Infinity scarf to poncho!

Take a wide infinity scarf:


Add a decorative pin:


And you’ve got a cute poncho for Ruby!


Do you love to adorn your wardrobe with some really great finds?  I, for one, am all about the accessorizing.  Why?  Because accessories are so very versatile.  One item can be used in so many different ways and to compliment so many different looks.  But where to look???  Well, well, well… That infinity scarf up above was sent to me from a really terrific deal site that has soooo many accessories to choose from.  And you too can…

Shop Accessories at toADORN!

It’s where you will find affordable pieces like these:

Only 99 cents!2.3_10


Only $3.99!2.25

Only $2.99!2.4_5

Only $1.29!1.22

Go HERE to get these dandy deals before they are gone!

*This posting is part of my affiliation with toAdorn, but all opinions are strictly my own.

A letter to my husband on December 7th

My dearest, dearest, Audi,

You don’t mind that I refer to you on the blog as Audi, do you?  It is somewhat like the word audiologist, right?  Since I’m always leaving off the whole gist at the end I do often wonder if people reading the Dandy think that I’ve named you after one of my favorite cars or if they think you install car stereos for a living.  Not that installing car stereos is a bad job.  It’s not.  It’s a great profession.  I just figure that it doesn’t take 8 years of education to learn how to install a car stereo.  Or maybe it does???  I’ve never installed a car stereo before, so I honestly have no idea.  Someone please feel free to enlighten me.

Anyway, I realize that in years past I may have been the slightest bit difficult to shop for. What with my shameless attempts to be subtle or even down right cryptic and all as to what to get me for Christmas.  You and I both know that you were able to figure out often what I was hinting at, so why did I even try to be all sly about it?  I realize that it could have presented like I didn’t trust you to shop for me.  Or that I was implying that you didn’t grasp the meaning behind my incessant hints and for that I am sorry.  Well, lucky you, because I’ve decided to try something different this year. Since we have been married for 10 years and all.  So it’s not like we are remotely new into our relationship.  It’s high time for a change, don’t you think?  No reason to continue on like I have been for the past 10+ years.  So here it goes…

To start I wanted to remind you know that today is December 7th. Now don’t get all nervous thinking you forgot that it’s a special sort of day or something. It’s not.  Well, actually it is Pearl Harbor Day which is very special and important to remember in the United States.  Lest we never forget.  A day that will live in infamy and all that.  Don’t get me wrong I’m so very proud to be an American and so thankful for the men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.  But today is not one of those special kind of “us” days.  So don’t think that you forgot one of those “us” kind of days.  You didn’t.  It’s not our anniversary.  It’s not my birthday.  It’s not the day when we went on our first date 11 years ago.  It’s just December 7th…  18 more days away from Christmas!!!  Which means you have technically 17 more shopping days left.  Ready for the big reveal of what I’m doing different this year?  Well, I haven’t been hinting, because I’m just going to tell you what you can get me this year.  Aha!  Isn’t that so great of me to do for you?  So here’s my list of gift ideas…

I could really use this “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” beaded watch:

And you know…

This watch is super special and unique, because you can also get me another beaded watch band to interchange with the face.  Like this one:

Okay you can get me more than just one band…


There’s a band that will match every outfit in my closet!

Next up:  A ring to match the pearl necklace you got me for our anniversary this year.

Lastly a couple of bracelets would be perfect.  These ones to be exact:

All of the above can be found at Chunky Bling, so you can even get it all in one stop!  You will have to play around with the interactive program on their website for that mother’s bracelet.  It’s pretty cool.  See?  I’ve really made it easy on you this year.  Your welcome.  😉



*This posting was sponsored by Chunky Bling, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Cutey {Giveaway} ***ENDED***

I hope that you all had a most fantastic Mother’s Day weekend.  All women are mothers (in some way, shape, or form) so I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Belated Mother’s Day!  Did you get any jewelry yesterday???  Maybe a charm bracelet?  Charm bracelets are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.  They are a great way to display memories and can be added to over the years.  Well, if you didn’t get a charm bracelet yesterday then this giveaway is for you, because there will be 3 given away!!!  🙂  Ready to hear all about them?

Here.  We.  Go.

A few weeks back I received some charm bracelets from Cutey.  First, I love that this is a UK company, because I’m a huge fan of the land across the pond.  Second, the charm bracelets from Cutey are just that:  major cutey!  I gave one of the bracelets to “Banjo’s” little friend.  This one to be exact:



I’m about to disclose a well kept secret around here.  My “Banjo” just might have his very first crush!  One of my friends has a little girl who’s just 2 weeks younger than “Banjo”.  We’ll call her “Alice”.  She’s one of those girls that “Banjo” actually gets along with.  Probably because she has an older brother, so she’s not shy about playing with the boys.  Other girls have not been that fond of playing with “Banjo”, because he’s not interested in carrying a purse around, etc.  But “Alice” and “Banjo” have fun together and are great friends.  We supposed that “Banjo” thought of “Alice” as just that.  A friend.  Well, the tables have turned apparently in the mind of a 4 year old boy.  A few weeks ago the kids were learning in Primary at church about love and what it means to love someone else.  “Banjo” just had to share and yell out to everyone, “I love Alice”!  I think it all may have stemmed from a play date where “Alice” told “Banjo” they were going to pretend to get married…  I guess I’ll let him still hang out with her.  🙂

“Alice” was ecstatic about the charm bracelet from Cutey.  And why wouldn’t she be?  Have a look at a few of the other gorgeous charm bracelets available from Cutey:



For this giveaway Cutey is being extra, dandy generous!  There will be 3 winners!

Each winner will receive a cute charm bracelet from Cutey and it’s winner’s choice of which one!  🙂  

*This giveaway is open to entries worldwide!

*Winners are not notified through email, so you have to check back to find out if you won! The winner of this giveaway will be posted on Monday, May 21st. Be sure and check back then to see if you won, so you can claim your prize!


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This posting and giveaway was sponsored by Cutey, but all opinions are strictly my own.