in the 9 years we have been married.  Most of the time we get together with friends for October 31st and the kids just all dress up.  But I dream of throwing the ultimate Halloween party one of these days!  Maybe next year…  

The first year we were married there was a work party to attend and we went in 50’s costumes similar to these:



Then for Banjo’s first Halloween we partied with friends and I went as Velma:


Audiologist man as Shaggy:


And Banjo as little Scooby:


All of the above (and many more) group costumes can be found at Pure Costumes.  Also, if you make a purchase from their Facebook Store then you will get 5% off!

Oh and how could I forget…




Wasn’t he the cutest little Scooby ever???  🙂

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Pure Costumes Coupon Code

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It’s October!!! Which means…  My favorite season of the year!  I love the fall colors.  I love the cooler weather.  I love the hot apple cider.  I love the pumpkins and most importantly HALLOWEEN!  Are you ready for it?  I wish that I could say that I was already, but that wouldn’t be true.  Do I have my harvest smelling candle burning?  No.  Do I have the Halloween decorations up?  No.  Are they even out of storage?  No.  Do we have our Halloween costumes all decided on?  No.  I feel like such a slacker!  Sure it’s only the 3rd of October, but then I see all these other great blogs that have it all together already… and I feel way behind!  Let’s get started on the easy part first shall we?  Deciding on a costume for Banjo.  That part is made easy with the help of Pure Costumes, because they have every toddler Halloween costume imaginable!

Over the summer Banjo requested to be Thomas the Tank Engine and they’ve got him:

Last month it was Woody from Toy Story:

 Last week it was a pirate:


This week?  This guy:

Fortunately for me Pure Costumes has got ’em all!  But can anyone give me a suggestion on how to get Banjo to decide???  Stay tuned…

Want free shipping on your selections from Pure Costumes?  Get it when you spend over $65 by using coupon code ‘DANDY65’.

This blog posting was sponsored by Pure Costumes, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Trains, trains, and more trains!

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Banjo eats, breathes, and dreams trains!  What 3 year old boy doesn’t?  Here have a look:



Told you so!  :)   That last one was taken on our very own St. Louis “train” (MetroLink).  He loves to ride on it and I’m happy to oblige, because I’m not shy of public transportation.  It’s good for the environment and it saves me $$$ at the pump and parking garage.  Nothing wrong with that! 

Recently Costume Discounters sent Banjo the Thomas the Tank Costume :

He LOVES it!

Shortly after trying on Thomas he wanted to know where the James costume was.  Fortunately Costume Discounters also has those James guys in halloween costumes! 

In fact Costume Discounters has tons of fun boys costumes!  Be sure and check it out for yourself, because it’s just that dandy!


{Giveaway} Wholesale Princess ***ENDED***

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My brother and his wife had a baby girl in December. I’m a new auntie and she is seriously the most adorable thing ever!  Seriously sooooo very precious and petite!  I LOVES her!  She’s the first granddaughter in the family so you know that she’s not going to be spoiled at all with frilly cuteness!  Not at all.  :)   My mom has been collecting cute hair bows.  It’s way fun for her, because she hasn’t been able to buy that kind of stuff since I was a wee one.  And baby girl is already known to wear tutus!  Good thing that I know the perfect shop to direct my mom and the rest of the family to for all the cute stuff for the little miss:  Wholesale Princess!  There’s nothing wrong with saving a few dollars and at Wholesale Princess you will save more than just a few $$$!  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is at wholesale pricing!  At Wholesale Princess you can shop for:




Tutus & Pettiskirts:




Gift Sets:

Even EVERYTHING to get your craft on and make your own cute hair clips!



All at amazingly low prices!  Aren’t you glad that I told you about Wholesale Princess?  🙂

Ready to find out what is being given away?  This week Wholesale Princess is going to give one lucky Dandy reader the Pretty in Pink Gift Box:

Get entering, because this is a dandy giveaway!

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