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Wallies {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

My Aunt Tami is a huge role model to me.  She has the most adorable (and always well-dressed) children, has some fantastic recipes up her sleeve, takes time to dress fashionably herself (even with six kids!), and her house is always decorated to model-home quality.  We stopped by a few months ago and I was reminded of how much I love Aunt Tami’s style.  One of the most memorable additions to her charming kitchen was a side cupboard panel that had been turned into a chalkboard wall.  Just darling!


My mind starting spinning with ideas of how to do something like this in our kitchen, even though we’re in a rental.  Painting the built-in cupboards isn’t really an option.  When I saw these chalkboard papers from Wallies, I freaked out a little inside.  My chalkboard wall dreams were obtainable!


This is the Big Chalkboard which comes as one giant piece 25″ x 38″ in dimension.  This is sold for $24.99 and it even comes with chalk!  I was a little worried as I unrolled the sheet to see the deep wrinkles,


…but as you can see, once applied to the flat surface, the wrinkles aren’t a problem.  I only wish that there was a square grid behind it, on the peel-away paper, to make cutting and trimming easier.  I applied this first with tape up the sides, and then ripped away pieces at a time and smoothed it down with a shower squeegee.  It only took one application, but even if that doesn’t happen, this is re-positionable, so mistakes can be corrected.


I’m so happy!!  I can’t wait to do some artsy writing every month according to the season and holidays.  Without a lot of storage space for holiday decorations, I’m really liking the decor that can be interchangeable and stay out all year.  I still have more than half of the sheet leftover to try on other surfaces, and it looks exactly like a real chalkboard.  Completely legit.

Wallies has a number of chalkboard decals, among all sorts of decals, cutouts and murals, and even Holiday Wallies!

W16000 W16040

But these aren’t just for mom!  Look at these fun ideas for kids and children’s bedrooms:

W16027 W16005

Check out all the beautiful and fun fun fun products from Wallies and get some fun holiday decor up in your home!

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Kinderfeets {Review}

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I have a five-year-old in my house!  We just celebrated his birthday last week, and I really can’t believe that he’s grown up so much into such an independent, fun-loving boy.  I’m really excited for this next year and all of the fun things he’ll be learning, and one of the things that popped into my head while we were outside the other day is that he should be losing the training wheels on his bike and learning how to ride a two-wheeler!


I’m a little nervous to just take those training wheels off and send him on his way, so I was searching for something that could ease the transition and help him feel more confident before sending him into the world of skinned knees and banged-up elbows.  I was ecstatic to come across Kinderfeets, which is actually designed for children ages 2 to 5 years old!  This wooden bike helps children transition to any pedal-powered bicycle at their own comfort level, and they can quickly move their feet from the pedals to the ground as needed.


” More than a toy, Kinderfeets is a father’s gift to his son. Disappointed with the push bikes available, Dutch designer Oscar Mulder decided to create his own balance bike for his son, Sebastiaan.  Oscar wanted Sebastiaan to be able to cruise once he became confident enough, so he broke the push bike mold and added footpegs. Knowing kids love to get dirty, he added a removable seat cover that can go in the wash with the rest of the laundry. Other push bikes have inflatable tires that go flat, interrupting the fun. But Kinderfeets’ tires don’t require air. Plus, Kinderfeets’ colorful chalkboard finish provides a reusable canvas for children to exercise their creativity. Older now, Sebastiaan rides a regular bike with ease and confidence – all thanks to the push bike his father designed with him in mind.

We received the red Kinderfeets bike to review, and this product actually arrived just days before my son’s birthday!  It’s always fun to have such a big present to open, and my son also loved assembling the Kinderfeets with Dad as much as he loved riding it!  From the very start, he immediately jumped on and was able to “walk” with the bike to get it started before lifting his feet onto the pedals and coasting down the driveway.  He was just fine when going straight, but it took some time and “getting used to” on turns and when he started to go a little faster than he planned.  It was easy for him to simply put his feet down and stop himself or to catch himself before falling.  His balance on the bike has become so much better over the week, and he’s able coast much further more confidently.

The other part that my son loved was the chalkboard finish — he spent a good part of the afternoon writing on his bike with chalk and decorating it with his name and other fun designs!  I thought this was a great way to personalize his bike without doing anything permanent, and this feature certainly set Kinderfeets apart from other bikes.

Since Kinderfeets is designed for both toddlers and preschoolers, I wondered how my two-year-old would do on the Kinderfeets bike.  I took him outside the other morning (while my five-year-old was at preschool, of course!), and I was surprised by how quickly he took to balancing and moving himself.  The seat was set a little high for him, but he was still able to catch on to the idea of maneuvering himself around using his own feet and then pulling his feet up once he got going.  Once my older son transitions to a two-wheeler bike, I imagine that this Kinderfeets will be quickly taken over by his little brother.  🙂

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**This post and review was sponsored by Kinderfeets, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Diddle Daddles {Giveaway} – CLOSED

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One of the best things about living in small town is that they usually have a great downtown area with local shops and restaurants, and we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy them in the last three places we’ve lived.  I love spending a Saturday morning or a random Tuesday evening walking through the downtown streets to discover some of our favorite places to eat and to explore the great items in the boutiques.


While I’m the first to sing the praises about online shopping (especially after living in small towns in the last three places we’ve lived!), there are few websites that have the same type of feel as these fun downtown shops.  I was thrilled to stumble upon the online shop Diddle Daddles that just so happens to have that boutique feel with unique items and changing inventory!


Neon Infinity Scarves – 7 Colors — As I’m sure you’ve been able to tell from my past year of blogging on Dandy Giveaway, I’m not always the most fashion-forward mom.  I was determined last fall/winter to figure out how to incorporate a scarf into my wardrobe, and I’ve decided that this is the year for infinity scarves.  These colors add a great pop of color that is sometimes necessary among the grays and brown of fall wardrobes.


Purse Organizing Insert — I’m heading back into the diaper bag stage in just a couple of weeks, and this purse organizing insert would be perfect to keep everything in purse well-organized so I can find things quickly.  The other benefit to this Purse Organizing Insert is that you can quickly move everything you need from one purse to another!

hi low

Royal Blue Hi-Low Dress — I love how the hi-low style of this dress jazzes it up a little and gives some flair to transition from summer to fall.  I could see this with a set of flats for an afternoon dress, some heels for a more dressy occasion, or great boots to make it warm enough for fall and winter.


6 ft. Chalkboard Vinyl Roll — And talk about your unique items!!  What a fun item this was to receive in the mail, and it came at the perfect time since we’ve been cleaning out and redoing our toy room in an attempt to be somewhat better prepared for our overseas move in just SIX MONTHS.  We’ve been selling and donating some of our larger items, and the (very large) room was a little bare and needed something.  This was the best solution to add some fun to the wall while also providing a reason to keep that area clear and open.  I could also see this in a hallway, and it can be cut into smaller pieces that can fit on doors or smaller sections of wall in the house.  We’ve loved it so far, and I’m excited to be able to peel it off, roll it up, and take it with us to our new house.

One Dandy reader is going to win a Chalkboard Vinyl Roll!  Enter to win below!

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** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Diddle Daddles, but all opinions are strictly my own. 


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