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MailPix Brag Book {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I’m a bragger.  I’m totally a big bragger.  I love posting pictures of my cute kids, talking about our fabulous weekend date, my husband’s raise, and being overly obnoxious when I win board games!   I know its sometimes the quickest way to lose friends, but isn’t it fun to brag?!

I think the older we get, the more fun it is to show off our kids because they’re just so darn adorable for being nothing but themselves, and we like to think they got it all from us :).
MailPix.com - Photo Prints

I think these “Brag Books” by Mailpix are such a fun way to carry around your treasures and show them off to anyone and everyone!  I can’t always tote around my heavy binders of scrapbooks, or bring up my blog at the next high school reunion, but I could whip out my new brag book that I made on Mailpix!  These brag books can be made in 4×6 or 5×7 size, and filled with 5 to 40 pictures.  They are professionally spiral bound, and a clear cover in the front protects the pictures inside from scratches and from fading.


To be honest, I had a distraction device for my rambunctious toddler in mind when I put this together.  I wanted to fill it with people he recognized and memories of his (like his birthday, playing with grandma, last Christmas) to grab his attention while we are trying to teach him the importance of sitting still in church for an hour at a time.  The process of ordering was actually pretty fun, and fairly easy to figure out.  MailPix has several templates of themes to choose from, which change the layout of the pictures and can arrange multiple pictures on one page.


The book turned out great!  My favorite feature is the clear protective first page to keep everything from getting smudgy.  “Rocket” sat admiring pictures of himself, his parents, his cousins, and his brother for an amount of time that I didn’t expect.  Eureeka!  A distraction device for my church diaper bag!  God bless you, Mailpix.  As you can imagine, Mailpix specializes in much more than just cute brag books.  They can tackle anything from photo calendars and mugs to large photo books, prints, enlargements, greeting cards, etc.  They’re pretty much a one-stop for anything involving your pictures.  Personally, I love that they grant you unlimited photo storage when you sign up on their site.  In this day and age, when everyone is running out of storage on their blogs and looking for alternate places to store their pictures, I’m relieved that my pictures can be safe with Mailpix.


Is your head surging with ideas of the next brag book you want to put together?  A book of your grandkids school pictures to keep in your purse?  A book of your last vacation to keep out on your coffee table?  A flip book of your artwork to carry around as a portable mini portfolio?  These are so useful in so many ways!

For the giveaway prize today, one winner will be able to create their own 40-page 4×6 brag book, and only pay the $4.99 shipping!

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