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13 in 2013 Giveaway! – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.


The first month of the new year is not over yet and we are still celebrating in a big way!  Did you catch that I said we???  You cannot have a fun party all by yourself, so this is going to be a giveaway mixer of 5 blogs in 1.  Hosted by:  Melissa at Sippy Cup Mom, Kira at Tip Hero, the ladies at rn-mommy, Blakely at Eloise & Me, and Tara at Dandy Giveaway.  Who’s ready for a fun party?  Well… For starters, we decided to kick the new year off right with 13 fantastically dandy giveaways!  Just so you know this is going to be the best party of 2013 and you are all invited.  Because we like YOU.  We know that our readers are the bestest of the blogging world.  We’re talking cream of the crop.  We couldn’t do what we do without you.  Frankly you deserve to have a spectacular kick off to 2013.  So… Let’s get this party started, shall we?  😉

What party is complete without some great door prizes?  Here are the 13 businesses participating AND the prizes they are giving away:

Prize #1:  Samsung Montage cell phone from Virgin Mobile payLo.

samsungmontage-gallery-angle-2Superb quality and great cellular no-contract plans!


Prize #2:  Stained glass star of choice from Piggy & Dirt.


One word:  Gorgeous.  And there are quite a few just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Prize #3:  Bracelet of choice from Cutey.


Stylish bracelets, amazing prices, and from the UK.  What more can one say?!


Prize #4:  Undershirt of choice from Blush Accessories.


The perfect way to layer without the extra bulk of a traditional undershirt.  Perfect addition to any wardrobe!


Prize #5:  $25 gift certificate to Blue Attic Door.


Jewelry and art are both beautiful.  Put ’em together and you get uniquely gorgeous earrings!


 Prize #6:  Any adult tee of choice $16.99 or less from Crazy Dog T-Shirts.


This store has every shirt imaginable.  So many that will have people in stitches… ba-dum-bum!


 Prize #7:  Custom hand knitted horse from Orabelle Baby.


This shop has been around for years and its owner has so much talent.  She can sew beautiful clothing and knit!


 Prize #8:  Organizing Utility Tote in Lotsa Dots print (no monogramming)

from Kelley Nix with Thirty-One.


Thirty-One just launched a brand new spring catalog.  There are new prints, products and a home organization line that is amazing!


Prize #9:  Headband of choice from Little Hatchlings.


 So many cute, cute, cute headbands at Little Hatchlings.  Love the Valentine’s style!


Prize #10:  $25 coupon to spend at Vinyl Wall Art.


Decorating your walls doesn’t have to be difficult.  Vinyl makes it easy! 


Prize #11:  Any one item from Baby Wisp.


With the mini latch clip the Baby Wisp hair bows stay in place!  Definitely a must for baby girls and big girls who like to pull the pretties out of her hair.


 Prize #12:  Choice of squeaky shoes from Sophie’s Chic Boutique.


This boutique has everything.  Shoes, hair pretties, tutus, leggings, and more!


 Prize #13:  $20 Amazon gift card from Promo Simple.

amazongiftcardSee those great looking entry forms below?  Bloggers, that is a giveaway made simple for you right there.  😉  


*All of the above giveaway prizes have been sponsored by Virgin Mobile, Piggy & Dirt, Cutey, Blush Accessories, Blue Attic Door, Crazy Dog T-Shirts, Orabelle Baby, Kelley Nix with Thirty-One, Little Hatchlings, Vinyl Wall Art, Baby Wisp, Sophie’s Chic Boutique, and Promo Simple.

*One winner will be selected per item using random.org via Promo Simple.  

*Entries are for the US only.

*Winner of the Crazy Dog T-Shirts giveaway cannot have received a promotional item from Crazy Dog T-Shirts within the past 90 days.

*Giveaway will end on Sunday, February 3rd.

*All winners will be notified no later than the evening of Monday, February 4th and will have one week to respond.

*Enter to win on the forms below.  Due to the number of giveaway items there are 2 entry forms.  Both forms specify which giveaway items are part of that particular form.  Good luck!


Virgin Mobile payLo review and giveaway announcement!

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

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Everyone has a cell phone these days.  Everyone.  It has become a part of our culture and land lines are out.  We are all about convenience.  Being contactable 24 hours a day.  It’s just who we have become.  But what happens when lack of land line becomes a major nightmare???  Now let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.  For just a moment think about your very first cell phone.  Remember the first time you got your hands on your new, shiny (probably big and bulky) phone?  It was energizing to be able to be contacted whenever and where ever you were.  Then smaller phones and texting rolled out.  Oh be still my heart.  But do you also remember the agonizing nightmare that ensued from owning said phone?  I’m talking contracts.  Overages on minutes.  Okay.  Major overages on minutes to the tune of $400.  Am I the only one who has gotten that bill?  Please say I’m not.  Then there was running low on texts and people just kept on texting and texting and texting you.  And you were/are too polite (or embarrassed) to say, “Please stop texting me so much.  I don’t have  unlimited texts.  It’s sorta costing me a lot of moola.”  See what I mean?  Nightmare.  Solution?  Of course I’ve got one for you…

Virgin Mobile is all about making owning a cell phone a hassle free experience.  Yep.  No more nightmares.  With their payLo service there are no contracts.  For just $40 a month you can get unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and 50MB of web access.  Don’t need unlimited?  There’s also $30 and $20 options!  The phones available from Virgin Mobile are quite fantastic and top notch.  Like this Samsung Montage:




I’ve decided that it’s the most perfect slider phone!

Just the right size, thin, and perfect for any member of the family!

Did you know that wireless could be so easy?  I first heard about Virgin Mobile from a good friend of mine.  She made the switch a few years back and has loved being a member of the Virgin Mobile cellular community.  After talking with her I was so impressed that my husband and I will be making the switch.  Just as soon as our seemingly never ending contract expires with that other cell company…  One year cannot go by fast enough let me tell you.

Want to win that fabulous Samsung Montage???

Be sure to come back to Dandy Giveaway on

Monday, because you will be able to enter to win it!


Along with entering to win 12 other dandy prizes.  🙂  Have a very dandy weekend and I’ll see ya on Monday!


*This review and posting was sponsored by Virgin Mobile, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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