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BrushLove {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
A girl and her brush.  If its the right one, its a match made in heaven.  At least in my opinion :)  I remember finding a favorite brush–you know, one that doesn’t pull, it feels right in your hand, and it gives you the best hair days–in high school, and because I was afraid of ever losing it, I bought two of them so I’d always be prepared, should the worst happen.
Well, the worst did happen, and somewhere in between a dozen sleepovers, college roommates who share everything, and a move across the country, I lost my true love and have been looking for a new favorite brush.  BrushLove sent me two brushes to try out, and there might just be a tie for that ‘favorite’ position!
BrushLove is an online store of the largest assortment of, you guessed it, hair brushes.  They must carry over a hundred different brushes, and they are categorized by hair type, hair style, hair length, texture, and what you want it to do, so that you can really find your true match.  Based on my preferences, here are the two I tried out:
The first is the Brushlab Orange Ceramic Thermal Large Hair Brush.  This round thermal hair brush really speeds the drying process and makes it a popular choice.  It is designed to help shine and reduce frizz.
• 100% Nylon bristles. Heat-resistant nylon bristles withstand high temperatures.
• Thermal ceramic coated barrel. Helps evenly distribute the heat to prevent over drying & damage.
• Maximum control = maximum results. Our signature comfort cozi™ grip is designed to massage and prevent slip ups.
K, really guys, this one is fantastic.  I looks huge, but because it is so big, it can grab a whole lot of hair and work on it all at the same time.  I also worried about the bristles tugging and pulling out my weak, temperamental hair, but I didn’t notice a single tug or strand lost.  Drying my hair took less than 2 minutes, seriously!  Granted, I have fine, thin hair and this won’t be the record for every hair type out there, but this is one intense time-saving contraption.  My hair is left as soft as baby hair, smooth, and straight!  Taking a flat iron to my afterwards makes for an even faster, better result because so much of the work has already been done (smoothing and straitening).
I also got to try out the Brushlab Zebra Cushion Paddle Hair Brush.  Once your hair is dry, this one is a pro at finishing.  It detangles, smooths, and grooms all hair types and textures.  The balls on the tips are smooth and securely attached.  They give my scalp a great head massage and can help in distributing mouse throughout.  I really like the scalp conditioning, and the zebra print is so fun!

My hair styled with both these brushes:
IMG_6734Look at that volume!
BrushLove carries more than just brushes, by the way.  They sell hair care products, cosmetic tools, spa products, accessories, etc.  Go knock yourself out perusing all the styling tools and accessories!

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