You have a giveaway blog, too?

I’m sure loads of you blog.  It’s fun, right?  Well, do you ever conduct your own giveaways?  If you do then I’ve got a free giveaway item just for you!  How about if I donate one month of sidebar ad for your giveaway???  It’s the holidays and I’m all about being generous.  😉   I’m sure lots of your own readers have blogs that they want some advertising for and would enter to win such a prize.  So…  I’m giving away a prize for you to giveaway to someone else!  To the first 5 responders.  Ready.  Set.  Go!

(Leave a comment with your contact email and I’ll be contacting you.)


Say what???

What’s that you say?  You want to be a contributor on Dandy Giveaway and write fun postings?  Well, then don’t hesitate to email me at: dandygiveaway at gmail dot com

There are only a couple of spots left, so you’ve gotta act fast!  Looking forward to having you as a part of the dandy team.  🙂

Contract bloggers…

So in regards to this selling Dandy business, I’m really sad to do that. I mean how would I ever be able to come back and post on here again. Keep in touch with all of you? See what I mean? Sad. Sure I’ll have loads of fun in the St. Louis wedding rental and St. Louis party rental business, but I’ll miss you all so much! So what if didn’t sell??? What if I contracted bloggers to work on the Dandy? That could totally work and then I could occasionally come back to do a posting to stay connected with all of you! Thoughts? Interest? Would you want to work at Dandy Giveaway? Let me know and I’m thinking that I could make that happen. 🙂 Email me at dandygiveaway at gmail dot com. Have a dandy weekend my dandy friends!

Have you ever?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own and operate Dandy Giveaway?  Interested in working for home and earning money by advertising for fun companies?  Well, now is your chance!  🙂   I’m both happy and sad to announce that this site is now up for sale.  I’m happy, because that means I’m moving into the next chapter of my life which is St. Louis ice cream machine rental…  Coming soon and more on that later!  😉   Also, happy because I’ll still be running Dandy Giveaway until it sells.  Sad that I will be leaving when it sells.  I’ll miss you all too, too much.  But I know that the buyer will be a great one.  I have faith in that.  It has been so fun to start this site, see it grow into something big, and love all the dandiness!  But the fact of the matter is with 2 kiddos I can’t run both businesses.  I’ve contemplated hiring someone to run Dandy Giveaway for me, but I know that would be hard for me to do, because then I would still want to work on Dandy Giveaway.  If that makes sense.  I’ve grown it and now it’s time to let someone else take it into their hands.  Don’t stress. I’ll still be around for awhile with great giveaways and more for you to enjoy.  Not going anywhere yet.  🙂

Interested in owning Dandy Giveaway?  Find out more here: is For Sale on Flippa!