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Hootenanny CD {Giveaway}–CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Ask my mom where she grew up and she’ll tell you Compton, with an air of hardness to her voice (for those not familiar with Los Angeles, Compton is now a really scary, gang-infested city). Back in the 60s when my mom was living there, it was actually a really nice place, but she likes to tell people she’s “from the ghetto” even though she’s the epitome of a white suburban housewife. She also has family from New Orleans, and she still tears up when she tastes a real, Southern-style cup of gumbo.  What can I say–she’s proud of her roots! And the band Jambo is out to make today’s kids proud of their roots, too!


Jambo is a self-proclaimed “roots-based” band that strives to bring an appreciation for different styles of music to its audience of kids. Their “roots” include music from the Mississippi Delta, New Orleans street corners and Chicago juke joints. Jambo’s creator, Steve Pierson, says he wrote two kinds of songs for the album, “full blown band tracks and what I call ‘back porch tracks.” He used at least 10 different guitars throughout the album’s 14 songs–I didn’t even know there was more than one kind of guitar! Talk about learning some music appreciation!


Jambo’s music is inspired by kids and a desire to bring them back to their roots, so all of the songs are full of positive messages that encourage imagination and learning. I loved that about this CD–I could throw it on for the kids and not worry about the messages they were hearing or the language that was being sung. Everything was happy, silly and good-natured fun. Here’s a fun fact about the band: the band’s vocalist, Melinda McGraw, has been in movies and TV shows such as The Dark Knight, Men of a Certain Age, and Mad Men! Random, but cool. I loved her soulful addition to the band’s sound.


The CD was super fun. My kids and I had a blast dancing around to the tracks and rocking out. Our favorite by far was the title track, “Hootenanny.” The message was great, but the beat was even cooler. Their songs reminded me of eating at Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que (do you have those near you? Delicious.) or any other Southern style restaurant where they have live blues/bluegrass music playing throughout the restaurant. I’ve always been a big ska music fan, so some of the tracks with heavy horns (“We are all One Kind,” “Let’s be Friends”) reminded me of ska and had me skanking in the living room (sorry, no video or pictures of that). Other tracks had a softer side, like “Be Yourself” and “Smile,” which were nice to sway and swing to. The Blues-y “Don’t Play With Your Food” was hilarious, and “Ice Cream Soup” was a highlight for us.


Hootenanny is Jambo’s second CD. Their first, Lucy’s Parade, won both a Parent’s Choice® Award and a Los Angeles Music Award, and Hootenanny has been named one of People Magazine’s “Best Kids Albums Now!” But don’t just trust them, or me for that matter–go out and buy one yourself to see how great their music is! Hootenanny can be purchased at Amazon.com, cdbaby.com and iTunes. Also, if you like going to live concerts, they’re big in the kids music scene and frequently tour, so check out their website to see if they’ll be in a city near you!

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