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Not Just Any Old Day {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I am very possessive of my birth day.  And my entire birth month.  Imagine how upset I was (for a number of reasons) when my Sept. 11th birthday was completely shaken up.  Its not just any old day to me, (or the whole world, for that matter!), and I treat the whole month with respect.  Same with another very special day in November when I married the love of my life for time and all eternity!


Good thing I have a beautiful necklace from Not Just Any Old Day that reminds me of that most momentous day!


Not Just Any Old Day celebrates that one day of the year that might be ordinary to someone else, but that means the world to you.  Among other gorgeous jewelry, they specialize in calendar jewelry where they can replace your day with a birthstone jewel.

fYou can wear your calendar around your neck or even as a bracelet, making it a fun conversation piece!  This necklace is sold for $55 (+ $5 for an antique rose gold finish), while the charm on a bracelet on a double loop chain or a cable chain runs for $70.

IMG_9260I am pleased as punch with my “Your Special Day” Crown Calendar Charm with Swarovski Crystal necklace!  There are a lot of numbers and a lot of lines in such a small space, but even from this distance, you can tell its a calendar.  The crown on the top is so regal :)  I chose the Antique Silver finish so that it would coordinate with my white gold wedding ring.


So can you see the potential of this being a fantastic gift for SO many different occasions?  Just the other day, my brother asked me if I had any gift ideas for his wife who was graduating from college, and I sent him straight to this calendar jewelry.  Besides celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, you could be celebrating a graduation date, a baby’s due date, a day you renewed your vows, the day you opened your new restaurant, etc.  The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to stick to jewelry.  You could order your calendar on a key ring or a money clip for your man.  Bottom line: this is a TERRIFIC gift idea for all occasions!  Keep Not Just Any Old Day in mind when you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

One winner will also get to create their own “Your Special Day” Crown Calendar Charm with Swarovski Crystal necklace!

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Marshall Publishing Trucks DVDs {Review}

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He fought it.  It wasn’t Blue’s Clues, so he was skeptical of it being anything good, but within 5 seconds, he was hooked.  Line and sinker.  “Rocket” was completely entranced by a DVD of all sorts of trucks doing fantastic things.  This DVD, appropriately called “Lots and Lots of Trucks” has since become the favorite movie of choice around here, thank you Marshall Publishing!
The moment you turn on one of these DVD’s, you are greeted with catchy music that instantly captures the attention of any toddler.  They are quick paced, spending only a few seconds on each frame.  Each DVD is just as friendly and happy as the last!
The first DVD we watched was Lots and Lots of Trucks, and just like the title says, it was filled with lots and lots and LOTS of trucks!  What an extensive amount of never-repeating footage of trucks doing all sorts of things, in a huge variety of different locations.  It is such a buffet of visuals, and very entrancing!
And just as I thought no video would replace the awesomeness of the Trucks DVD, “Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks” was just as fantastic.  These movies have just the right amount of dialogue–not too much talking to bore little kids.  We really liked the friendly fireman on the fire trucks DVD.  There is sure an extensive collection of footage!  These clips were not filmed in a single day.  They span thousands of miles and easily over a hundred different vehicles doing all sorts of things.  There are great sound affects and fun slide transitions from video clip to video clip. I tell you, these are so entertaining!
yhst-59124551425647_2246_12639036 yhst-59124551425647_2248_39418320
Last, we enjoyed some Lots and Lots of Monster trucks.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Very impressive monsters.  The Monster Truck Classics DVD is probably suited for ages 3 or 4+, as there is more dialogue throughout, and not the same catchy tunes in the background as the other DVDs.  The feature includes history about how monster trucks came to be and interviews with the truck drivers/builders.  It is evident that it was filmed within the last 25 years, but the title is “classics”, after all, which make them timeless!  My boy was still enthralled, even with the host commentators narrating the show instead of catchy songs in the background.  Most of the action takes place in superdomes and stadiums across North America and Australia.  The mud run races were pretty great, and I must say I’ve never seen something quite like it!  Near the end is a visit to see the world’s biggest truck at the time, and the car show at the end was fun.  It concludes with some impressive drag racing, for a total of appox. 3 hours among the three programs.
IMG_2181 copy
The real cherry on top was the two CDs included in this set of videos.  My boy squealed in delight when it turned it on in the car after he had watched the videos inside.  He clapped to the music of “Lots and lots of fire trucks”, and I am just SO relieved to be listening to something other than animal songs!  Great sound, the words are clear, and the voices are fun to sing along with.
So what do I think?  I think you have a little boy who is at all into trucks, fire trucks, monster cars, jets, planes, trains, or moving things in general, these are terrific DVDs for your child’s collection.  They are eye-candy for a busy little mind who love to watch things that go!  And a two-DVD set for $19.95 is pretty dandy.  Especially because these are not available in stores.  These would make great birthday gifts!
And I just got a sweet tip to keep checking their website for new arrivals this summer – Lots of Roaring Rockets and Alphabet and Counting Songs!  How fun!
Connect with Marshall Publishing!
*This posting was sponsored by Marshall Publishing, but all opinions are strictly my own

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