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See’s Candies Christmas Gifts {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I often marvel at how the fall and winter holidays can be so centered around food!  Some might argue that the point of Halloween is to obtain candy, there is practically nothing to Thanksgiving without a huge turkey feast, and what would Christmas be with all the beautiful and delicious treats and candies!  One year, we gave all our family members a box of chocolates, and since then, I think of Christmas and fine chocolates together!  If you’re also a chocolate-lover and a Christmas fanatic, you probably already know about See’s Candies and their delicious fine chocolates.  They carry a lovely array of Christmas gifts and chocolates that are so beautiful and tasty, they’d make fantastic gifts, stocking stuffers, or just wonderful treats to enjoy while cozied up around the fireplace.


Having reviewed See’s before (see my previous review HERE), I knew what I really loved, so this time around, I went straight for a box of Holiday Fancy.  I have only raving reviews for this box.


Charlie and I were trying to get out the door for a 5th Wedding Anniversary getaway weekend, and knowing these were on the way, we were pretty bummed that they hadn’t arrived yet.  Surprise, surprise, they had JUST been dropped on our doorstep on our way to the car!  We snatched them up with glee, and spent all weekend eating these lovelies.  So. Dang. Good.

 IMG_8652This box is filled with milk, dark and white chocolates, including Cashew Brittle, Caramel, Divinity Puff and Almond Square.  Every piece was remarkable.  Honestly, after ever piece, we would moan about how good it was.  Even the cream-filled, which are usually not my favorite, were just wonderful in my book.

See this thick round one that looks like an ottoman?  Scotchmallows.  My all-time favorite See’s chocolate.


We also tried See’s Old-Fashioned Fudge Assortment!

IMG_8857This we saved for when we had company visiting.  We opened the box and passed around the fudge all night while we played Clue :).  This is perfect for holiday get-togethers.

fudgeThese fudges are packed with nuts.  Vanilla Walnut, Chocolate Walnut, and Bordeauxâ„¢ Pecan.  I’m a nut-lover, so I thought these were delicious, and boy, does this fudge last forever.  My less-of-a-nut-lover hubby still ate practically the entire chocolate bar (see above right picture) without complaint.

836chrwreathboxbig 634holscotchbarbig 396chrvictoffeebig

Checkout the large array of mouth-watering sweets from See’s, particularly in their Christmas gifts section.

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See’s Candies {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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“You had me at chocolate”, said a friend of mine when I told her I had 3 pounds of See’s Candies chocolate to review!  With such a splendor of goodness, keeping it all to myself would have been wonderful seemed silly when I could invite friends and make a “Chocolate Party” out of it!

Sees-CandiesCharles See opened the first See’s Candies shop in Los Angeles in November of 1921.  The sparkling clean, black and white shop was designed to resemble the home kitchen of his mother, Mary See.  Now you know why black and white checkers is their signature branding!  My stash included three different boxes of divine goodness.  First, Assorted Chocolates:

318asschocv3bigNuts and Chews:

334ncv3bigAnd Chocolate and Variety:

323chocvaryv3bigWhere to begin?!   Everything arrived nice and cool in a big box of very well protected foam and several ice packs.  Not thinking at all, I took the boxes upstairs to my sewing room (where I hide all the treats and untouchables from my boys!), and forgot about them for a few days, also forgetting that this room doesn’t get any a/c!  We had an awful heat spell and after a few days of what must of have been over 90 degrees up there, I remembered the chocolates and was sure they’d be a melted mess.  Not so!  They looked perfectly preserved and untouched, and our party was still on 🙂


Of course, we loved every bite!  These chocolates are so filling, too.  The four of us ate to our heart’s content, filled up baggies to take home to the husbands, and I still had a full box’s worth at the end of the night.  If only one person was hacking away at a box, they’d be spoiled every night for weeks!



Our thoughts: What a great variety!  Obviously, these are high-quality chocolates, and nothing waxy about them.  They each were creamy and flavorful.  A favorite of the night were the Scotchmallows, and you can actually buy an entire box of just these from See’s.  One of my friends was particularly excited about these because See’s are almost no where to be found on the East Coast.  We all remember seeing these in stores all over Utah and kiosks in nearly every West Coast airport, but they’re just not readily available in Boston.

We also decided that See’s has perfected their caramel.  Their caramel chocolates are not too chewy that you find yourself chomping forever on things stuck to your teeth.  One friend mentioned how she’s not really a nut person, but she really enjoyed chocolates from the “Nuts and Chews” box.


 Another favorite quote of the night: “I never met a See’s chocolate I didn’t like”.  A box of chocolates really is the most wonderful gift, and you can’t go wrong with See’s.  I personally think a box of See’s would be the greatest birthday gift, anniversary gift, baby shower gift, get-well gift, graduation gift, etc.  Check out their many varieties, especially their fun assorted lollypops!  Great for summer!

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Chocolates by Genevie {Review}

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I’ve recently decided that my favorite snack to eat in the afternoon is a grapefruit — not necessarily because it’s something that I love to eat or because I crave it, but because neither of my boys ask to share with me!  The tartness isn’t appealing to them, so they glance over and see that have a grapefruit and then go straight back to what they were doing.

Without. saying. a. word.

It’s the little things when you’re a mom…

Chocolates, though, are quite the opposite!  It doesn’t matter if they’re playing with friends, watching a movie, enjoying their new coloring books from Grandma (thank you!), or even eating a popsicle — they’ll dart over to me when they even sense that chocolate is out.  You can imagine that I’ve become quite the closet-chocolate-eater to avoid having to share or justify why mom can have chocolate just before dinner but the boys can’t.


“…Chocolate by Genevie [creates] the finest artisan chocolates that make the ideal luxury gift for the people you love. Only the finest chocolates are selected for our collection and all boxes are packaged exquisitely and delivered 1st Class Royal Mail to the UK.”

“Our collection includes chocolates from the finest European Chocolatiers who excel in the art of chocolate; we regularly test new Chocolatiers work for quality and only  truly outstanding chocolates are selected for our boxes.  We are a small family business dedicated to sourcing and supplying chocolate that is second to none. Disappointed with the quality and direction of most UK chocolatiers we tirelessly searched and tested chocolates from across Europe to bring you an exceptional collection of artisan chocolates that are the culmination of Europe’s greatest chocolatiers.


“Our signature is reflected in chocolates that have high cocoa content with less sugar, consisting of only premium ingredients. If you’re looking for cheap ultra sugary chocolates made with cost cutting ingredients then our products are not for you.”

These chocolates are incredibly rich, and they include an amazing variety of flavors to pique your tastebuds!  My box included Champagne Truffle, Nougat, Dark Orange, Advokaat and Pistachio, Arabica Truffle, Cointreau, Milk Truffle, Coconut and Pineapple, Coffee Praline, Marzipan, Dark Truffle, and White Truffle.

Do you know a mom who needs some chocolate, whether she eats them out in the open or in the dark of her pantry?  Chocolates by Genevie is a great gift that is sure to please!

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